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Monday, May 09, 2005


Hi Leneesa,

What George Knapp couldn't say in the piece you posted (probablybecause he doesn't know) is that the "exotic" stuff has long been gone fromS4. When I was in Vegas, just before we met at my bookstore in '91, mybusiness partner told me something that her father, Capt. Cole, had told her a year or so before. Given his position, he was probably aware of a lot more, but kept most of it to himself. He had been a WWII fighter pilot, flying first for the English before the US got into the war. She said that he flew both Spitfires (the English standard "hot-rod" plane of the day) as well as American P-51 Mustangs for the R.A.F. [side bar here: I mentioned that to somebody one time on a UFO discussion board and was challenged in my veracity - if one thing I say is wrong, then everything else is, supposedly. The challenger's claim was that ONLY Spitfires were flown by the R.A.F., so what I said on the board was "wrong". I conceded that perhaps I'd misunderstood what my partner's father had told her, but that didn't make what her father said any less true. This guy was obviously a skeptic trying to paint me as a 'disinformation' agent, as his tone on the discussion toward anybody with claims of UFO sightings was pretty hostile. I later learned, while doing research on American pilots who flew for the R.A.F., that during the course of the war, there were indeed a few Mustangs which were "on loan" to the English R.A.F. and both the planes and American pilots were under British command. Just a little bit of info, in case anybody ever brings it up.]

After the war, he kept in touch with his buddies who remained in the ArmyAir Corps, as it was called back then. Apparently they kept him abreast ofthe more interesting things going on in the USAF - including the activities at Area 51 and S-4. After what happened with George Knapp and Bob Lazar on(KLAS TV?), the night-time visits by a curious public became so intrusive that it was decided to relocate the more "exotic" craft. So not long afterLazar's televised revelations, everything "they" didn't want the public to see was moved to New Mexico. Makes sense, since it's a bit more remote out there in the original testing area for nukes. The White Sands missile range is not open to the public at all - obviously for "safety" reasons - so people aren't as likely to go hiking around out there. There's probably a lot more restricted airspace out there that they can take advantage of, as well, since in Nevada they would have been sharing airspace with other, more"normal" aircraft testing. It's my guess that while there may be some testing of back-engineered craft and advanced fighter technology at A51, what people are seeing there isn't anything that came from another world. New Mexico is the place to go see that - if you can get close enough . .


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