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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Location. Moscow region, Russia
Date: June 20 1990 Time: 0020A

43-year old Zinaida Gavrilova was late to her regular bus route that took her to the local military garrison where she was a resident. When she exited the monorail she realized that the last bus had departed 30 minutes before. So she decided to walk home alone on a straight and narrow road that ran through a pine forest. At night this road was lighted by lanterns, set in 2 rows on both sides of the road.

At about 0020A she approached a 16meter long concrete bridge which was stretched over a small river in the forest. The bridge was also lighted by lanterns. Suddenly she saw a strange column of smoke and when she walked closer to it the column darkened, became dense and transformed into a humanoid figure. The figure was that of a very tall woman in a black dress down to her ankles. Her height was more than 2.5meters; she had a protruding forehead, huge slanted eyes, blue in color, lacking eyebrows or eyelashes. The color of her eyes was of a pure blue, shiny, like mother of pearl. Her face was pale, triangular in shape and sharply narrowed at the bottom, ending in a small pointy chin. Zinaida could not remember the nose or lips. On her head she wore a black oval-shaped helmet, and a black pelerine (cape) fell from her helmet to her shoulders and back. She had very long arms. On her chest area the alien woman had a circle of light, resembling a flat bulb; the light emitted from this light did not illuminate its surroundings.

The alien woman began to speak in a strange feminine but “squeaky” voice. She asked Zinaida, “Where are you going?” Zinaida answered, naming the small military garrison where she lived. Then the alien woman said, “Come with me. Come with me. Come with me”. Zinaida distinctly heard the phrase repeated 3 times. The woman turned her back and began walking away, Zinaida following her.

At this point Zinaida blacked out and later returned to her senses sitting on a bench near the control box to the military garrison. She felt light headed, and her temples ached. Very slowly Zinaida rose and walked to the control post. Surprised to find the control post empty (it was supposed to be manned 24 hours daily) she walked past it and into her 5 story apartment complex belonging to the officer’s staff.

There her son waited for her and asked where had she been, both her son and her husband were getting ready to mount a search for her. Zinaida then looked at her watch and realized that it was already 0130A. Apparently 60 minutes had slipped away from her memory. Zinaida then looked into the mirror of her anteroom and was again surprised to find her hair neatly tied up in a soft bun behind her head; she could not remember who had done that. She briefly recalled the moment when she first saw the column of smoke and then the alien woman and lastly when the woman asked her to come with her. She became hysterical and screamed in horror.

The next day Gavrilova was in a catatonic state, she would fall asleep and then wake up minutes later. In the evening she telephoned a female friend and told her, “I met a witch!” Happily this female friend was connected with Erast Demishev who was an old friend of the main investigator: Alexey Priyma. This last one arranged a hypnotic regression session in order to reconstruct the events of that night. Zinaida agreed to the session and asked for it to be done immediately.

It appeared, according to the results gleaned from the session, that immediately after the alien woman had asked Zinaida to “come with me” Zinaida found herself inside the military stadium which was part of the military garrison. The distance from the stadium to the stone bridge was only about 1km. The football field was lit up by a bright white light. Gavrilova could not explained where the alien woman had gone to, instead she could see a huge silver-colored globe or sphere, about 6-7 meters in diameter, slightly tapered on the bottom. From a hatch on the globe a ladder reached to the ground. The ladder was angular consisting of links, zigzagged in shape.

Near the globe the witness saw two very tall “men” in light gray tight-fitting overalls. The height of each entity was more than 2.5meters. One of them approached Zinaida, took her by the hand and led her to the globe. His touch was icy. Inside the globe the witness saw numerous round and rectangular shaped lights on the walls. When some of the entities touched Zinaida she felt a piercing cold, not painful, but very cold. Besides the tall humanoids, Zinaida saw a small humanoid sitting on an armchair inside the cabin. This other creature had a small body, thin legs and arms, and a large round head. Its eyes were shiny “mother of pearl” color. It did not move while it sat on the armchair. The two very tall humanoid males had broad shoulders, long arms and legs, and slanted eyes.

The humanoids touched Zinaida on numerous occasions but then they began to tell her, “You should come with us”. They didn’t say anything else. Moments later one of the tall humanoids began to twirl Zinaida’s hair into a tight bun on her back. He then sat her on a tall armchair. At this point Zinaida suffered a blackout.

