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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Desmond has experienced sporadic encounters with odd lights in his room since that time. These encounters have even occurred in other residences where he sometimes spends the nights, and in the apartments where he has lived since his mother sold the family's Reseda property. These lights have sometimes thrown him down physically and left burn marks on his body or a thick substance in his hair.

When Desmond first called me, he wanted to know whether he could be hypnotized to remember what occurred during his time lapse. I subsequently interviewed him thoroughly with regard to his experiences and formally tape recorded them in February. I was surprised to learn that Desmond did not particularly link his experiences to UFOs or to a possible UFO abduction. He favored no particular theory about the nature of his experiences, considering the entire range of incidents more demonic than anything else.

I refrained from raising the possibility of a UFO connection because I did not want to bias what might emerge should regression work be successful. I did, however, ask him whether he experienced any unusual dreams shortly after the time laps episode. Desmond described a recurrent dream of finding himself half submerged in water up to his waist. He was wearing a red jump suit and was in a factory like building. The dreams were so unlike any other of his reveries that they were immediately impressed into his permanent memory.

Even though I have used hypnosis in the past to help UFO witnesses reconstruct time-lapse episodes I decided not to work directly with Desmond. Since he seemed to exhibit some fear when describing his experiences I felt it best to recruit a professional psychologist to conduct the first session. I feared that any surfacing memories could be unpleasant or even traumatic for the subject, and it would be best for a professional clinician to handle them. I contacted Dr. Thelma Moss, a former UCLA psychologist who employs hypnosis in her private practice. I did not tell her that I suspected we were dealing with a possible UFO abduction case. Dr. Moss knew only that we were dealing with a person who wished to recall some lost memories, ostensibly caused by psychological trauma.

The first of four regressions took place at Dr. Moss' residence on Monday, April 7, in the late afternoon and early evening. Despite my warnings to Desmond not to give much information to Dr. Moss regarding his many paranormal experiences, the subject ignored my request and told her most of the story summarized in the previous section. This information could easily have cued Dr. Moss to the possibility that we were dealing with a UFO abduction case, since she is familiar with the phenomenon. (Several years previously, Dr. Moss worked briefly with Herbert Schirmer to help him explore his classic UFO abduction.) This session with Dr. Moss was exploratory in nature since neither she nor I knew whether Desmond would even respond to hynotic regression. During their pre-session interview (in which I participated), the subject did say that -- in his opinion--something might have been placed in his abdomen or perhaps withdrawn during the encounter. But he refused to speculate further about his unusual experience.

Dr. Moss did not conduct a formal regression with Desmond but merely helped him to relive his conscious recollections of the incident and explored his psychological reactions to it. She allowed any previously unacknowledged memories to surface spontaneously without specific prompting. Desmond did recollect several previously repressed episodes during the time lapse. He remembered (1) being in a strange room where he was poked unpleasantly, (2) feeling a pressure over his upper chest, (3) seeing a bright light illuminating him while he was lying upon a narrow gurney, and (4) perceiving several silhouetted beings standing around him. These memories did not surface systematically, but emerged (from time to time) during the course of a 45 minute session.

While it was clear that Desmond was recalling something resembling a UFO abduction, the actual scenario for the time lapse was not completely revealed. Desmond even complained during the session that his surfacing memories and impressions made little sense to him.
I was, on the other hand, concerned because of some of the potentially "leading" lines of inquiry Dr. Moss introduced during the session. She specifically mentioned UFOs to the subject, who still claimed no bias toward that idea when I spoke with him later that evening.

Since it was apparent that Desmond's gradually emerging memories were causing him no particular discomfort, Dr. Moss did not think it unwise for me to continue with the hypnotic explorations personally. This turned out to be a cogent suggestion since, as I drove Desmond back to his residence, he provided me with more information about the session -- information he had been too embarrassed to report to the female psychologist. He related that the silhouetted beings he saw seemed particularly interested in his genitals. He also glimpsed the object which had purportedly produced the mark in his abdomen. It seemed to be a long, two-foot metal syringe, which he saw being angularly inserted into his abdomen.

Because of these revelations, I felt that his experiences probably entailed a classic UFO abduction case, since they incorporated a number of features common to such events. I did not, however, reveal my suspicions to him. I was still hoping that clues pointing in that direction would emerge spontaneously during a further regression session, and decided to set tentative plans for me to continue with the hypnosis.

We finally set the date for May 6, after Desmond canceled two previous sessions for personal and professional reasons. But even before that date, he phoned me several times to say that more of his time lapse memories had surfaced. He intuitively felt that nothing had been taken from his abdomen, but that something had been injected into him. He thought it was a dark liquid, enclosed in a tube hooked to the syringe he previously saw and reported to me. He also kept getting mental images of standing outside his parents' home and zooming upwards to a room, where he was partially immersed in water. Later he told me that during the time lapse, he felt he was forced to watch himself on a TV-like screen engaged in sexual activity.

In due course I regressed Desmond three times, the sessions taking place on May 6 and 18 and June 9. During each of these sessions, conducted at the subject's apartment in Los Angeles, Desmond recalled almost the same exact sequence of events relating to this time lapse, with one single exception which will be noted later. He did not elaborate upon his experiences during the successive sessions and his "scenario" was consistent with the information that had previously emerged. I employed the exact same procedure for each session by hypnotizing Desmond and asking him to return to the night of the time lapse. This regression was implemented by having the subject visualize a calendar and tearing off the pages backwards until he reached the fateful night. I instructed him further to signal me by finger motion when the regression was properly instated.

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