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Saturday, August 06, 2005


As far as his personal appearance, I cannot know. I am supposed to have seen him many years ago when I was taken aboard a UFO, but I do not remember this consciously, and even under hypnosis I cannot visualize him.

Once in the earlier days when I was still completely uncertain about Hweig I said, "I wish you were really real so I could call you up on the telephone and talk to you."

He about bounced me out of my chair laughing, "How could you possibly talk to me any better than you are right now?"

"You would seem more real. This is too much like talking to myself." I explained.

So Hweig declares he is a very real person, physically human, totally dissociated from me, and that someday we will meet. Someday. Somewhere.

He describes himself as having dark blond hair, eyes "as blue as the skies," and like the Mayan gods of old he has four digits on each hand.

Hweig never becomes overtly angry or yells at me. Except once. He was trying to tell me something important to him, and just to tease I kept talking, talking, talking until he yelled, "Ida, shut up!" Have you ever had anyone yell at you inside of our own head? Of course he apologized later, but I told him I had yelled "shut up" at him so many times he could have that one for free.

One troubling question: How does he impel me to do certain things without speaking to me? Only afterward do I suspect he has somehow impelled the action.

Sometimes I will walk to a window and stand looking out, or I will go out on the deck, then suddenly realize where I am, and think, "What am I doing here? I'm supposed to be washing the dishes."

"You are getting a shot of energy," says Hweig, but he will not explain further.

How does he inveigle me, without speaking, to be in a certain place at a certain time for something unexpected and usually wonderful to happen?

Once, one of his colleagues said one morning, "We have planned a nice surprise for you today. We hope you will be pleased."

After several very improbably coincidences I ran into friends I had not seen since the Laramie conference in 1980. They were just as startled as I was. They had not planned on being in that area at all that day.

I no longer wonder overmuch who Hweig really is. What difference does it make? What matters is the fact, that whoever he is, he is unmistakably here and influencing my life in minute detail, obviously guiding me toward a particular task he--or they--want me to accomplish.
Or has it already been accomplished? The years with Hweig have been a period of self-development. I am much more self confident, more outgoing, more interested in a wider area of world problems. Perhaps this is my term paper, to bring to those who read the revelation of what it is like to have one's mind and life so invaded.

Somewhere along the line Hweig told me that he and his two colleagues, Amorto and Jamie, who also speak to me frequently, were members of a vast organization dedicated to the task of keeping mind control from becoming a fact right here on earth. He asked if I would be willing to become a member of the crusade and I said I would. Perhaps that is the reason I have been so relentlessly invaded by them, to reveal what can be done with a combination of technological and psychological and psychic powers. I AM THE AWFUL EXAMPLE!

Is it because the UFO personalities plan further invasions of this kind? Probably, though they have innumerable invasions of like kind and degree already under way. Or is it because such invasions as these are fast becoming possible from others--perhaps from our own planetary sources?

Would an invasion from earth forces be handled with the same moral and ethical responsibility and codes of dignity that the UFO mind invasion has?

I have questioned Hweig about his ability to prophesy.

He said, "By probabilities only. I am NOT, I repeat, NOT superhuman. I can do only what you could do if you had an equal reservoir of information to draw from. We prophesy only by balancing potentials, by probabilities. Even so, we can be wrong, some things are not wholly predictable.

So many times I have been asked, "Why don't they give you something useful, like a cure for cancer?"

Hweig answers this, "What would you do, Ida, with such information? If I tell you how to build and fly a UFO what could you do with that information? Would anyone listen to you on that subject? Do you have the capital and the knowledge to do the job yourself? I give you the information you can use. Those who can receive and use technological and scientific help ARE RECEIVING IT, though they may not have a live-in companion as you do. They receive in the manner in which they are able to, and given the information they are able to use.

I ask Hweig, "Why is there this influx of extraordinary help at this particular time? Why now?"
Hweig's answer: "At this time Mankind stands in the dead center of the crossroads of human endeavor. I do not mean anything so simplistic as a single crossroad, but a convergence of many, many roads, each seductive in itself. A compromise must be made and maintained if world civilizations are to endure. The compromise must react onto many levels of human activity. World government leaders are struggling to find compromises on a political level, but the everyday people of the world must find their own ways of compromise on an individual level, such as levels of personal beliefs, religious as well as many other kinds. The metaphysical cores, not the history, of all religions should be studied and the psychological needs that shaped those beliefs. Only on that level can compromise be found, and until it is the fires and fervor of war will continue to brutalize the human race.

