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Friday, May 27, 2005


Clifford Stone at one time was an Associate Director in my organization. I know him and believe him. I know what has happened to him because of his research in UFOs.

Aloha All, here are two interviews with Clifford Stone by Paola Harris. I've been doing some research on Sgt Stone and find his testimony of having worked with an elite team on UFO crash retreivals compelling. Paola has done field work and believes he is legitimate. What I found interesting in the interviews is that he details how he was advised by those in the secret government assigned to monitor his public activities to participate in the Steven Greer, National Press Club Disclosure Conference in May 2001. They told him to "Go have fun," and only cautioned him not to reveal secrets in areas where there was agreement that he would not cross over into. This is a pretty clear demonstration that there is an ongoing acclimation program where whistleblowers like Clifford Stone, Phillip Corso, Michael Wolf and Charles Hall are 'permitted to come forward to disclose secrets. At the same time, these whistleblowers are discredited in order to maintain plausible deniability. The Acclimation program is therefore quite clever since while the information is being leaked to the general public by whistleblower testimonies, the mass media doesn't pick up on it since the whistleblowers are discredited and aspects of their testimonies can't be confirmed.

The following interviews are well worth reading closely to understand how a particpant in the crash retreival program was inducted and used over a twenty year period because of his psychic abilities to interface with ETs. If you want to find more on Paola Harris' interviews with Clifford Stone and other whistleblowers, I recommend visiting her website at: http://www.paolaharris.it/english.html
In peace
Michael Salla, PhDwww.exopolitics.org

http://www.swa-home.de/clifford.htmNational Security by Paola Harris

This interview took place on 2 July 1998 at the home of Clifford Stone in Roswell, New Mexico.
Sergeant Stone, what is your background and what events led to the birth of your book, " UFOs Are Real"?

When I was seven I had my first close encounter with a UFO, followed by interactions with alien entities. I served in the Army for over 21 years. At first, I was reluctant, then afraid, then disillusioned by the way the Government handles the subject. When I decided to speak openly about UFOs I was still on active service, and the Army only told me to always make consistent Statements. However, when I was assigned to another detachment, I was categorically ordered not to discuss UFOs, or write or make requests to Congress without authorization or approval. I considered this to be unacceptable, especially since I was involved in the programme without the knowledge of' my commanding officer Instead of being discharged, I was sent to Germany, then Belgium and around Europe, and I found myself involved in the UFO situation again, though unwillingly. I heard about an incident in the USSR: the Soviets tried to shoot down a large unidentified craft and mysteriously lost three of their planes. So I decided to conic out into the open, in spite of my superiors who may not have been aware of my intentions and my links with various agencies connected to UFOs. I asked to be discharged, informed the structures not connected to the Army about this and left-Germany.

What year was this?

1989. 1 went home on apparently ordinary leave. Only one colleague, a Russian interpreter, knew about my involvement with the UFO programme. My request to be discharged was denied two days before I arrived at Fort Bliss and they assigned me elsewhere for two months. They convinced me to stay and said It wouldn't be sent back to Europe but would be assigned to Fort Belvoir. I was still set on leaving because I didn't want to go through the same experiences, experiences which can't be discussed, even to the extent where my family knew nothing about them but were used to my sudden, long absences and certain strange visitors...
Were they government agents?

Yes, but I didn't know they were. Here's an example: since 1969 up until two months ago I was in close contact with someone who remained anonymous and who called me "Colonel" he was an agent responsible for my protection.

UFOs Are Real contains classified documents. What impact has the book had on public opinion?
It contains a large amount of American government documents with a high classification level. The Goverment denies everything and doesn't even admit that top secret documents on the subject exist but keeps them well hidden! My interest centres on Operations Moon Dust and Moon Fly which tie still involved with UFOs. The US Air Force has an installation at Fort Belvoir, Virginia which is identified as Air Intelligence Group 696 and is responsible for the collection of UFO data and material. Names and programmes are given pseudonyms. I was in the Army's counterespionage service when the programme covering Project Moon and Operation Blue Fly began. These missions are both run by the Department of State. Well, that's a half truth. It's actually Defence Intelligence which really controls both projects, using military attachès in every consulate and embassy in the world who send data about UFOs, while our military personnel was and is ready to go into action anywhere in order to obtain any prospective document and make it disappear.

Such as documents about recovered UFOs which the USA has always hidden, on the basis of certain agreements.

I am absolutely certain that the majority of the foremost governments and Intelligence Agencies know the truth about UFOs. Don't get me wrong: we don't know how much has been disclosed.
What didnt you say in UFOs Are Real ?

