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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The following is from UFOs PARANORMAL, The Truth is here... The blog of Christian Mace, the Riviera, France. Used with permission. Article has been translated into English from French.

By Christian MACÉ

Page 70 of the book “The Interrupted Journey” by John G. Fuller 1, published in France in May 1982, concerning the case of Betty and Barney Hill; this couple was taken on board a UFO the night of 19 of September 20, 1961.

Comment of Betty Hill: “This nitrate history, for example. At that time, I had all kinds of plants in the house. In fact, I had them even in the living room, a lawyer(?) who reached the ceiling. They walked everywhere, observing my plants, asking me which kind of manure I used and other surprising questions.”

The investigators Hohman and Jackson, UFO researchers updated the “missing hours” of Betty and Barney Hill!

In a letter addressed to Hill, Robert E. Hohman stated: “We have a great knowledge of the majority of the confidential reports/ratios (military) covering the subject and up to 1947”, page 68 of the same book.

The investigators Homan and Jackson asked inter alia, in Hill, if fertilizer with nitrates had been transported in their car recently or derived from nitrates, page 69 of the book.

Page 69, quotation: “The reason for which they raised this question, specified, it is that one had noticed that several people abducted by UFOs lived in rural areas where they had been exposed to nitrates or manures containing nitrates. At this point in time, abruptly, Betty said that "I had deposited a bag of manure in the trunk of the car and that I had not taken the trouble of removing it before leaving. ”

Page 71, says, the period of double amnesia was located between the first series of “BEEP-BEEP” and the second, which appeared to come from the trunk of the car!

Perfect similarities with the case of the small Jessica (15 years), which had been able to see from her residence of The-Vault-the-Queen, in the Seine and Marne, an enormous “flying saucer” on July 16, 1994 at 23h45.

It is a “BEEP-BEEP”, as that emitted by a watch, which had drawn the attention of Jessica! Moreover, his/her mother uses a liquid manure (containing nitrates) to sprinkle her plants! In addition, The-Vault-the-Queen is in the heart of a rural zone (in the Seine and Marne), in the agricultural section, where there is a grain silo in the sector. Who says cultures, known as also use of manure! …

Other similarities concerning the noise of “BEEP-BEEP” heard by Jessica throughout her observation (approximately 2 minutes), the “BEEP-BEEP” heard by Mr. Severin, 21 years, some time before, before its observation brought closer to February 14, 1974, in Small-island, Île of the Meeting, if my memory is not lacking to me. The official report of gendarmerie on this case, is published completely in a work of Jean-Claude Bourret.

See also the “BEEP-BEEP” heard and recorded by the young person Laurent, on September 7, 1987, in rural zone, with North-on-Erdre, with 40 kilometers of Nantes… See the investigation of the GEPAN 2 into this case, evoked in the book of Robert Roussel “UFO, Hidden Truths of the Official Investigation” (Editions Albin Michel - 1994), pages 198 to 206.

In our areas, these heard “BEEP-BEEPS” is the fact of teenagers, it is a report; Mr. Severin is 21 years old, Laurent is a child, Jessica is 15 years old! Of surcroit, these three cases relate to rural zones!

On February 14, 1974 with 13h30, the time of his meeting brought closer with the UFO and his occupants, Mr. Severin skirted a corn field: On September 7, 1987 with North-on-Erdre, the parents of the Laurent young person are farmers! The observation of July 16, 1994 of The-Vault-the-Queen, is in full heart of a rural zone! …

According to the infos given by any dictionary:
Nitrate = Salt of the nitric acid (syn. Nitrate). Is useful for manures.
Acid nitric = Made up oxygenated derived from nitrogen. Syn. Acid nitric.
Nitrogenize = one of the principal elements which the animals and the plants need to be nourished. The animals find this nitrogen in their vegetable or animal food.

Concerning the “animal mutilations”, the book of Michel Granger entitled “Great Carnage” (Carrère Editions - October 1986), is particularly rich with information. See in particular the chapter entitled “Prospection of ores or another thing”, pages 345 to 347. Page 345: ” And it is known that the chemical elements contained in the pastures accumulate in fabrics of the animals which absorb these plants… “. Further,”… the concept of fabric of accumulating mammal of certain chemical elements exists. “

This nitrogen associated with certain component elements of the ground can have interested the persons in charge for the “animal mutilations”, in the USA, in the meadows of the middle-west…

Page 347 of the same book: “David Perkins supports this thesis while advancing that Colorado and New Mexico have a base rich in uranium…”
The mutilateurs carried out taking away of bodies on a great scale on the bovines especially, whose substance must interest them in a very high level. For biological experiments if it is known that the elements composing the grounds can “be fixed” in fabrics of the animals, then the idea of the relation “UFO and nitrates” emitted in 1961 by the investigators Hohman and Jackson, and their keen interest for the plants of Mrs. Hill and like manure which it used (p.70 book of Fuller) is completely judicious and… premonitory!

