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Friday, April 15, 2005


After talking with the Family and friends of the oldest son, a conversation was held with a woman (Connie) who has been a friend of the family and a member of the community. She described a UFO sighting which occurred 12 to 13 years ago; she also described a later sighting, which increased her puzzlement and concern. At first, she assumed that there was some "military explanation" for the sightings; but as she learned more about the feelings and experiences of her friends and neighbors, she began to wonder if some other explanation might account for these strange events.

The Law Officer was quite explicit in requesting that this information not be publicized; he did not wish to cause any public ridicule to be brought upon his office, and he did not wish to cause any ridicule or publicity which would disrupt the harmony of the community.

He said that in 1975 there had been several hundred cases of cattle mutilations reported, and he had investigated many of these cases. In 1976, there were fewer than a hundred, and in 1977, there were fewer than ten. However, he pointed out that during 1977 he was following a policy that he go out on very few calls regarding reported animal mutilations. This policy apparently was an intentional method of reducing the number of reports of cattle mutilations; however, no one knows whether it is the policy of the sheriff, or whether it is a policy which is being followed by law officers of other counties, states, or regions.

The Law Officer described his fear and apprehension when, out on night patrol, he saw strange lights near the road. He knew the territory well enough that, if he were to drive down the road, he would know where to find a car or truck, or a vehicle in the road. However, many of these lights seemed to be silent objects which moved "off the road" and into the air, revealing "cockpits" as they flew away. He did not claim to see any humanoids associated with these lights or objects, but has viewed enough of these events to know that they are very real and that they cannot be accounted for by the usual explanations of "airplanes," "helicopters," "hallucinations," or the "planet, Venus."

Although he cannot verify the events described by the Business Partner and the Family, he knows that their earlier concerns were based upon the assumption that neighbor boys were playing tricks. Later, they questioned him about the "cause" of the reported mutilations. Now, the Law Officer is aware that military operations may not be an adequate explanation for the experiences and the sightings which have occurred near the area. The Law Officer does not profess to have an explanation, but he no longer scoffs at the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitation.

To be continued

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