I didn't say very much about Moon Dust and Blue Fly. I got hold of certain documents, but when I tried to find certain information I got nowhere. They told me that for the moment it was probably classified material and could not be divulged. I then went to to certain members of Congress who denied - through political channels - both the existence of operative units with these names and the role of Fort Belvoir. I went back to the same Congressmen and showed them 23 documents which confirmed these missions and the Fort Belvoir operative base. The Air Force intervened, it first claiming that they were war missions and then trying to make Moon Dust and Blue Fly out to be pacific. In the three chapters devoted to Moon Dust and Blue Fly I have not included letters which name members of Congress who stated that the relative documents had been destroyed. That's pure disinformation on the part of the Defence. The Attorney General knew about the Air Force's coverup but didn't follow up with an enquiry.

Why not?

For two reasons. Firstly, if we claim that life elsewhere is possible, then we should reach a technological level which can be applied and integrated into culture in case of hostilities. Secondly, we' feel the need to understand our visitors as much as possible and this constitutes a serious problem. The Army repeatedly told me not to expect or anticipate all the meetings with the so-called "entities" - the EBEs, but they called them entities because they didn't know where they come from - to be specific. Later on, they told us that they may even be hostile. Every now and again we shot at them and they responded with weapons. I call tell you about an episode which took place in Brazil: two military contingents opened fire from the ground on two UFOs which responded causing a 60% loss of material and an 80% loss of personnel. So were we capable of standing up to hostile action? Not at all. A lot of people believed an Independence Day scenario was possible. But in reality, an invasion of hostile forces from Space or from other powers was under way, and I'm not talking about one race, but 57 different races.

57 different races?

Yes, we have identified 57.

Is this documented?

Yes it is, but in documents which will never be published, unless they manage to force open the archives. Do you know how we know all of this? There's only one possible way: using so-called "interactions", or interface exchanges''. Anybody who worked in this field and revealed they knew about these secrets was told: "You have a special mission to carry out". In any, case, if I told you everything I've done, you'd find it hard to believe me. I loved my country, I believed in the Army and in doing my duty in Vietnam, even if it cost my life. It was destiny. So, even though I had been declared unfit for service, I arrived in Vietnam and realized that the wrong people were giving the orders. My task was to gather together the children and help them. In the end we saved 1700.

Talking of children do you know about particularly gifted subjects who are used by government agencies as interpreters or interfaces with aliens?

That's a subject which worries me a lot. I was once on one side of a table and there were non-human beings on the other. No-one in that room knew what was going on, but I did.

Have you ever talked about it?

No. I told my son that I'd take it all with me to my grave. Instead, it was he who died, and I still have a lot of doubts about his death.

Dr. Michael Wolf suffered the same cruel fate when he lost his wife and son. Do you know Dr. Wolf?

I haven't heard of him. We are trying to do what others in Space have already done.

So, after your sighting as a child, the Government monitored your interaction with aliens, using you, we could say, as an interlocutor with other races in order to glean information?

Exactly. It was the Government which wanted to squeeze this information out of us.

I mean you, you in particular.

There are a great deal of things I haven't ever said.

So, if your job was to be an intermediary... do you believe that there will be contact in the future?

We have already had contact.

But in the near future?

Definitely. Within 25 years. We are moving towards a militarized Space which will lead to the opening of new frontiers in Research and Development. We will become voyagers in Space, we will go towards other solar systems. Current technology doesn't allow us to draw our discoveries together and put A, B and C together in order to get B. If Space becomes militarized, it will be a threat to our vistors. It's easy to see Why. We need to use technology responsibly for the betterment of our race, and if other intelligent species really exist up there, we have obligations towards them. We, as a race, are still not mature and spiritual enough to do this. Do I believe in God? Yes! And they believe in God too. But our definition of divinity is probably in conflict with theirs, which doesn't mean that we have a different point of view. They would wipe out many races in order to better define the concept of God, and at the same time they would get themselves killed before taking the lives of others. But they are also ready to defend themselves. I think they will continue to monitor us until we constitute a threat, within the next 30 years.
This (Showing me a page in his book), is a document taken from an Intelligence memorandum which was sent to the FBI. It should have been destroyed. I told the FBI that the Air Force had authorized its release. They didn't know that the Air Force didn't want the information to be released. And it worked.

Your book came out in July 1997, and by now they ought to know that you have these documents, don't you think?

As far as the Air Force and the Pentagon are concerned they don't exist. But I have shown the opposite to be true.