Her next memory was of a tall alien man in the light gray coveralls taking her by her hand, like a child, and leading her outside of the sphere through the opened hatch. At this moment she saw “another world” before her: the sky there was slightly greenish. Later after analyzing her memoirs, obtained during the regression, Gavrilova concluded that she had visited an “artificial planet”, or an artificially created world encased in a huge glassy “sky dome”. Zinaida then saw a long street, on which the globe had landed. At the far end of the street she saw another sphere---of a much larger size than the sphere which had delivered her to this world.

The houses that stood along the street were white, low and long. On top of the roofs and in between the houses the witness saw white rods, a very large number of rods, different in size, some very high others short. The rods which were between the houses were taller than the ones on top of the houses, most of the rods were straight but a few were curved or spirals, everywhere there was white wet sand.

At first Zinaida thought that she was walking alone in the street, but to be more exact, not “walking” in the literal meaning of the world, but floating. But soon she realized that one of the tall male aliens was holding her hand, and he was the one that was walking. The alien man emanated an icy “wave”. He was dressed in gray slippery clothing. Like the tricot of the circus artists---tight fitting. She could not remember his nose and lips. But his eyes were large, with deep eye sockets. He had no eyebrows or eyelashes and his eyes were l ight “mother of pearl” color. No one else was in the street with them.

The alien man slowly walked on the deserted street from one sphere to the other and took Zinaida into the second sphere. While walking he spoke telepathically to Zinaida asking her, “Would you like to say here? You will feel good. You can live here”. But she didn’t agree and said, “I don’t want to live here. I have a family. I can’t leave my husband and son forever. Take me back to the stadium!” The alien man answered, “Ok, we will take you back. But you must stay for a short time in this city. Somebody you are familiar with wants to see you”. Zinaida then asked, “What is the name of this city?” The humanoid answered, “Kuili” They didn’t speak anymore after this.

Inside the other sphere Gavrilova saw several long tables. In between the tables there were armchairs. A very bright light emanated from everywhere in the object. The walls were smooth and bare. Several tall alien women in tight fitting light gray suits were moving around the room. The humanoid then carefully placed Zinaida on the floor. Zinaida then seemed to “freeze” in place unable to move, a sickening, nauseating feeling of complete paralysis seized her entire body. Then one of the alien females, without moving her lips, attempted to convince Zinaida to stay in the city of “Kuili” forever. “You will feel very good in Kuili”, she persisted. Translating her thoughts directly into Zinaida’s brain she said, “Why do you want to return. Why that stupid desire? Stay with us!” But Gavrilova categorically refused to cooperate. Then two of the females grabbed her like “a log” and placed her on one of the shiny white tables. On the place where Zinaida had a scar on her chest area, the aliens pressed a small rectangular shaped plate. A large blue screen then appeared near the table after emerging from somewhere below. On the screen a lighted pulsating dot immediately became visible. Then the alien female took her body from the table. The tall alien man again grabbed her by her hands and took her out of the sphere. While leaving, the alien woman who had been trying to convince Zinaida to stay in Kuili forever said, “If you like we will again come and get you and take you ourselves”. “I agree to visit Kuili one more time, ---said Zinaida. ---But you again would have to return me back to the stadium”. “The next time you would not want to return to Earth. We will meet again for sure!” said the alien woman. The aliens then took Zinaida back into the sphere and apparently returned to Earth.

Researcher Alexey Priyma, together with Zinaida and his colleagues Erast Demishev and Vitaliy Shishenko visited the place of the UFO landing and examined it. They used instruments to study the alleged place of contact. Indeed, a magnetic detector detected an anomalous strip there, where according to the witness the alien woman in black was standing. It was about 5 meters in length, starting about a meter from the stone bridge. At the stadium the researchers found the evident place of the UFO landing. It was a clearly defined round trace on the grass that was 7meters 18cm in diameter.

HC addendum
Source: Alexey K. Priyma ‘XX Century, Chronicle of the Unexplained. From Prophecy to Prophecy” Moscow 1998

Comments: One of the most vivid otherworldly journeys I have read.
Thank you Albert Rosales for this interesting contact case.


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