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Sunday, March 13, 2005


A true account of surprise encounters with "the others." By Mark Andrews (used with permission)

My purpose in writing this is to share the assurance that not only are we not alone in the universe, but that we are also intimately connected with beings who share our reality with us "unaware." I have no doubt that you have had just as many such encounters as I. In tense times, such as the present, it's good to be able to reflect a bit on the positive side of the UFO phenomenon.

1. September 3, 1995

At 12:15 a.m., the phone rang. A female voice advised, "We have some students here from another planet. Would you be willing to help in their earth orientation?" (Mark is a teacher) I was a little stunned but said "OK." She returned, "We have one standing in your driveway. Follow her."

At the end of the driveway stood a very beautiful, petite Mediterranean looking girl with ornately "woven" hair, dressed in a burgundy, wrap around robe. I followed her aound to the side of the house where a soft but brilliant flash of light somehow transported us into the receiving area of an enormous starship far beyond earth's orbit.

The young girl was not quite 5 feet tall and appeared to be possibly 15 - 17 years in age. The only words she spoke to me were following our "beam up" was when she very nonchalantly turned her head back in my direction and informed me, "We are going to take a shower."

I have to say that I was somewhat relieved to learn that the "shower" was actually a bathing (disinfecting?) light; no disrobing necessary. I then quickly caught on to the fact that despite her obvious advanced intellect and training, her English skills were not quite 100%.

You wouldn't expect that a starship would have anything as quaint as a wrung ladder (but this one did), so up the wrungs we went following our "shower." I then found myself standing in front of a viewing portal that looked out toward deep space. I have no way of knowing where the ship was in relation to earth, but the view that grabbed me was so magnificent that it caused my stomach to drop and my knees to begin to buckle. It was the sight of multiple, pure stellar brilliance expanding into infinity.

This worked to both compound and to take some of the edge off of the fact that I was gradually coming to grips with the reality that I had been (teleported?) far from the world I knew and into a completely "alien" environment.

I was asked to keep my eyes on a screen just to the left of the viewing area. I was shown a diagram of several objects (apparently asteroids, comets, meteors, etc.) in their projected movement toward earth. I was informed by my charming young female guide that the ship's presence in our solar system at this time was to help us to deal with the objects that would soon threaten the earth. (That was nine years ago.)

In an almost obligatory fashion, I asked her where they were from? She responded, "We call our world Lelari." (Luh-LAHR-ee) Then there appeared on the view screen a projection of what looked to me like the "Big Dipper" as viewed from earth. (I'm now sorry that astronomy was never one of my stronger subjects.)

I was then guided from one "room" to another. You can't really call them "rooms" because they had more the feel of areas that had been partitioned off by movable walls that served to localize one activity from another so as not to allow interference.

I encountered another tall, blond, very beautiful "Nordic," and somewhat older looking, young lady for my "medical exam." She asked me to lay down on a table - she looked at a monitor - and then said (with a smile), "Your exam is finished.

My guide then took me into another area where several members of their group were gathered. It had the feel of a "break room." A very pleasant, short, Nordic, "high school" looking male quickly pointed at me and laughed, "I'm assigned to be your baby-sitter!" And with that, (???) we moved on to the final leg of the visit.

I was brought before one of the commanding officers of the craft. He sat at a small table, keeping his eyes fixed on a hand held view screen. He did not acknowledge my presence for what seemed 10 minutes. I was beginning to get a little "insecure" due to the lack of attention, so I decided to break the ice and blurted, "You know, I'm very grateful that you have been using English with me, but I would like to hear your language as it sounds when spoken" I have always had a fascination with languages, so I guess that was the first thing that popped up in my moment of "stress."

The commander had not quite shoulder length brown hair, olive skin texture, large brown eyes, and Native American facial features. He looked up at me for the first time. His eyes projected a marvelous sense of compassion and intrigue toward me (and I suppose to my unusual request as well...I think he was "tickled" that an earthling would have such an interest.) He then thought-projected a sentence from his language directly into my mind. It had the sound of "Finnish/Latin." I asked him for a souvenier that I could keep, he said that would be arranged later.