Accordingly, to see the booklet “Operation Trojan horse, the Earth with the hands of the Small-Gray”, Editor Louise Courteau, in particular page 43: ” On February 2, 1984, an article transmitted by agency U.P.I. (United Press International), announced the discovery of professor James Womack of University A&M of Texas. “This geneticist had succeeded in isolating to the supernumerary chromosome from the 21st pair, corresponding to trisomy 21 person in charge for the syndrome for Down or mongolism, characterized by the mental arrieration. By doing this, it would have noted the “perfect similarity of this chromosome at the same time in the man and ox”. This resemblance made him say that “we are compatible with the cattle, much more in characteristics than we had known initially!”

Further, even page 43: “Certain glands of cattle provide us with hormonal secretions, or protomorphogenes, which are as effective in the treatment of cancer as the hormones secreted by glands of the human foetuses…”
Which could it be the kinds of substances the mutilateurs need for their biological experiments?

See page 346 of the book “Great Carnage”, for a track to be followed: ” One can read in the review Science Progress, under the pen of P.J. Peterson that the “concept of fabric of accumulating mammal of certain chemical elements exists. for example, iodine in the thyroid one, arsenic in the hair and nails, tin in the intestine, titanium and aluminium in the lungs, zirconium in blood, and selenium in the retina of the eye!! ”

The bodies taken by the mutilateurs are generally the sexual organs, the eyes, ears, tongue and tail. Very often the animal is stripped of bands of skin, and is emptied of its blood!. Compare these bodies and the chemical elements stated above!!!

In addition, concerning the relation to “UFOs and minerals” it is advisable to speak about the salt which has such an important role to play. It is the Canadian Henri Bordeleau, which in his work entitled “I discovered the mystery of the flying saucers”, editions “Never recorded”, published in January 1970, which could have updated this relation! Besides it evokes on this occasion the green objects, and… the triangles in connection with salt!

And yes, famous triangles! Page 223, Henri Bordeleau affirms: ” Indeed, everywhere with concentrations of saucers were observed where there is salt: the head of the Amazon river, the Sargasso Sea, the states of Michigan and Ohio, the south of the province of Ontario, the deposits of rock salt of Lorraine in France and the valley of Salz, close to Rennes-the-Castle in Aude. The presence of salt in the ground of certain areas always coincides with the landings repeated and prolonged in these areas…! “

Indeed, at certain times, and in certain areas, one can establish a reoccurence in the appearances of UFOs related to the collection of salt, according to needs for the moment!

See for example, the article of the newspaper “the Republican” of the Essonne of Thursday September 16, 1976 entitled “the new challenge of the UFO”, which evokes the occurrence of the UFO during the SUMMER 1976, in… IS France!
Incredible confirmation discovered by Henri Bordeleau, concerning salt.

Indeed, in the book “Corsica Bases UFO” by Jean-Pierre Chambraud (Editions Of the Rock - completed to print on May 29, 1979), contacted the Corsica Mozzigonacci Michel-Angel, of the village of Loréto, affirms: ” They use a product drawn from the marine salt!! “, page 123.

Contacted the Michel-Angel would have started to attend demonstrations of UFO, dice August 1976! (see p.42 same book).

Another similarity also with… salt!

Thus, in a current state of our information, two areas of France, during this same period of SUMMER 1976, appeared UFOs, in geographical sectors concerned with salt: deposits of rock salt in Lorraine, and marine salt in the area of Corsica of the South, close to the Gulf of Propriano!!!
Uranium and salt, two matters which in short, interests the UFO!!!…
Always in connection with the discovery of the Canadian Henri Bordeleau concerning the relation “UFO and salt”, according to his work “I discovered the mystery of the flying saucers”. A whole chapter, chapter n° V, pages 199 to 217, relate to famous “the Flying Triangles”!

See also the page n° 300: “It is probable that the newspapers, at the end of the three months which will follow the arrivals of the “green objects”, will report that people observed in the sky the very slow passage generally of “triangles” or of “luminous rhombuses”. ” End of quotation. Perfect similarities on the wave of the “triangles”, in Belgium, end of the year 1989! In particular the slowness of displacement of these famous “triangles”!!!

Concerning a case of “triangle”, to see pages 204 to 206 of the same book. It is about an observation carried out by a military pilot on January 28 (or little before the 28) 1953, at 9 p.m. 35, board its F-86 plane, in the sector of Albany, above the state of Georgia (the USA). Hunting with this UFO had been followed to the radar, in addition! See particularly the page n° 205: ”… the light changed form and was molded in a perfect triangle. Then the thing was divided into two triangles one above the other. “End of quotation.

