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Thursday, July 07, 2005


While speaking, Desmond tended to jump between past and present tense, indicating that sometimes he was "remembering" what previously occurred while also partially reliving the events. The initial portion of each regression consisted of Desmond's describing the lights that paralyzed him and made him black out. I would remind him that while his conscious mind blacked out, his unconscious recalled everything that happened that night. I would tell him that I was talking directly to his unconscious mind. Desmond would invariably recall his "flight" to the UFO (?), a flight he did not observe because he kept his eyes closed during the transport.

Sammy - S Rogo - R

S - My whole body started tingling and I just felt like I wasn't laying on the floor anymore.
R - Where are you?
S - I'm in the air, I'm sort of floating or something.
R - Are you outside?
S - I'm surrounded by them.. the light things and they're sort of lifting me up and I wasn't looking or something, but then I was outside and it was night time. Before I went to bed it was 2:00 or 2:30 and then all of a sudden I'm going into the air and it's dark and cold and I'm rising very fast and my stomach feels like I'm going to throw up or something. I'm afraid to look. I peeked. I opened my eyes, and my eyes couldn't move. I couldn't scream because nothing would come out. I tried to scream a lot and then I was just going up and up and up.
R - Could you see where you were going?
S - I didn't look.

During the first session Desmond did say that, when he peeked, he could see land beneath him. But he never thought to look where he was going.

His next recollection concerned an examination of sorts to which he was subjected. He found himself inside a round white room with no sharp, distinguishing corners. He was positioned on a table located in the middle of the room.

Lights projected from the walls, which seemed to be composed of panels. A large light was shining in his face and several figures surrounded him. He could see them only in silhouette.

S - I'm laying on the table or this little gurney, hospital type skinny table.
R - And there's a light above you?
S - I'm in the middle of the small room... and there's like six, seven, maybe eight people looking down at me.
R - What did they look like?
S - They look small-boned and little. They're medium sized, 4 1/2 or five feet tall. They weren't real little, but they weren't big. They had bald, pointy-type heads.
R - What do you mean "pointy-type heads?"
S - They weren't...their heads weren't oval. They weren't like us round. They were more egg-shaped or something and I could see they were all baldheaded.

It then became clear that the humanoids were examining their subject. The figures were carrying implements or clamps in their hands and they were poking him. Desmond found the procedure unpleasant. The creatures placed a round, brown and rubbery object.. something like a weight -- on his upper chest. A silver bar protruded from its side. Desmond could not figure out the reason for the procedure, but the weight felt warm and made him feel calmer. He could also hear radiolike static in the background.

Although the beings did not communicate with him they did "talk" among themselves. Desmond's description of this episode is similar to those given by other UFO abductees:

S - They're talking to (among) themselves.
R - What does it sound like?
S - It sounds like mumbled-up words. I can hear radio static in the background.

The most fascinating aspect of the abduction came next, when a syringe was inserted into Desmond's navel. The procedure seemed to interlink with Desmond's watching a screen to his side, upon which images could be projected.

S - They were doing something and I kind of looked up and I noticed they were putting a needle in my stomach, navel.
R - Can you describe the needle for me?
S - It was really long, maybe two feet long.
R - How thick?
S - It looked too fat to put into me and as it went in I started to panic.
R - Where did they insert it?
S - Right into my navel... and I started panicking and they look my way and say something like, this is how it sounded in English, "Calm down, it's all right. It's not going to hurt, calm down."
R - Did they say that to you?
S - Yeah. They did... in English... I understood it. They said, "Calm down, it's okay, it won't hurt." And it didn't. It just felt like pressure. It didn't hurt at all.

Or course, the most extraordinary aspect of this part of the examination is the way it parallels the famous abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. Betty Hill, too, panicked when she saw that a needle was being inserted into her abdomen. She actually experienced the pain, but her captors immediately removed the discomfort by touching her forehead. Since that time Budd Hopkins has uncovered recent cases in which tubes or syringes were inserted into the abdomens of female UFO abductees. Desmond's parallel experience is even more remarkable since he knows nothing of UFOs or the UFO abduction syndrome. To the best of my knowledge and in response to a specific inquiry, he did not see the TV movie version of John Fuller's The Interrupted Journey. I next asked Desmond what happened while the beings inserted the needle--i.e., what else was taking place in the room:

S - I'm looking at it (the needle) and at first I didn't want to look and I looked away because it looked like it was going to hurt bad. And I looked away, sort of turned my head a little bit, my eyes to the left of the room and it looked like me on TV.
R - What did you see when you watched it?
S - Just me, naked, laying there in bed. I didn't want to look. I'm not sure what was happening in it. I think I know, but I don't want to talk about it.
R - Why don't you just tell me?
S - I don't really want to talk about it. So I looked away and I looked up at the needle and there's a liquid, a clear container of liquid going in and it was going in a lot.. of liquid like dark colored.
R - Do they tell you why they're doing this?
S - I didn't ask them. I was too nervous. I don't think that I said anything. I just sort of laid there. I couldn't move.

