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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Probably the most interesting history of a person that has been changed through personal experiences happened to a man from Pinetop, Arizona. We have lost track of him but we have never forgotten his touching story.


In order to try to put this into its proper perspective I feel that I should give you a thumbnail story of my life. I feel it will give you a better idea as to some real evidence in your research.

I was born January 27, 1932, in Merced, California on a farm. I am an only child and my childhood was not too good as far as health goes. At one point in my life, at the age of four, I was given twenty-four hours to live due to an unknown liver condition. Very often in recent years I have had the theory that I did, in fact, die but that a switch took place at that very second and I was to grow up to be a healthy man. On this thinking I guess that only God knows.

After that life was very normal as I grew up. Four years in the Air Force during the Korean war and then college majoring in Criminology. I spent eight years as a private detective in San Francisco and Los Angeles until a rather large man threw me through a plate glass window, and at that moment the thought went though my mind as to just what in hell I was doing in that crazy business.

From there I became a sales representative for a gold firm and spent about eight years on the road. My next stop was Hollywood where I became a producer and owned a record company as well. Here is where, as I reflect back, I can honestly say that I do not like myself too much. I was, to the letter of the word, Mr. Hollywood. Big cars, big home, best clothing and jewelry, etc. Money and material things were my God. It was at this point in my life that someone up above must have said, "It's time to teach this one a good lesson because he may be worth saving."

I made a business trip to London and then I was arrested by Scotland Yard for a crime, that not only did I not commit, but, to this day, was never committed. However, in England, you can go to prison for something they say you were going to do. Well, to make a long story short, they accused me of being a Mafia gangster and before I knew what happened, I was sentenced to five years in England's hardest prisons. It was not until four years later that they came to me and said they had the wrong man and sent me home. (The plane he flew over to England on was full of the Mafia, the authorities just assumed he was one of them.)

It was during these four years that my whole life changed. I studied just about all forms of religion. I learned about Karma and reincarnation I studied Theosophy and the works of Madam Blavatsky. In fact, I started classes in Theosophy inside the walls of that hell they call prison. You would be amazed at the hardened criminals who came to the class and, I guess, changed their lives forever. It was here that I taught myself to paint with oils and now I do very spiritual paintings.

This experience cost me my family, my home, my business and, in short, everything. Yet, when finally I walked out on the streets of the USA for the first time without a penny in my pocket, I was not bitter nor did I have any regrets. It was not the same man who had gone away almost five years earlier. Since that time I have picked up the pieces. I married a woman whom I know to be my soul mate since I did not believe anyone like her existed. She is a very aware person, by the way, and many of your questions are very positive with her. Although I have believed in UFOs since I was a child it was only about two years ago that my wife and I saw our first one. Since then we have seen many in the far off distance that, at first, looked like stars except that they have red and blue lights as well as white.

As for the questions on your form, I guess that there are two ways of looking at them. They could just be everyday, normal pains and events. I really do not know. I do know that I have a hard time sleeping. I fall asleep fast but wake up about two hours later for no good reason and stay awake until morning. There have been times when I woke up with a start and could have sworn that there was someone in the room but it could also have been my imagination.

It has only been in the past three months or so that I believe I am receiving messages. Could this only be my imagination, also? I don't think so.

You asked about Eagles. It is very strange, but the Eagle is my favorite bird. I look upon the Eagle as good luck! As far as having an Indian background, no, not in this lifetime at least. However, I know I was in past lives. I feel it and I know it. Whenever I go out to the Apache Reservation I feel as if I were going home.

I will not dwell any longer on my life. I hope this will be of some help to you. If I am a contactee I really do not know it. I know that I believe. I am not a religious man but very much a spiritual man.

Thank you for letting me sound off to you... A friend.

(Universal Studios was supposedly going to make a movie of this person's life but to my knowledge that has never been done.)


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