Compared to the following case, which has occurred during the vague Belgian of November 29, 1989, the evening. At 6 p.m. 40, in the north of Liege, Mr. Jean-Marie Leburton observes a triangular object… Mr. Leburton, who approaches the phenomenon then, suddenly sees “two other machines identical to the first, which are detached some and leave, slightly tilted, one on the left, the other on the right”. End of quotation. Drawn from the review “Lights In the Night” n° 300, page 32.

Perfect similarities between these two cases, that of the state of Georgia, the USA, in January 1953 and that of the witness Mr. Leburton, in the north of Liege on November 29, 1989… In these two cases, one attends a separation of the triangles!!!

The observation of the militaite, of January 1953, state of Georgia, had been reported at the origin, in the book of E.J. Ruppelt, “The Case of the Flying Saucers”, Doubleday editions/Inc., 1956, page 245…

Ruppelt had been responsible for the “Project Blue Book”, at one moment, at that time… In 1953, the “furtive planes” did not exist!!! but y-a it of salt on these Belgian sites? To check!

On pages 237 and 238, Henri Bordeleau states: “The American state of New Mexico, one will remember, was the witness of very many passages of “UFOs” during the years 1948, 1951 and 1954. The dispatches almost always emanated from Albuquerque, a city located in full center of the great saltworks of the American west. More to the south, one finds Las Cruces. The Salado river empties into the Rio Grande which sprinkle it and one can see, not far, the river Salt Creek and the peak of Salinas, close to the large désséchés Salt Lake. In the east, the other large ones let us bolsons of Salt Flat do not extend very far from the caves from Carlsbad. ”

About this state of New Mexico, David Perkins also advances that it has a “earth rich in uranium”, to see page 347 of the book “Great Carnage”. This state, in addition, connait important nuclear activities, and it is known that the UFO affectionnent all that touches with the nuclear power, and thus with uranium!!! The loop is buckled!!!

Always in connection with the particular aspect of the relation “UFO and salt”, discovered of the Canadian Henri Bordeleau, confirmed by the revelation of contacted Corsica Michel Angel…

Consultation of the booklet “salt”, n°339, with the editions “Which do know I?” bring additional elements of information.

Thus one learns on page 122: “Lastly, salt is also used as manure, in particular in the culture of sugar beets. Salt can still be used for the salting of fodder…”
What joined the surprising question put to Betty Hill by the Hohman investigators and Jackson which asked for what a kind of manure she used!
It is learned in addition that there is salt ignigene in Belgium, in Jemeppe (area of Namur), page 106, and it is known that there is beet culture in this country. What would explain the presence of the famous "triangles” flying over the country?

In Lorraine, area with salt, a “triangle” quasi-identical to those of the vague Belgian was observed on December 8, 1977, with 17h15, in Brettnach, the Moselle. Separately there were minor differences where in Brettnach the three headlights were yellow, all was already! See “ufologia n°16, p.7, 1°trim.79”.
The booklet “salt” teaches us, p.25, that salt is raw material basic of the chemical large-scale industry, but especially that it is essential to the life, to see p.23 & 24, chapter “salt and the human organism”.

P.23: “The major part of the sodium, not fixed in the bones, is found in the various liquids which circulate in the human body… It intervenes in the regulation of the pressure and volume blood. With balance, the blood serum contains 8g. /l. of salt… ”.

P.24: “Lastly, the ion sodium, principal physiological factor of salt, allows the transmission of the nerve impulse (pulse created by the changes of polarization on the surface of the nerves, induced by the exchanges between ions sodium and potassium through this membrane). So salt thus plays a capital part at the same time on the level of the brain (transmission of the orders and reception of information through the neurons) and on the level of the heart…”

We point out that the mutilated animals have been emptied of their blood. However, in Mars 1967, the year that began the mutilations, a van of the Red Cross transporting blood, failed to be removed by an UFO, in the USA, Western Virginia, sector of Huntington! See in connection with this case, the study of Jean Sider on the animal mutilations, appeared in a special number of “ufologia n°17, 1°trim.79, p.22”.

The salt contained in blood interest-you it them “mutilateurs”, for their survival, or of the biological experiments?

In France, the areas with salt are numerous, and often coincide with occurences of UFO: Mediterranean coasts, for example, where in summer 94, there was a wave of UFO in Herault. However, in the department close to the Aude, there are three saline (Gruissan, the Palm and Holy Lucie)! See p.109, “salt”.

Also let us not forget the small river of Salz, near to Rennes-the-Castle and mysterious Pic of Bugarach. At this place, beside Sougraigne, a UFO landed a few years ago.

There is also, for example, saline in Oporto-Vecchio, Corsica of the South, to see p.110. It is located only at 40 km, on the same alignment, as the area of Sartène, where remains contacted the Corsica Michel-Angel!

