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Saturday, February 03, 2007


The following is a transcript. It was taken from "Proceedings" - July 1956 Edition, written by George Van Tassel, Giant Rock, Calfiornia, Contactee extraordinare.


By George Van Tassel

You may consider this short narration factual, or fictional; just as you wish. It is based on hearsay from an ex-Navy man, and several "projections" into the places described, by yours truly.

Near a far northern Air Force base, which I am not naming out of respect for government security, is a large cavern in a mountain side. The mountain is surrounded by barbed wire and an armed guard. Inside this tremendous cavern is a large amount of machinery. Some of it is the creation of another advanced civilization on the Earth. Others of these machines are the product of this present American people.

Secrecy shrouds every movement in this area. People working inside the cavern have the finest of equipment, lighting, heating, and ventilation. The very latest electronic and magnetic appliances are gathered there.

The cavern is segregated into areas, each having large signs warnng the people not to go from their own area to any other, under threat of rigid penalties.

Parts are wrapped and covered to prevent the people from seeing any assembly they are not working on. Is this where some of our "missing" scientists are now working?

In one super secret closed-in area is a "flying saucer." It sets upon a retractable center stand much like a lamp base. The entrance to the "saucer" is up a ladder in this center stand tube. On the base is stenciled in red paint "Tesla Sphere - P-A."

Did Nicola Tesla really die, or is he still alive in this cavern?

One assembly in the cavern is living in a state of terrific tension and suspicion of everyone else. Several had a high psychic "pickup."

In another room sits a humanoid under Marine guard. He has an exceptionaly large head and large golden eyes. He is very telepathic, and is not happy in his confinement. At intervals he is fed and permitted some exercise, alsays under armed guard.

In the opposite hemisphere is an almost equal condition. In the South Polar Region is another entrance to the underground. Surrounding it is vegetation, a mild climate, and warm water lakes. An expedition of United States military and scientific men are established nearby.

A positive polarity fog enshrouds the area. This fog causes people to apparently disappear at a short distance.

Underground is an unknown race of people. They are all that is left of a great race that occupied our surface at one time. They have been called by some the "Rainbow" people.

It is not generally known that most of Shaver's "Deros" are now living on the surface in human bodies, preparing "fire and brimstone" for the inhabitants, in the form of nuclear devices.

The "Deros" are subjects of their master "Demos," often referred to as the Demon,, or Satan.

* * *

For those of you too young to know, the Deros and Teros were subjects of Shavers "Amazing Stories" which were printed as science fiction.


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