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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The following is from the Oral History Project in Aztec, N.M. Hart Canyon is where another UFO crashed.

Noel Chandler
Hart Canyon 1997
Dec. 12-13, 1997

UFO, round, glowing, approximately 9 pm, 50 to 100 feet up above my horse shed. I was carrying in groceries, and a young colt comes to the house. I drove in and parked and I saw it when I tried to move the colt. She was staring toward the shed. At first I didn't know what to think but I knew it was there. I watched for some time, it never moved or made any sound. I have seen them lots of time, but never this close.

Dec. 14, 1997 Sunday night

I went to bed at 11:30. For several nights previous there would be three loud thumps on the house and after checking all around outside, no cause was found. Sunday night was no exception. At about 2:30 am, Monday morning I became aware of a light in my bedroom from an outside source, bluish white, then a figure appeared, no real distinguishing features - real large eyes about the size of horse eyes, a small mouth, and nostrils like small holes. I was unable to move or talk. It was like I was totally paralyzed. At first I thought I was dreaming, in a Twilight Zone, then I realized it was not a dream. I was thinking - what is going on?

I was informed, by thought, they were there to collect a sperm sample from me. I was thinking, why didn't you ask me. No response was forthcoming. A tube about 1/2 in. in diameter and six inches long after a ball, a little larger than a golf ball, scanned me all over my body. The tube was placed over my pubic hair just above my penis on the left side. A needle was then inserted - my left testicle was drawn up into my groin. There was no real discomfort or pain. The needle and tube were removed and taken into the floating ball.

After some time another form came down the light, like floating in a horizontal position. It was a female with funny looking hair on her head. The needle and tube came out of the ball and inserted it into her navel.

Then, by thought process, I was informed that their society was dying because they could not reproduce. There were becoming sterile, so by introducing new blood lines and clones, they could possibly regenerate their society. Their gestation period is three to four months.Through the same thought process I was told they would establish a line of communication with me and that they would inform me of the results, and that they might need more sperm, if I didn't object. I more or less agreed, and they said they had been scanning me for some time, and observing me. I seemed to be their best specimen. It was hinted they had tried different animals, sex organs, etc., without success.

The light then started to close in at the bottom and they were gone. A strange smell lingered, I still could not move. When the odor was no longer there, I was able to move. I got up and got a drink of water. I looked at the clock, it was 3:15 am. I still wondered if I was dreaming. I then decided there was a way to be sure, and I checked for a needle puncture. Sure enough, it was there. That proved it was real.

Needless to say, I no longer fear them and almost look forward to the next encounter. I have a million questions to ask. I had a weird sensation in my left testicle all day long, it's hard to explain how it felt.


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