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Sunday, March 11, 2007


by Aileen Garoutte'

A mystery exists that I, for one, would like to know the answer to. In three different contact cases the "Phoenix" has been referred to in conjunction with the aliens. I am wondering what the meaning is. I looked up The Phoenix on Google. Several reports on the Phoenix from different cultures of the world came up. In trying to understand what it could mean to the aliens I chose one. I don't know if it applies but here is what it said. After that I will include those three different descriptions of the Phoenix in the contact cases. After that if anyone has an answer or a supposition please send it to me and perhaps we can figure out this mystery.


Perhaps the most well known, the Arabian Phoenix was a fabulous mythical bird, said to be as large as an eagle, with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a melodious cry. Makes its home near a cool well, the Phoenix would appear at dawn every morning to sing a song so enchanting that even the great Sun God Apollo would stop to listen.

It was said that only one Phoenix existed at any one time, and it is very long lived with a life span of 500 years, 540 years, 1000 years, 1461 years or even 12,994 years (according to various accounts). As the end of its life approached, the Phoenix would build a pyre nest of aromatic branches and spices such as myrrh, set it on fire, and is consumed in the flames. After three days the birth -- or as some legends say a rebirth -- the Phoenix arises from the ashes. According to some sources, the Phoenix arose from the midst of the flames.

The young Phoenix gathers the ashes of its predecessor into an egg of myrrh and takes it to Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, to deposit it on the alter of the Sun God.

A symbolic representation of the death and rebirth of the sun. It is also described as being either eagle like or heron like. It lives on dew, killing nothing and crushing nothing that it touches. Generally considered the king of birds. It has alternatively been called the bird of the sun, of Assyria, of Arabia, of the Ganges, the long-lived bird and the Egyptian bird. The earliest reference to the Phoenix was made by Hesiod in the 8th century B.C., but the most detailed account is by Herodotus of Halicarnassus, the famous Greek historian in 5th century B.C.

Does it have something to do with reincarnation that the aliens revere? What could it be?

In the B.B. abduction case I put on the blog she was taken to a cavern.

We go back into the cavern and walk to the end of it. Then we enter another room which is dark. Then a little light comes on and I found myself standing in front of a ledge. On the ledge is the tiny replica of a beautiful bird. I pick it up and I said, this is a replica of the Phoenix bird. Yes, said my guide. That replica is over 40,000 years old. You know the meaning of the Phoenix legend. Yes, I do, I said. Then he said, you know then that what you are holding is the NEW Phoenix. Do you know what that means? Yes, I said, it means that the new Phoenix is in my hands. Then I ask, may I take this back with me? Unless I have it as proof, no one will believe me.

In another of these dreams I stood before the golden death mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. My guide told me that this mask was a replica of the headdress of the Sphinx as it was originally. He said that the heads of the bird and the snake on the forehead were the symbols of the Phoenix bird legend.

Another report came from Betty Andreasson's case where she also was taken into a cavern but in this case under the Phoenix was a huge worm made of ashes.

Betty saw what she assumed was an eagle but the neck was longer. As she watched a brilliant white light was behind it and then flecks of gold rays were being shed. All of a sudden she became so hot she thought she was burning. Her hands were red and she was crying from the heat. The fire was hot that she saw and then it began to dim down and at that point she cooled off. When the fire had diminished a thick claylike gray worm appeared out of the ashes.

A voice then spoke to her in a loud voice. "You have seen, and you have heard. Do you understand?" Then it called her name, only louder. She said "No, I don't understand what this is all about, why I'm even here." And they -- whatever it was -- said that "I have chosen you. I have chosen you to show the world." She asked if he was God? "I shall show you as your time goes by" was the reply. "The time is not yet. It shall come."

This bird was real and had its wings down. Betty's sister said that it looked like a symbol that the Incas used, or Indians in times past. On the aliens uniforms they had a symbol of a bird. Perhaps this symbol represented something for them. Raymond Fowler says to Betty, they thought that you would understand this, and then they seemed to explain it to you in a sense. Betty says that her sister Shirley had looked up about the Phoenix bird. It seems that Betty had witnessed the death and rebirth of the legendary Phoenix. (But why?)

The Collier Encyclopedia described a bird almost identical to what Betty reported.

Phoenix, a legendary bird that builds its own funeral pyre and is reborn from its own ashes. (same as above explanation of the Arabian Phoenix bird).

The Phoenix figures prominently in early Christian art and literature as a symbol of immortality and the resurrection.

The third case can be found in the book "The Keepers" by Jim Sparks.

Jim was made to learn the alien language at a console like a computer table and screen. One time when he was there and concentrating on the lesson everything stopped. The machine went black and the workers (aliens) froze. Then the head alien came in and he froze too! Jim said his eyes were pulled to the left. Five feet away was a hologram of a jagged tall cliff. The light was intense (like Betty's white light behind the bird). Then a large figure appeared, perched on the top of the peak of the cliff. It radiated power and shined with glory. It was a birdlike figure, but not just any bird. He recognized it from pictures but this one was more magnificent.

It was the Phoenix, in gold and silver plumage, with flashing blue, blue eyes. There was something spiritual about it that just pierced him. He stood spellbound while it raised and spread its large wings. At that point the light was too much to bear. It seemed ready to fly right at him but then there was an implosion and it was gone. The teaching continued, the aliens moved and the head guy left. Jim was emotionally drained.

Jim demanded to know what that was all about. They didn't answer but an image formed in his mind of himself saying the Pledge of Allegiance. He then knew that the bird symbolized whatever their society or government or alien equivalent was. They were paying respect. Why it had shown up was hard to imagine.

There you have the three incidents. What do you make of it? It has been plaguing me why aliens would have something that we knew about in our history as a legend but to them seemed to be currently real. I know there is more to this and if anyone has had an experience even close to this please let me know.


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