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Friday, August 17, 2007


I am now 57 years of age, and I had a UFO childhood abduction! On the map of the San Fernando valley I saw a map grid with two arrows, if you look in the middle of these two arrows, you see a water works project called the "Hansen Dam Reservoir. Right in front of the Hansen Dam in 1952 there was a government housing tract, called the "Basilone Homes." In the year of 2004 there is now a "golf course". In any event, I also notice on the map there was an area called "UFO base". This is very interesting as if one were to investigate, they would find that the Hansen Dam, was built by the Army Corps of Engineers and the housing project was also government housing. Moreover, I believe the dam and the housing were part of a black operation, ie, a government study with no paper trail.

Before I forget, in the mid 1960's in the Tujunga mountain range area it was known by the local populace, that this area was a landing base area for UFO's.

At the onset of my case, as it pertains to UFO's, I believe this mapped area has been since 1950's until the present time a government (word missing) and interactions with the local people, by abduction, and with military personnel.

Before a day time sighting in 1952 when I was at the age of 6 years old, my mother was helping a friend of hers move from our apartment to another town. I was helping my mother's friend pack boxes. The lady let me keep a penlight that I found in the apartment. I then took this penlight, a heavy duty penlight that her husband used for work, to her upper story bedroom and I pointed the penlight out the window, towards the "Hansen Dam." I began to noice that if I were to blink once, I would get a return blink from the Dam area! This went on blink for blink, until my mother saw me and told me to stop the blinking as I might make the airplane crash. Needless to say it was not a plane but my first encounter with a UFO. Even at the tender age of 6 years old, I wondered how an airplane could be on the rim of the dam itself!

The next day around midday while playing with my two brothers, and two cousins who also resided at the government housing project, I brought it to their attention, that there was a silver disk/craft, ie., UFO, hovering over a small hill on Foothill and Glenoaks Blvds. As we watched this UFO oscillate in a falling leaf motion, it started to follow a service drive midway in the housing project towards the children's playground area that was at the foot of the Hansen Dam itself.

This UFO/craft then flew very low to the ground and it then flew over the swings, and came to rest at the base of the dam.

As my case was investigated by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, of CUFOS, it came out that my brothers, cousins and other children from the housing project waved at the UFO as it was so low to the ground. I remember my cousins and my brothers waving at some alien beings that were in front of, for the lack of a better word, a big picture window. The alien beings waved back at us. The thing that I remember most is that the alien beings arms were longer than normal, that is to say past their knees!

As the UFO landed in a 45 degree angle at the base of the dam, it actually was in this angle, and one could see the entire craft.

What I remember is a smell like battery acid coming from the craft.

The children, which included my brothers and cousins, and other playmates, stood in front of this landed craft and just stared in wonderment. It came out in the investigation that the other children decided to return to the housing project and that I was left by myself!

I crawled the circumference of the UFO/craft. I don't remember any heat coming from the craft but what I do remember is that as I crawled around this craft when I got to the lowest point of the craft I saw an opening. As I looked inside this opening, from a distance, I saw the most beautiful lights blinking. One light in particular was a golden color and I felt drawn to the light which was overpowering!

I must report something that doesn't make sense, but as I crawled towards the lights my knees touched a grading like the ones you see on the news in the winter time in New York with hot steam coming out of the grading. In any event I fell downward.

I remember being taken to a room with lights that somehow seem to be alive? It was almost like the craft was breathing as the lights were blinking.

The next thing I remember was that I was walking back on the service road going in the direction of the housing projct.

My playmates who abandoned me at the craft site, were now deep into a game of hide and seek. As I made my way to the apartment I felt dazed. As I entered our apartment my mother was combing my sister's hair and to this day I can remember the color of her red dress, but I couldn't remember who my sister was!! I asked my mother who was the girl that my mother was combing her hair. My mother became agitated with me and said "don't you know your sister?" I remember asking my mother if my sister was chinese too as in ELONGATED EYES!! Needless to say I was disorientated but I feel that when I asked my mother if my sister was chinese, it was the only way a six year old child could try to describe something out of the ordinary, as in alien wrap around eyes. At this point my mother was fit to be tied and yelled at me to go to my room I did just that. Once inside my room I closed the door and sat in my favorite red sofa chair, the same color as my sister's dress, as if I needed that.

