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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Hi My name is Chuck.

This happened to me when I was a small boy and I have never forgotten it. I'm also sure there's much I don't know to this day.

I grew up in Michigan and one day I was playing in the back yard with my older cousin Matt. My cousin Matt for some reason saw something in the back yard and shoved me to the ground. I was upset but I thought I should see what he was looking at. He was looking a little to the left of where we were on the ground and I started looking too!

And to the amazement of my little mind, I saw something I have never forgotten. A huge hairy monster shaking a large pine tree back and forth, like he was angry and was going to pull it out of the ground.

Not knowing what to do, I turned to my cousin and started to talk and he said shhhhh, I started again in a much lower voice, "Do you see something shaking the tree" and he interrupted and said, "yep," in his low voice. I breathed deep and watched this happening. We watched for maybe a couple of minutes, I would say. And I said "what do you want to do?" He said "we will get up slowly and crawl backwards and then get up and walk backwards and go to the house."

When we were in the house our parents said where have you guys been? Its been dark for hours, we went outside and yelled for you. We were about to call the police. We looked at them in scared amazement and said we were just playing in the backyard.

This all occurred in the afternoon that summer day. When I would mention this event to certain friends the hairs on my arms would stand up.

Matt and I didn't talk of this event for many years. I saw dear Matt again much later in life when we were both adults. I saw him at my grandmother's house. I was overwhelmed. I tried hard not to show it but I needed to ask Matt if he remembered seeing Bigfoot when we were kids. He said yes I do remember that. I felt so relieved.

Then I heard a voice say "he's going to die, he's going to be killed by a Mac truck." I pushed this aside in my mind. I wanted to share it but I couldn't. He introduced me to his son, and we chatted a little. Then we separated never to see each other again.

A few months later My Grandma sent my family a newspaper clipping about a strange death of a man mysteriously killed by a Mac truck. It was my cousin Matt.

I met Leneesa Garoutte' in Seattle, Washington, through Ted Loman who gave me her number. I had hypnosis from her and I decided to see if I remembered anything new about seeing Bigfoot when I was young.

I remembered looking up and there was this huge ship in the sky the size of the craft from the movie Independence Day but it was of a type totally different from the movie. It had lights all on the bottom and filled the sky as far as I could see.

Then I remembered I was on the ship. I saw Beings on either side of this hall and they all moved back and allowed me to pass as I walked down this long hallway. I remember the floor was like a thick red foam. As I was looking at these Beings, they stayed out of my way. I looked at them but cannot remember what they looked like, unfortunately, or gratefully. Then there was a Being showing me a room to the left. I walked to this room, looked in, he showed me a platform to lie down on. I came out of hypnosis at that point. That was the first time I had hypnosis to recover my lost time. Maybe implants happened in this room ??

Many thanks to Leneesa for her kindness and friendship through the years.



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