Salt, area of Manosque (p.67). However, Manosque is very close to… Valensole! Landing of an UFO in 1965, and often of the appearances of UFO in this sector! In his work, Henri Bordeleau quoted the mouth of the Amazon river, like area with salt. However, Jacques Vallée had inquired on the spot in this sector, in connection with famous “the chupas”, UFO with beams, which had wounded many people. See one of its last works: ” Confrontations “, Editions Robert Laffont, published in 1991.

The French review “Lights in the night”, in its number n° 198 of October 1980, publishes on pages 28-30, publishes an article entitled: “Two Humanoïdes with Las Salinas (Argentinian)”. Several witnesses, médusés, attend the intrusion of two Humanoïdes in the store! They materialized and of… the witnesses dematerialized accepted messages by telepathy… It is specified, in particular: INDUSTRY: SALT, within 50 meters of the store! River: Mow Salinas, within 200 meters of the incident.

Quotation: “Phenomena annex during the time preceding the incident: in the zone, before the observation, of the strange lights two weeks were perceived before, with the SITE OF the SALINE ESTABLISHMENT - according to witnesses'.”. On this business, there was an article of the daily newspaper “the Reason” of the 12-9-1978, Buenos-Surfaces…

And now, a last word; it is known that the state of New Mexico is a salted place. Many appearances of UFO in this area. In July 1947, there was the famous crash landing of Roswell. However, you hold well, there is a pilot factory of desalination with… Roswell!!!

See p.140 & 141, the book “water in the world”, Larousse editions, Technical collection of today, published in August 1970.

March 2001, investigation in progress into the track of SALT.
In connection with SALINE, in the Seine and Marne, close to Montereau.
Infos of the friend Pascal Lahaie, Ufologue: there are Gallic burials and tumulus. A part (less) is on the commune of Courcelles. There are also objects out of bronze. First, Salines was called Villeneuve the Retort. February 26, 1982, there was a landing UFO above the principal burial the Saline ones! Inquire of a correspondent of “LDLN” at the time, established into Provins. Pascal found his trace. We continue the investigation…

And then, concerning the “kind of manure” that Betty Hill, question put by the perspicacious Hohman investigators and Jackson used, to also see the book “They were not alone on the moon” by George Léonard (Belfond edict. - 1978), page 200: ” Although the occupants of the Moon suffice themselves for themselves for most of their needs, it is nevertheless probable that they are, up to a certain point, parasites of the ground. The Moon is, on its surface, completely desert. Although it is conceivable that the underground shelters can adapt certain forms of culture or even of breeding, they need raw materials essential such as water or manures which they take on our premises “. End of quotation.

There too, manures are found.

See p.140 & 141, the book “water in the world”, Larousse editions, Technical collection of today, published in August 1970.

Christian MACE

The SALT OF the LIFE - Element - sodium is most current of the alkaline elements; this soft metal is employed little in foundry, but it is used to manufacture tetraethyl lead which improves the octane number of the fuels. It is used as coolant in certain nuclear engines; and, with the vapor state, for the manufacture of lightings. The sodium, which tends to lose its outer-shell electron, is present in nature in the form of salts. The sodium chloride is concentrated in the rock salt layers and sea water at a rate of 32g/l. It plays a key part in the chemical industry. The carbonate is extracted from certain salted lakes. It is used in the industry of glass and steel. The sulphates and the nitrates also exist in a natural state. Other salts prepare by chemical way. Sodium is very oxydable; the hydroxide - caustic soda - is a mineral base of first choice. One can also obtain hydrides or sulphides. Ionic sodium is essential in the metabolism of live beings. Concentrated outside the cells, it conditions the retention of water by fabrics. Blood contains 7,3 g/l of them. Sodium intervenes mainly in the phenomena of nervous and muscular excitation.

Symbol: NA - Atomic number: 11 - Atomic mass: 22,99 - Point melting: 97,5°C. - Not of boiling: 880°C.

At 3600 m of altitude, the salar of Uyuni is largest and the most Salt desert of the world. This salted ice-barrier, long of north in the south and 130 km 170 km is in west, is the greatest salt reserve of planet. For the anecdote, the only charts on a scale usable belong to NASA, which refuses to diffuse them. Strange… According to it, it would be the only place from where one can read a newspaper posed on the ground, by photo-satellite. “science & natural n°66 - April 1989”.

1 - John G. Fuller: The Interrupted Journey, editions Of the Rock - 1982.
2 - The GEPAN is remplaçé today by the SEPRA.
3 - That “sticks” well with the case of Mad Cow Disease, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy with the human ones. Perhaps that is what the extraterrestrials have studied already?
I hope you understand the translation. Some words were unknown to me so I left them - Aileen


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