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Sunday, July 31, 2005


By Lozanna Elwood

The following is a brief description of what transpired on the night of September 19, 1987. There was a general gathering of all participants who had written to Whitley Streiber, author of "Communion," within the 11... prefix of their zip codes. All persons shall remain anonymous.

We arrived early, and not knowing anyone or what to expect, we had a touch of trepidation. The first people we met were two professors who taught at Nassau College. One researched enigmatic phenomena, as well as geology and astronomy. The other was a geophysicist. Within a few minutes there was assembled about 15 people from all walks of life. We had two businessmen from Manhattan, a Production Manager in the Publishing field, two people from the military, as well as housewives and students. A good cross section of the population, I'd say.
The professor of enigmatic phenomenon told us about the time in 1982, when he had taken his class of about 20 students, up to the roof of the university for a session with their telescopes. What happened next nobody expected. One student mentioned that there was a star in the sky that was acting rather peculiar. The Professor focused his telescope on the "star." He saw a circle of flashing lights in rapid succession. He described it similar to the symbol of Mercedes-Benz, with each segment of the circle flashing independently of the other. One segment flashed white, the other red, and the third one green. They watched this for a period of half an hour when the object moved slowly 20 degrees to the South, then slowly moved back again. It was at this point when he asked another well respected astronomer to take a look at it. That's when this 20 year veteran said to the Professor, "I don't know what that is! You've really got something here!"

At this point in the evening, the second object, identical to the first, came zooming into view, quite close, with the same sequence of flashing lights. All in all they watched the objects for a period of one hour before they flew straight up and out of sight in a few seconds. When later questioned about the incident, the 20 year veteran had "no comment."

A woman from Long Island, we'll call Mona, told us about the time her and her sister were playing in a garden on an abandoned estate, when a chartreuse glow came slowly over head and landed in the garden they were playing in. It was 1952 and she was 12 years old, her little sister was still young enough to have a bedtime. It was light out when they went to play in the garden. When they saw this object land they clung together in mortal fear. That's when they were hit with a brilliant green light, for what seemed like an eternity. When the light went out, the object lifted up at a terrific rate of speed. They were so scared that they ran all the way home. Mona remembers her mother scolding her for keeping her little sister out so late -- past her bedtime! Interesting, since they had entered the garden when it was still light, and returned after dark. Mona doesn't remember being gone that long. A possibility of missing time certainly exists here.

Another lady, also from Long Island, told us about the time when her and her family were vacationing when she was six. They were staying at a bungalow on Long Island. Their porch faced a small island approximately two miles long. Between their bungalow and this island was a stretch of water about a mile wide. One evening, she was out on the porch facing this island, when a silvery light silently passed overhead and landed on that island. She got very excited and ran to tell her folks. Of course, her parents didn't believe her, and made light of the sighting. The next day, she had a burning desire to go to that island. Her folks tried to start the small outboard motorboat. After several unsuccessful tried they gave up and told her to forget it. She decided that she would swim out there. She got as far as the swimming float. She saw a brilliant green glow coming from under the float. Thinking this could be fun, she dives under the float. She remembers the sensation of fish swimming around her legs. When she came out from under the dock, her mother, very worried asks her where she's been all day? Innocently, she replies, "Under the dock." Her mother couldn't believe that she could be under the dock ALL DAY. The next evening, the whole family is out on the porch taking the air and enjoying the summer evening. All of a sudden, a bright light lifts up from the little island and flies over all of their heads.

Her recollection of this story brought to my mind the time in 1962 when my mother and father and older sister and I went out into the northeastern Oregon desert to watch the sunset. My father had just purchased a new convertible, and we took the opportunity to put the top down and go for an evening skywatch. We pulled off the road at a vantage point that looked over a valley to some small hills. The sun was just going down and the sky was a beautiful shade of gold. We then saw moving slowly from right to left, a fireball with a long wavy tail. It was the size of a quarter at arms length, and a brilliant orange in color. I hadn't thought of that in all these years.

We all listened with fascination as a woman we'll call Eve, told about her experience. She lived alone in a small apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey. Her neighborhood is a fairly quiet one. She remembers going downstairs in a half dream state and opening the door. This is something NOBODY does in the metropolitan area, especially in the dead of night. She then went upstairs and was followed by several small shadowy shapes. She laid down on the bed and they surrounded her. She had the sensation of being examined. When she woke up, she had the nagging feeling that something extraordinary had happened. She also felt exhausted, and was left with an unexplainable fear of being alone and of the dark, two things that had never bothered her before. Eve had an earlier experience in Texas when she was younger. Her and her brother were driving home late one night from Amarillo to Houston, when a rectangular craft with luminous lights swished overhead at an incredible rate of speed. It was only about 10 feet above their car. Eve had no memory of pulling off the road when they saw this. Upon questioning her brother about the incident, he remarked, "Sure I remember! Don't you remember me yelling at you for pulling off the road and getting the car all muddy?" Now my question, if she doesn't remember pulling off the road, what else doesn't she remember?
The last and most sensational story we heard was from a woman we'll call Ester. She had an encounter with a small white being in her bedroom that poked her in the stomach, waking her up out of a sound sleep. When she "woke up," she found herself looking at her inert body on the bed next to her husband. The next thing she remembers is being on her back outside in a parking lot with trees all around. She doesn't remember seeing the being next to her, but she had the feeling and sensation of pulsating, and thought the sound of a helicopter was very near. This didn't last very long. The next thing she remembers is being back in her bedroom. She was being held in a position that was rather uncomfortable. She had her arms across her chest, and her wrist bone was digging into her rib cage. She had the knowledge that she was being measured for something. When she came to, she was in pain from being held in this position. Ester was called by a name she has long quit using. They called her by her childhood name.
I think the evidence speaks for itself. This is a very widespread and enigmatic occurrence that is happening to our species. When will the world be privileged enough to know the real answer behind these "studies?" What is the common thread between those selected?

I honestly think that our species is too barbaric to understand the truth. If a UFO landed and tried to tell us enmass what their secret is someone would probably try to shoot at them. No wonder they are reluctant to see us in space.


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