That was the only commitment Hweig would make relative to religion. "We are not here to tamper with your beliefs," he said. "Only to find a compromise and understanding among them all, to find a set of humanistic values that all can tolerate and refer to.

Often he has warned me, "Do not let any information we give you become the basis for a cult or a religion. No cults! No religions!

I asked Hweig, "Why has all of this come into focus right at this time?"

"For the first time in the course of this round of civilization World-Wide communication has brought all the differences of belief and activities into a coherent area of observation. Patiently many individual researchers in many lines have been digging into their specific studies. With the advent of computer technology all of those separate researches can now be brought under one roof, so to speak. They can be analyzed and studies on a comparative basis. Religion, for example, must be compared to mathematics. Does that sound silly? It is salvation! Archeology must be studied in relation to electromagnetic waves. Only with computers can such comparative studies be adequately carried out. And they will be. This is the direction in which you are being guided, all contactees are, and in the sharing and comparing of information which can then become a common basis of understanding."

Another direct question, "Am I being mind controlled?"

Hweig's answer. "Only to the extent necessary to impel you into those studies and activities that will further our purpose, to have you gain information to share and compare with others. This in turn will further your own purpose to contribute to the health and continuance of your own civilization."

I ask, "Who gives you the right to thus invade my privacy, my mind?"

"You do," he said, "by the fervor of your desire to help your own people. You asked to be guided to a way to be of use, of help. This is a response to your own request. You put it into words and we answered. How else do you expect it could happen?"

I assume he is telling me no one is going to perform a miracle for us. If we want to save or help our civilization we are going to have to bestir ourselves to the task. We will have guidance, and information will be brought to our attention the action--or inaction--is ours alone.

The first necessary action is data analysis and comparison. The compiling is already done. Every contactee is a gold mine of source material. we must learn how to extract and use it.
We outline these needs by asking, "Who, where, what, how and why?"

First, Who? That would be trained workers, scientists, students competent to obtain and utilize information.

Second, where? In a research center with adequate facilities.

Third, What? To study contactees who are willing to divulge their information and to be studied themselves in their interaction with the UFO connection.

Fourth, How? By devising a data code comprehensive enough to cover ALL of the forthcoming material. This can be modified and extended as the work continues.

Fifth, Why: To define specific plans of action, the manner and means of using that material once the information is obtained.

Another question I ask Hweig: "Why is all this information given to us in this peculiar fashion? Why all the mystery and camouflage?"

His answer: "UFO personalities and their activities are only one fashion in which information is being given. The UFO personalities can handle the type that leads to psychical research and psychological research through scientific disciplines. Technological, medical, and other scientific information and help is being disseminated by other means."

I know that all over the world there are others who are experiencing the same phenomena as I, a constant telepathic contact with other entities all of who claim to be of the UFO fraternity. Although they may introduce themselves as several varieties of beings, they are all UFO connected.

It is my belief we are the vanguard of an experiment that will, in the future, be expanded to hundreds and thousands more of earth's inhabitants.

It is important, therefore, that we begin to compare notes on these very personal experiences and to try to discover that big important question, "Where is all of this leading us?"

This is a far more profitable question than, "Are UFOs going to invade earth at some future date?"

We are already invaded. The UFO personalities are already here, in our minds in these telepathic contacts.

While others tell us we are crazy, or fooled by our own subconscious, or experiencing a split personality, or some other aberration, the UFO people are blithely taking advantage of all this time to dig in and establish their territory in our minds.

There are tremendously ticklish questions here to be answered, but without profound research, such questions cannot be answered.

While we older folk have been the experimental, the trial and error stage, of the UFO mind invasion, our young people will be next. With their thinking power numbed by constant frenetic entertainment's, aided and abetted for some by alcohol or drugs, their minds could become so benumbed, bemused, and bewildered that any invasion of mind, alien or earthian, would be a cinch.

There comes a time when one individual and his immediate associates cannot provide all the capital and energy and facilities needed to conduct and complete complicated and adequate studies.

It takes the backing and cooperation and support of those willing and able to devote their assets, both monetary and intellectual, to the task.

Believe me, our world governments are not without some recognition of the problem, but they do not go to the source of the information they need, the contactees, and the contactees' contactors. This is where the concepts and ideas and beliefs are being entrenched that will ultimately expose the meaning and the purpose of the whole UFO event.

Fellow contactees, I salute you! You are more important than you think!(Copyright by Ida M. Kannenberg)


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