Can you tell us the number of your work group?

It was 4607.

Is that a recovery team in the Air Force?

Yes, it's based at Fort Belvoir. There they train and look after people who... I hate the phrase "psychic phenomena", who have had experiences as an interface. They tell you: "You are going to be an interface", and it's logical that your reaction could be very emotional.

Let's talk about recoveries. It seems that aliens don't bother coming back to save their companions left on Earth after a crash. What do you think about Area 51?

Do you want the truth? Area 51 is an expedient. However, there is a connection. We still use Edwards base in California, which belongs to the Air Force. I want to make it clear though, that I am not saying that nothing of the kind, associated with the UFO phenomenon, happens in that base.

And what do you think of alien corpses put in containers?

It's science fiction. We have a "marker" an identifier who acts as an interface with the fabricator. The fabricator then provides specific information, small fragments of the truth, messages which must appear to be very positive. So after managing to influence the identifier, the fabricator will disappear, and the identifier will carry out the task he has been assigned to do. If we want the ufological community to believe certain things, it must know what we do. First of all, we give the fabricator the task of identifying what we define "Intelligence Targetting", a target being an individual who will circulate - this is the marker - and start to spread... it's surprising to see how easy it is...

... To spread the partial truth...

We call it disinformation.

If the Roswell crash was covered up, does that mean that during World War II something similar had already happened? Why are you smiling?

At 12.15 during the night of 25 February 1942, a formation of 12-15 unidentified craft was seen in the sky over Los Angeles, California. They were neither ours, nor the Navy's nor the Marines'. Not having established the identity or radio contact, they decided to attack in the fear that they were unknown enemies. Our coastal artillerymen discharged 1430 shots against the targets. There was no reaction, no bombs, no plane shot down, no damage to property, no victims and the craft disappeared. General Marshall related the incident to the President of the United States, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt the very next day. In 1943 in the Pacific, General Douglas MacArthur asked General Doolittle for news of an unusual object which had faced our fighters and bombers. At the end of 1943, Doolittle informed MacArthur that some " spectators" had followed the main military action. They were not terrestrial and maybe they were hostile.

"Spectators" - is that what they call them?

That's how Doolittle and MacArthur described them. We didn't know much about it. All I know is that something happened in China which convinced Doolittle, without a doubt, based on events which led to the recovery of a craft.

Who was Doolittle?

He was a very famous and very active Air Force pilot. He led the "Doolittle Raid using B25s (James Harold Doolittle, a hero in the air, led the first air raid over Tokyo on 18 April 1942, - Ed.).

Certain pieces of your story coincide with what Dr. Michael Wolf has said. Let`s go back to the children. I find it incredible how the Government chooses some who are particularly sensitive and puts them into its service.

Just think, I was declared unfit for service... and yet at the end of my service I received another kind of training, the so-called "AM' or "Advanced Individual Training'' and they sent me to the archives of the Post Intelligence Center where I found a guy, apparently on special service from the Pentagon in Washington DC. I stayed quiet, and it was he who talked to me about UFOs. "Don't worry, it will all be OK. What do you think of this he said, showing me a document. I replied: "It's nothing I should know about" and he said " wanted your opinion of it". A couple of' days. later I told him I was worried because I had seen a top secret document. He replied that he hadn't shown me anything...

...how come?

I asked him the same thing, and he answered: "You'll find out in due time". It said on my file that I'd enlisted in the Air Force for three years, whereas the service period then was four years. At the end I was assigned to NBC, Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Warfare, in the communications sector.

Did they ever ask you about your experiences of contact?

I believe they knew about it.

In that case, they could have learned about it from two sources: your family or the entities themselves, aliens who decide which humans will work with them.

It's likely. During the training, you go through a phase o f "indoctrination", ,,where you find yourself face to face with a mountain of information which blows your mind, so much so, my legs once gave way and I nearly fainted because of an extremely painful migraine.

If it's true that certain people are used as an interface, are they aware or not?

Colonel Corso knew about this.

Corso never directly implicated the Government, but five or six different departments. No-one knows their respective modus operandi. If this happens in the United States, it's possible that they do it in other countries...

Yes. The situation is such that we are forced to reveal the information to every interested country. There's no doubt about it. In the USA a small group of people deals with this, not designated officials. You can't trust the Government: power is only apparently in the hands of the White House or Congress. It's a select group. For them it's always and only a question of' national security. They're interested in military application as Corso said - in new technology. Anything else is secondary.

