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Sunday, May 15, 2005




Years ago I made a chart of all recovered discs and bodies that I found in different reports and books. Many of them were from Leonard Stringfield's research on crashed discs. Unfortunately, I did not list the source which would be very helpful to know. Take it for what it is worth. All the incidences were verified at the time.

July 2, 1947 60 M. N.W. Roswell, N.M. 25 - 30' dia bodies

Heads round, large, no hair, eyes small, 1 piece clothing - grey, no zippers, belts or buttons. All males. 1 body seated at control panel, walls had writings, parchment, pieces were found with hieroglyphics. Sent to WPAFB (Wright Patterson Air Force Base)

? California Air Base 4 bodies

4 seats in front of a control panel which was covered with push buttons and tiny levers. Plastic sheets with symbols lay scattered on the control board and floor. 4 bodies still strapped to the seat were in front of panel. 2 - 4' tall, extremely thin, faces all white. Shiny black outfits, one piece without pockets, closely gathered at neck and feet. Shoes same material, appeared to be soft - not rigid. Hands humanlike though soft like those of children, complete with 5 digits, normal looking joints and neatly trimmed nails.

MAR. 48 12 mi. east of Aztec, N.M. 16 bodies

3 - 4' tall, elongated heads oversized, eyes slanted, clothing tight fitting - no insignia. Taken to WPAFB.

1948 Laredo, Tx #1 source 90 dia 1 body 4'6" no hair, hands with no thumbs
#2 source More than 2 bodies

3 - 4', light blue uniforms. Taken to WPAFB. One body wasn't dead, when they began to dissect the body discovered it was in suspended animation. No one knows what happened to that one.

1952 Edwards AFB, CA 50' dia Bodies 4'6" Taken to WPAFB

1952 Spitzbergen, Norway

Crashed UFO recovered by Norwegian military authorities.

1952 New Mexico 15 - 20' 3 bodies

Interior Control panel markings. Panel with simple levers and muted pastel colors. Photo was seen of the object by witness. Heads of aliens all looked alike. Small noses, mouths.

MAY 2,1953 Kingman, Arizona 30' dia 1 body
Dull silver like brushed aluminum

2 swivel seats, oval cabin, a lot of instruments and displays. 4' tall, dark brown complexion, 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears and small round mouth. Clothes in silvery metallic suit and wore a skull cap of same material.

1953 Arizona 5 bodies (4 male/1 female)

4' tall, heads larger in comparison to body, hairless and narrow, skin brown, eyes open, mouth small, most indistinct, wore tight fitting dark suits. 1 body alive when found - died after administering oxygen.

1953 New Mexico 2 discs 4 bodies

4'5" tall, slanted eyes, head larger, fingers longer than ours.

1953 100 M outside Johannesburg, S. Africa bodies

OCT 53 -MAY 54 Mattydale, N.Y. 20' dia x 15' tall

Uniformed military and ununiformed men were seen walking around downed craft. Object with phosphorescent lights spread over the surface. Taken away on trucks.

1953 Dutton, Montana Cigar shaped 2 bodies
object, 1/3 size of football field - silver. Belched smoke for 7-8 mins. Explosion then swooshing sound followed by balls of fire hitting the road as far as witness could see. 2 or 3 cars on road coming from opposite direction had exhausts shooting out flames.
Cataloger at WPAFB saw 2 dead bodies preserved in chemicals. 4 - 5' tall, heads large, eyes slanted. (Cataloger's sighting took place within this time frame.)

1955 England CrashedUFO small men under 4 ft

1957 4 bodies 5' tall

Heads larger than humans, silver suits not burned, aliens flesh burned and fuzed to suits.

1962 New Mexico 68' dia x 13' tall 2 bodies 42" high

1 piece suit, no buttons or zippers. Skin color grey/grey pink, head large, eyes larger than normal, nose small, no ear lobes, hole at each side of head with inner ear. Mouth small with thin lips. Taken to WPAFB.

Call to UFO Reporting Center 9-23-80 from a retired truck driver said that he was working for a truck line out of Denver in 1960 (could have been 1962). They got orders for a request for two trucks with at least 40' trailers to be sent to Aztec NM. The men that were driving were gone at least 10 days. There were rumors all over the company that they hauled some crashed space vehicle out of N.M. to ?. He enquired from all the bosses and only ran into a blank wall. Reported this call to L. Stringfield and he stated that he had found another military man who saw the bodies that they recovered from the N.M. crash. That makes 13 officers that he has received reports from.

1964 Fort Riley, KS 35 - 48' dia Craft landed on ground
Personnel and helicopters all around it. Witness did not see what happened to it.

1966 9 bodies

At WPAFB. "Dump File" or computer bank back up file (Master support) at WPAFB has UFO data dating back to 1948.

1966 5 crashes of UFOs 1 incident w/3 bodies 4' tall. Grey skin tone
occurred in Ohio, 1 incident of shooting
1968 Indiana & Kentucky at aliens by our military units.

1968 Nellis AFB, NEV Landed UFO

Col. and properly armed security detachment sent to greet craft. Stocky and short humanoid emerged and shot a beam of light at Col. and paralyzed him. Orders were given to fire but weapons mysteriously jammed. Col. recovered and was hospitalized. Only recall Col. had was that he could rationalize event in terms of mathematics as though an attempt at communications was made.

1973 Wright Patterson AFB, OH 3 bodies (had just arrived)

3' tall, heads large, short fuzz on top. Skin off white/cream color.

(During this time frame Mr. E. G. told me he had just returned from WPAFB where he had overheard an excited A.F. officer break into their meeting and tell the Colonel that "the jig is up, they know we have the bodies.") (1975)

NOV 11/75 Nauta, Peru 12'8" dia Crashed disc
strange metallic coating

MAY 76 Australia Crashed disc

Spring 1977 S.W. Rural Ohio landed disabled craft

Occupants engaged military unit dispateched to scene. Details are sketchy but suggests violence. 11 members of U.S. Military were killed or injured. No word of alien casualities. Spring of 77 military personnal carried into a certain area of WPAFB several litters with alien bodies from an undisclosed location.

August 1977 Mexico Crashed UFO

May 1978 Bolivia Crashed UFO

Alien craft are reported to be at Langley AFB and one at McDill AFB, FL. UFO secret operations were conducted in the 60s at Langley Avon Bombing Range (a part of McDill AFB near Sebring, FL) Seymour - Johnson, a Navy training center Norfolk, Virginia. At certain bases highly trained mobilized units were in a constant ready state for dispatch to any area to recover downed or crashed UFOs. (Called the "Blue Berets.")

We can imagine this list would be very long by this time since I made this list in 1980.


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