As I was seated in the center of the room in my sofa chair, like the Lazy Boy sofas of today, I felt myself floating in the room. Let me say it again, I was levitating in my room. I can still remember touching the curtain rods and I used my hands to walk across the ceiling. I remember touching the light switch, going back to the center of the room, where the overhead light was located, and then floating downward back to my red sofa! I guess I have been blessed for some reason, as in some cases. The alien beings can walk through wall, doors, etc. But I was spared the visual of looking at the beings in my room. This was to happen in short order.

This being said, may I take you back to my families apartment, where the levitation took place in my bedroom after leaving the UFO site. Being that my mother was alredy upset with me for not knowing who my own sister was, she was in no mood to hear what I had to say next about levitating in my bedroom. As I told my mother what happened she yelled out to me, "get out, you have to have a plane ticket today!" Sadly I found myself being sent outside once again to face another round of UFO activity.

As my playmates left the landing sight, near the playground which was located at the base of the dam, they regrouped to play a game of hide and seek back at the housing tract. As I was the last one to enter the game it was me who had to count backwards from a hundred and then find my playmates. I was sent to a telephone pole to start my count. I was showed an old tire, where I was to use as a staging area once I found the children.

What was to happen next I need to remind the readers that there was a span of maybe about an hour and a half at the most from the time the UFO landed and what was to transpire next.

As I started to count backwards from 100 and then search for the children when I got to around 75 I fell into a deep stupor and when I awoke I found myself on top of the apartments (3rd story roof). While there I was somehow able to hear the children whever they were located and hiding in this game of hide and seek. I would then somehow find myself standing in front of the children and I would proceed to take them back to the old car tire staging area. After dropping off the first group of children to seek the others, when without any warning I found myself once again on top of the third story roof, as bizarre as this may sound. This repeated itself over and over to the point that the other playmates began to demonstrate fear in their voice and wanted to know how this was happening?

By this time darkness fell over the governmental housing tract and the game broke up. It must have been late summer or early fall, as all the children seem to be outside enjoying the night air.

My parents left our apartment and went to the nearest Mom and Pop store to buy food for breakfast. My cousins and brothers were watching one of the adults throw a baseball high in the air and then catch the ball with his baseball glove. There had to be a full moon out as I could see the ball clearly in the night air. After about the third toss into the air I asked the man how high can you throw the ball? "To the moon kid, to the moon." I kept my eye on the baseball to see how high he could really throw the ball when all of a sudden the ball seemed to be coming back down in slow motion.

I noticed a bright light about the size of a basketball. I noticed this round light seemed to circle the complete housing tract two times when all of a sudden this round light showed its true size as it stopped straight in the air, and once again, we were to witness a UFO, only this time it was so large that it overlapped both apartment roof tops. By this I mean in the "Basilone Housing Tract" there was a row of apartments, then grass in the middle, then it would start another row of apartments. This UFO craft was so big that I noticed that it was touching two roof tops at the same time.

Remember what I said about the beautiful lights when the UFO made it's daytime appearance near the children's playground, well the lights were on the outside of the craft. If you have ever seen an emergency vehicle like a fire department truck at night and its emergency overhead lights, turn around and around, it was the same with the craft, only the lights were a beautiful golden color and magenta, green and yellow. These colored lights would rotate on the craft.

The men adults took over the situation as I remember the women screaming "is it an airplane?" "No," ansered the men folk, "is it a helicopter?", "no" answered the men. Once again, "get the children inside, get the children inside."