In other words, the Government gets everything it can out of this contact. In the meantime, no-one worries about interior development or the spiritual side of the UFO presence.

Absolutely, they don't give it a thought. But in reality, the spiritual aspect of the UFO phenomenon must be given the utmost consideration.

http://utenti.lycos.it/paolaharris/cliffsto_may2001.htmClifford Stone May 2001 Interview I contacted Clifford stone in Roswell New Mexico after his appearance at the Washington Press Club at THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT PRESS CONFERENCE headed by Dr. Steven Greer.

Harris: Hello Clifford

Stone: How is it goin' kid?

Harris: How is it going with you after that Disclosure Conference in Washington on the 9th?

Stone: Still hangin' in there. I went ahead in the news conference and spoke little but some took a little longer. I said "this is me. This is what I did I stand before God and my country and before Congress under oath to state that what I know is true."

Harris: It took a lot of courage! I'm looking on Internet and the conference is mentioned and you are one as one of the chief witnesses as a member of recovery team of Project Moon Dust are mentioned everywhere. I don't know if you know that I was part of the project here in Italy. I helped Dr. Greer here to film several Italian Military Witnesses and pilots.

Stone: There was a lot of inquiry on me. I broke down several times. I can't help that. When you are back there and you start telling, you are no longer in 2001. All of a sudden you see everything in your mind's eye. But there are several things that they don't want you to talk about but that covered some of the stuff I was involved in. I thought I need to let people know so I went ahead. It hard to eliminate some things they are part of the total story.
Well there was not a dry eye when I talked. I gave Jaime Maussan an interview and they talked to me from the DATELINE TV show. I told them the impact it had on my family and friends.

Harris: Oh. I read in Italy that there were 250,000 people that tuned into the audio on their computers . And at a times there was some jamming. But in any case , it was the largest audience the Press Club has had. We are trying to translate the audio in Italian for our listeners here. When I saw you on the list, I was really surprised. You have been threatened so many times. The last time I heard from you was when you were trying to get to Canada but I heard you were stopped at the border but I want you to be safe!

Stone: I was not going to go. But they insisted so they (the powers that be) said "go.. have fun with this!" I thought "this is good". But they want me to avoid bringing up certain things. How can I talk about it without that stuff being brought up? So as it turned out on that night, I thought "no holds barred! I hoped Dr. Greer doesn't get mad if I get emotional. but even he cried when I got up. No one had heartburn with what I had to say. Like what I've always said "if I didn't live it , I'd find it hard to believe."

Harris: Since I didn't hear the individual testimony for that five minutes, what did you tell. Just that you were in charge of PROJECT MOON DUST. Is that what you told?

Stone: About my first recovery and the situation where we helped one escape.

Harris: Oh, I did not even know about that. Is that written somewhere?

Stone: I don't think it is written anywhere but I hope that hopefully they will put it out.

Harris: When you said you helped one escape, you are saying that you helped an ET escape. Is that a long time ago?

Stone: This was in 1969

Harris: So was this part of the Project Moon Dust operation?

Stone: It would have been part of what I was doing. Yes, but I can't go into it right now.

Harris: No. I don't want you to but I did not know any of this.

Stone: I am trying to tell more but it is like when I told that, I get physically and emotionally strained. I told Dr. Greer, "I gotta leave, I can't stay here. I gotta go out!"

Harris: He understood though.

Stone: He understands

Harris: The media said Dr. Greer asked older people. They said "gray haired men". Was there mostly older people there?

Stone: Mostly. Ya gotta understand. There wasn't a whole lot of younger people. Larry Warren was there. He is 40. I am 52.

Harris: I don't know the other people .I heard Filer was there from Mufon. Is it George Filer?

Stone: One of the Colonels there said "we never did any of this other stuff." I said "well I can show it to you in writing I was there." Finally we decided there, what they did back then and what I did when I was 'in' was two different things. Well I will tell you a little secret , when I talked about my experiences about how we communicated.. It was only about five or ten minutes. I thought I'll try to get through this real quick..I won't break down...Well I broke down.

Harris: Well you are still emotional about it. Well it is coming out slowly and someone wants this to come out, right Clifford?

Stone: Well I think there are people that want this to come out but I don't know how to do it. I've always said. Don't punish those who have kept the secret. There was Positive free energy discussion. We have this technology that should be available to the peoples of the world. Focus forward with Charity toward all. Seek out the Truth so that we can go ahead and be doing those things that are right for the future. We will be able to build a more caring and loving future and the world can come together representing the planet EARTH, and not be divided representing various theocracies of this planet.


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