I feel this is the most interesting part of the case. All through the sessions Desmond was reluctant to describe what he saw projected onto the screen. He was more willing to describe this part of his ordeal during casual conversation with me. The projected images portrayed Desmond engaged in a series of sexual encounters which he thought he recognized from his past. He would not elaborate because he found the subject too embarrassing to discuss with me. Even though I now of no exact parallel in the literature, Desmond's experience does generally match similar accounts in UFO abduction reports. Some subjects have reported watching images projected onto screens though the meaning of these experiences remains unexplained.

Desmond's description of the liquid injected into his abdomen is also interesting. It is clear from the three regressions that the container of fluid was placed at the top of the syringe and that the liquid flowed down the tube into his navel. This description is consistent with the cases collected by Hopkins, where several female subjects reported similar ordeals. Often they simultaneously felt pressure inside their bodies.

The aliens continued examining Desmond with their clamps after the syringe procedure ended. When they found a small bruise by the base of his groin, they tilted the table -- with Desmond still stuck to it -- and immersed the lower portion of his body into a tub of bubbling water. (This memory emerged during the third regression and played no role in the earlier two sessions. It was the only new material to emerge during the three sessions.)

This part of the abduction probably related to the recurring dream Desmond reported to me. In it he found himself partially immersed in water in a factory like room. Earlier, during out talks together, he tended to link this dream with his time lapse. (There was no reference to a red jumpsuit, however.) Most of the beings then apparently left, and Desmond was kept in check by two of the creatures, who told their subject that he could leave. They took their charge from the table and escorted him to a door. This was his first opportunity to get a good look at his captors.

R - Who took you out of the room?
S - The people walked me out.
R - Could you describe the people you were with?
S - I could see half their faces.
R - What did they look like?
S - I couldn't see... they're flat-faced. They had flat faces.
R - Are these the same beings that were with you around the table?
S - YeahR - They are?
S - Yeah
R - Tell me what you can see of them.
S - The have like white, like jacket-type -- lake an outfit. Like a... sort of like a hospital (uniform). I don't know... it was like a uniform.
R - What did their faces look like?
S - I could just see a side view. They had flat faces and long heads. Bald heads. They were wearing.. they were all covered up in this light uniform thing.
R - Okay, what happened next?
S - (Ignoring my question and continuing.): They had hardly no nose.
R - No nose?
S - Hardly no nose. I couldn't see... their profile is very, was very flat.

When he continued, Desmond said two different beings were waiting for him by the door. They bore a suspicious likeness to the fog-being he saw in childhood by his bed.

S - There are two other "things" that were different. They looked like they were just white fog.
R - Can you describe them in more detail?
S - Yeah. They looked just like they had heads and two arms and chests and legs, I think. And they were just all solid fog.

The parallels between this event and Desmond's childhood encounter could suggest that he experienced an earlier abduction. Hopkins has found evidence for this pattern in some of his cases, while a similar discovery was made by Rayomond Fowler during his follow-up investigation of the Betty Andreasson case. I conducted a brief hypnotic probe into this possibility during the second regression session, but the inquiry was not productive. Desmond did not spontaneously recall any such childhood kidnapping. I did not explore further since any specific questions from me regarding such an incident could have caused him to confabulate.

These fog-beings took their captive into the adjoining chamber. It looked like a huge room with metallic floors which, oddly enough, were transparent. Desmond could see that his environment consisted of several stories, which caused him some anxiety since he suffers from a fear of heights. He began to run away from the beings but stopped when he realized he had nowhere to hide.

The two fog-beings approached him and Desmond was escorted back to his house. The subject recalled no specific memories of leaving the alien environment, only that he suddenly felt calmer when the beings stood to each side of him. He suddenly found himself flying back to his house, surrounded by twinkling lights -- i.e., the same lights that originally abducted him. He could see himself approaching the house. The back door was still open but Desmond apparently entered the house by teleporting directly through the ceiling or walls. This sort of matter-through-matter transportation will probably not strike UFOlogists as unusual; other abductees have reported it. It played a role in the Betty Andreasson case and in the Sarah Shaw case which I helped investigate.

Desmond next recalled hearing three loud metallic clanks and seeing a strange light dart through the back door and on into the sky. He feels that the sounds were a method used by his captors to bring him back to consciousness.

This case was taken from our magazine, The Missing Link, and was investigated and written up by D. Scott Rogo - now deceased.
Remarks by Leneesa: The above case is full of examples of anomalies we have found in our own cases in the past. Although this case refers to Hopkins ad infinitum for example, the UFOCCI found in 1978 evidence of sexual manipulation of the witness. At that time we tried to alert the "scientific" community that genetic manipulation was taking place. They did not want to hear it and scoffed at such an idea. The occurrences in this case have been observed over and over again in persons who have undergone hypnotic regression with the UFOCCI.

In Helene Charbonneau's case a vile of purple liquid was inserted into her navel, emptied, and withhdrew vile looking blood. We have many cases of needles inserted into navels, most all were women.

The person who regressed Herbert Schirmer (who was with us at the beginning of the UFOCCI), as far as we have been able to ascertain was not Thelma Moss. It was Dr. James Harder and Dr. Leo Sprinkle. It was during Dr. Harder's regression session for the Feds, that Herb was subjected to inhumane treatment by being forced to keep his arm in the air seven hours straight and pins were constantly stuck into him to determine if he truly was in hypnosis. After many hours of this a voice came right through him and said "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" At that they stopped.


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