My parents were shopping at the store. My brothers and myself went with my cousins to their apartment. Once inside the apartment my older brother was cowering near the stove and crying. My two male cousins just stood in the kitchen in awe! And you guessed it, once again, I go to see the craft. I can remember my aunt had some kitchen curtains, the kind you can see through. I could still see the UFO lights through the curtains so I walked over to the kitchen window and pulled back the curtains and looked upwards to the bottom of the craft. All of a sudden it tilted downward as to almost look down inside the kitchen area. It then righted itself and flew upwards. It was gone in a second.

What was to transpire next was overtaxing to this youngster of ony six years old.

I want to bring to the attention of the readers, something I have a vague memory of, but have a sister who has a better recollection of what transpired. As I made mention when it was my turn to seek and I had the phenomenon of appearing on the apartment roof top, then appearing in front of the children. It was brought to my attention by my oldest sister that I was left on top of the apartment third story roof and not returned to the bottom of the apartments. There was no way to get me down as the third story stairwell door to the roof area had no knob but would open by key only. There was no maintenance crew available from the housing tract. The adults called the fire department and they brought me down by hook and ladder. For what it is worth I felt I should make mention of this.

After my parents returned from shopping my aunt and uncle tried to tell them what had transpired when the UFO overlapped the roof tops. My parents just could not comprehend what took place and they gathered up my brothers and sister and took us home to our own apartment. After we were put to bed in the safety of our apartment, the unthinkable happened.

It must have been about 3:00 a.m. when I felt a presence in our bedroom. Now this is very important, as we were not well off financially speaking. I shared a bed with my youngest brother and my older brother had his own bed. When I felt this presence the fear factor was more than I could bear. I tried to call out for help but I was totally paralyzed. I could only open and close my eyes. Then it happened, I began to levitate in the prone position, that is with my face looking upward. Am I going crazy I thought. Can a six year old go crazy? On no, I recognized the hallway. I'm going to hit the door leading outside the apartment. My God in heaven, I'm at the playground where the UFO first landed in the 45 degree angle to the Hansen Dam.

Either I never thought of it, or I have no memory of it, but I don't remember being cold in the outside air. What I do remember is this: If you ever have been in an emergency room, and you are being checked out by the medical team of doctors and they want to give you some privacy, there's a curtain they can pull in a circle. I remember this, and then waking up in my bedroom.

What I'm about to tell you next, again, I ask for your understanding. This happened about three times night after night. The last two times before I told my mother what was happening to me. I remember being put on a curved chair and being strapped down in front of a large picture window for lack of a better word. Then I could hear something like air breaks or hydraulic lifts and the chair would move in a different positin. I could see blackness outside of the picture window, then fast, fast, moving stars. Then coming to a complete stop. Then the sequence would repeat itself over and over until I was returned to my bed.

Now back to Mom. Keep in mind that she told me to get out when I told her about levitating in my bedroom. Well when I told her I was flying at night she said "OK if you fly tonight you're going to take your brother! "What?" I thought to myself, well my mother got a clean white bed sheet and tore it into strips. Then she tied my arm to my brothers arm and my leg to my brother's leg. My free arm she tied to the bed post and my free leg to the other side bed post.

It must have been about 5:30 a.m. I remember smelling hot coffee and the smell of bacon as my mother was making breakfast for my father. Then I saw the hallway light as my Mother opened the door to check in on my brother and myself.

The next thing I heard is my mother yelling "this is not funny! Why are you two doing this to me?" By this time I was wide awake. That's when I found myself tied underneath the bed. One leg tied to one bed post, one arm tied to the other bedpost. After my mother untied me, I remember giggling with my brother as I asked him did you do that and he is asking me the same thing.

At this time I should say I had an opporuntiy to speak to Travis Walton in September of 2003 about the air break type noise and the chair that would move in front of the big window during his time in a UFO. I met Mr. Walton in a meeting of abductees and non abductees in Los Angeles in a meeting of the minds, concerning UFOs. Mr. Walton was kind enough to give me a moment of his time. He said he is sorry he was ever abducted by a UFO as it has been very hard on himself and his family.


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