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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Speaking about a young man that works for him.

I don't make it a habit of putting my business in the street, especially concerning UFOs, but as we know each other pretty well, I started with you know character, as I try to walk a straight line in life, and I touched on the subject of UFOs, when I noticed he was touching his forearms, and the back of his neck, so I figure now you did it ____, and I was just about to apologize for making him feel uncomfortable, when he stops me and says, man I didn't know how to tell anyone about what happened to me.

It turns out he had a UFO encounter recently, and he was with three other men, you see he is into off road trucking. You know, giant wheels, big pick up. I'm not sure on the time element, but from the way he was talking, it must of been turning dark, and these guys were in a part of the high desert in the Palmdale area of the Antelope Valley when they were stopped and talking. He was the first to notice a light. He at first thinks it was a helicopter, but said it was the shape of a triangle. He said the reason they were stopped in the first place was that they knew they were close to Edwards Air Force Base, and they didn't want to get into trouble.

He said he assumed there was a housing tract nearby because he said the dogs were barking like crazy. He said when this triangle got to about 50 yards from their pickups, everything became quiet (the Oz factor before and after abuction) when this thing got to about 25 yards from the men, he said they could see one blue, one red, and one white light in each corner of the triangle. When it was almost about 15 yards from them it tilted and the men could see big window like frames. That's when he thinks he sees figures inside the craft. It was then right on top of the group of the men. Then he noticed none of the men were talking, then he said the craft shot a light downward, and in a zigzag motion, like it was looking for the men. At this point he yells at the men as they were in a daze. He kept yelling at the men to get to the pickup trucks. Then he told me that he told the other men to hold hands as they ran. He said he figured if they held hands whatever was in the craft would have a hard time abducting them.

At the time he told the man to run to the trucks he said he was confused as he doesn't know how long they were there. (I questioned him about any lost time) He then said the craft in less than 3 seconds took off from their location and flew into the mountain range about 25 miles away. Then he said there was some confusion as they drove up into a location with dead end streets and cul-de-sac streets. He said they drove into one of these cul-de-sac roads, when they saw at the end of the cul-de-sac street that it opened up and out flew another triangle craft, and right behind the craft two very fast military jet aircraft that were completely white in color. I know of the jet air craft from Joyce Spivey, the UFO Investigator from Victorville, CA who died last year.

He said when the men saw this come out of the cul-de-sac, they all turned and saw a black shiny long car pull up as to block them in from getting out of the street. He said that he then remembers being on top of a cold table and alien beings all around the table. Now he said, I know from the media reports that a lot of abductees say this, but he said, this is what happened to him. He said that the small beings were all around the table, when one of them came very close to his face. Something Joyce told me about in certain abductions. He said it then turned very grotesque, almost demonic looking. From what he describes it may have been a reptilian. He said he remembers he grabbed this thing by the neck. My friend is 6 foot 5 inches and weighs 268 lbs, so he said he told the thing no way are you going to get the best of me. He told me he felt as if he could break the things neck but then he wakes up and is confused!

This is the second time I heard of the location in the desert where there is all these cul-de-sac streets. I have another carpenter friend, who dropped his brother off at the Edwards Air Force Base as his father is also a carpenter, but works at the base. My friend told me he ran into these same cul-de-sac streets, in the middle of the desert, with what he said were undergound locations.

Note: I also used to work at Edwards AirForce Base. I believe those streets are in an area called "California City" because I have seen them too. - Aileen


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