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Sunday, May 08, 2005



In 1991 I received several letters from a person purporting to be an alien. His words were combined so that two words meaning the same thing were made into one. These letters came from everywhere, even one was written "over the Ural's" in Russia.

In 1992 our organization held a convention in Cottonwood, Arizona. I was going to talk about the letters I received from "Tro". When I stood in front of the podium to begin speaking a hotel personnel walked up to me and handed a special delivery letter from Tro. The timing was uncanny! There are several letters that were significant. Over time I will share them with you. This first letter will give you an idea of the wordage and his thoughts.

I don't know if he was a real space person or not but it was certainly intriguing! I wish we would hear from him again.


Kissimmee, FL

Dear Leneesa:

After some-several meetings of the repras of the various participants in the plan being conducted on this world (which is, simplanation, to introduce your race to its larger family) we have conclusioned to establishate in a more marked manner.

While there are still many who are not readyceptive to our presence, we wish to upspeed our factuality to those who are. It is, however, our designed intention to allow some continuance of the speculation and uncertainty that has been a char'istic of our gradualation thus far. While some have wondered as to this methique, it is many-ways advisable overstead forcing a radchangerous realityization on the population. It has been my experience (and I am several times older than the oldest amony you) that our 50 year plan, with its unfolding progresstages, is psych'ally better for the people as they come to terms with the newception.

There is also the matter of the stability of your stockmarkets, banks, gov'ments, socialtutions, andcetra. These are highly valuable assets and, mostpart, will continue as such; their welbeing is high among our propercern. We sofore calcuplan an inchrement toward the eventualbe, which we envision as a friendly massceptance.

As a means to this end, we have decided to contacticate a portion of those who are of the open mind to us, proving our verifacity with such things as the pre-telling of dates for "sightings" activity. This will elicit the requisite credibility among the subject-focused, and allow the next level of communication to commence with earnest. Also, it is our planalysis, this foretelling "on the record" should lead to a ripple of attention in your mediastablishment, further broadbasing belief.

The first set of these dates is hereby set as August 6, September 1 and September 9 of this calendar. Look to the skies and accept in your hearts that the Peoples are as one. Do not be dissuaded by the stories that you hear of abuses by some portions of the arriveteam. Abuses there have been some, but more of misunderstandings. Much of what looks to be abusive is merely an emergency genetics program which is being conducted to save not only another species, but is as well insuring the continuation of your geneterial -- as a contingency to cataclysm. None of you realize how close and how often (and how still brinking) you as a race of husapiens have come to disaster: nuclear war, ecovironmental ruin (forsample, if the ozone layer gets much worse, you have sterility) that meteor we had to deflect a few years ago, and otherings not-to-mention.

There are reasons for the wordism I am herein of usage, some to do with what we can compromisingly stupe to while maintaining effectism. Also which, besides being slow to us, it has become hackneyed and dessicated by modern times misuse (commercial purveyment, politicism, etc.) and nearly bereft of natural impact. Also-add, in the times to come, you will easily know of whom you receive comq, for reason alone of the languistic style. This will protect you from joaxers.

Until I reach you again

Peace and protection

We had this letter notarized for authenticity. I contacted Charlie Brown, a local disc jockey on KUBE radio who was interested in UFOs, and he read this letter over the air on his morning program. He also came to our meeting and read it to the people attending. He felt that it was noteworthy to pay attention to the letter just in case it was authentic.


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