That moment was so intimate and powerful that I finally "lost it" and began to weep. My guide then took me by the arm to lead me back through the "teleporter." My composure was so jangled at that point that she had to literally walk me up the steps to my front door and into the living room. She let herself out without any more exchange of words. I remained awake for the rest of the night, quite confused and yet extremely grateful for the experience for which it is still very difficult to find the proper descriptive words.

Fast forward to the Spring of 1999.

I had the day off from work one Friday and decided to drive to the cable company office across town to pay my bill rather than mailing them a check. At the last minute, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to check with the bank to be sure that I had enough money in my account to cover the check that I planned to write. I didn't have a cell phone at the time, so I found it necessary to stop to use a pay phone in the lobby of a Kroger supermarket.

For the first time, the computerized bank account information service put me on hold. As I stood there, a young man walked up to the phone directly along side the one I was using.

He had his back turned to me. I would guess that he was just a little over 5 feet tall. His hair was nearly milky-white blond. His skin (what I could see of it) was very plae.

He picked up the phone's receiver and pulled from his pocket a piece of paper with a series of numbers drawn on it. The numbers had an odd appearance in themselves, as though they had been drawn by a very young child (or by someone who had never before found it necessary to transcribe them in a written way onto a piece of paper).

The young man then began punching numbers without bothering to put any coins into the phone. He punched, and punched, and punched for so long that I wondered, "Who's he calling, outer space?"

It was about then that my attention was drawn to his feet. "How in the world can this guy walk with such tiny feet?" His shoes looked to be the right size for an average six year old.

I was still "on hold."

Finally, the guy began to speak into the receiver. Judging from his appearance, I assumed he must be a Scandinavian high school exchange student. I had worked with many such Finnish students through my time as a teachers' aide with the Indianpolis Public Schools. The sounds I heard coming from him were far different from any Scandinavian language with which I was familiar. (Icelandic, maybe?) And to be honest, the vocalized sounds coming from him were not fully "human." At some point, it was as if two or more separate sets of vocal chords were being employed.

Then he hung up the phone and walked behind me to the store's entrance. He stopped and turned to face me for the first time. YEP, it was my "baby-sitter" (guardian?) from the starship.

Then, something happened unlike anything I've experienced before. While I held my gaze on his eyes, they quickly changed color from blue to a bright shade of red/violet. His facial skin suddenly became translucent revealing the covered countenance of a greenish-black skinned amphibian. And just as quickly, his "human" face abruptly re-formed.

With the slightest of smiles, he turned and walked into the supermarket. I could tell that he had just REALLY ENJOYED pulling a "fast one" on me. I was so embarrassed by my lack of awareness through it all that I made no effort to follow him through the store.

After almost four years, the "Lelari" had remembered my strange request to hear their language spoken, and had apparently arranged for me to be in such a position - on hold with the bank on a pay phone - where I could have the audio experience with the least amount of anxiety. (I didn't relaize what was happening until it was complete.)

This can all be interpreted in any number of ways. What I retained from it is a sense of caring on the part of the Lelari that ranges the gambit from helping to shield our planet from the devastation of assailing impacts to the throughtfulness of granting a request so seemingly insignificant as allowing me to hear one actually "speak" their language.

I'm sure I'll be seeing my "baby-sitter" again some time in the future. Working with high school kids as I do on a daily basis as a substitute teacher, I have a pretty clear sense of their love of fun and pulling pranks. And I now know with absolute certainty that high school kids are the same all across the galaxy (which means that I can look forward to even more creative and fun tricks from an extraterrestiral "high schooler" who could most certainly teach me far more than I could ever teach him!).


  • At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are very fortunate and should write more about your experience. Ken

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