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Monday, August 01, 2005


Don't forget to watch the History Channel tonight and see Bill Hamilton on the program about UFOs.

This is a case I debated about putting on the blog. I have found more than one person being treated like Pepper Rogers, therefore, I felt it was important to tell you about these negative beings. We have found no defense of them.

Taken from notes byLeneesa Garoutte'

On September 20, 2004, Leneesa received a e-mail from a man named Pepper Rogers in Galveston, Texas. He had found her e-mail address, phone number and street address on the web. He tried continually to call on the phone but the area code had been changed and he could not reach her. When he had reached the end of his endurance and was deciding whether to check out on his life he reached her. This is the first message from Pepper Rogers to Leneesa.

My name is Pepper Rogers. In 1992 I had an abduction experience. Over the last 12 years I have had many more experiences, most of them were of an abusive nature on the part of the abductors. During the last four months the abuse has become so bad that it has hurt me physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you can please refer me to an abduction support group whom I may make contact with, I would be most grateful. I am willing to relocate in order to find the help I so desperately need.

Leneesa immediately wrote back to Pepper hoping she could help him in some way. She had many questions for him and over a period of time what he was experiencing emerged.
Pepper said that the abuse he was experiencing on a nightly basis was going to drive him from the area. Later he told Leneesa that Galveston was full of these aliens masquerading as humans. He told of a "front" they use called Irish Investments. He said that the police, hospitals, businessmen are made up of these people. He felt the only way to retain his sanity was to leave the mainland because all of North America was full of them.

In 1992 Pepper was attending an art exhibit in Galveston. While he was there he noticed a man dressed in a black suit observing him. He approached Pepper from across the room and asked him what he thought of the exhibit. He replied that he thought little of it because it had a modern art theme and he could not understand what the artists were trying to convey. The man just said that he agreed and then Pepper left.

Later that night as he was using a public telephone two men dressed in brown suits approached Pepper and said that they were government agents. They then manhandled him and placed him into a black limousine that was parked nearby. This occurred at night in downtown Galveston.
Once he was inside the limo there in front of him was the man dressed in the black suit that he had spoken to earlier at the art exhibit. He asked me two times, "Who are you?" Both times he responded that I am Pepper Rogers. He didn't appear to like his answer and one of the men dressed in brown (one was sitting on each side of Pepper) pulled out a little device and pointed it at him and he was rendered unconscious.

When he regained consciousness he was in what appeared to be an aircraft hanger, and there in front of him was what looked to be a classic saucer shaped UFO. There were other people there who were working on the ship who he took to be the maintenance crew.

You must understand that all the people (and he uses the term people very loosely when he talks about these beings) present appeared to be human for all intents and purposes. The maintenance crew backed away from the ship and appeared to start to conduct some kind of test on it. He heard a high pitched whining sound and for some strange reason he started to approach the ship.

Two of the maintenance crew tried to stop me but the man whom I came into contact with earlier said to let me go. I then heard someone say that he has been exposed to "the field".
Since that first contact I have been abducted many times. During the last five months I have been abducted on a nightly basis. Since I have learned that their intentions are malevolent I started to resist them. As a response they have hurt me in so many ways physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They have beaten me, raped me and forcibly taken my blood. They have insulted me and threatened to kill me.

Pepper learned that these aliens are from a parallel dimension that touches ours. They are from a dimension that is separate from ours but somehow co-mingles with ours. They call it the "home world" and they are called the Wakai. There is a faction that they are at war with in their dimension called the Jakol. From what Pepper learned is they go from world to world taking the energy from "souls." They use this energy to make themselves stronger. Leneesa wondered if when he entered "the field" if this made his energy stronger and harder for them to deal with him. Of course there was no way to know the answer to that!

Leneesa asked what they really look like. "Once after the first abduction incident, I was at home. It was about 2 a.m. A young man approached my door. I had left it open, only the screen door was shut. I realized that he was one of them. He smiled and said someone wanted to talk to me. We then went outside to a car (a Chevy Impala). There was a man on the driver side, he was dressed in a suit.

"We then drove to Pelican Island which is a small island located off Galveston. I asked him why we were there. He then replied that they had a landing site there and to look up. Then a ship appeared out of nowhere. It had a ghostly white glow. The ship landed and the occupants started to depart. They all looked quite human. For some unknown reason I felt a hostility (if that is the correct word to use, for I really don't know what I felt) toward them. I jumped out at one and started to call them deceivers. The one I jumped at, I scratched on the face. The spot on his face I scratched was torn and then I realized that the skin of his human face was just a facade. I could see that what was now visible was not human skin but something different. It appeared to be dark in complexion, and also wrinkled in nature. The one I scratched was about to attack me, but the man in the suit stopped him. The departing occupants were "new arrivals." The facade they use to conceal their real appearance when they first arrive here, and are living among us -- it is not their bodies that they inhabit when they live among us, but as insane as it sounds, they are inhabiting human bodies. Where they get them (human bodies) I don't know. They have infiltrated all aspects of human society."

On another abduction experience I saw their true appearance. They have human features such as arms, legs, etc., but their skin is dark and wrinkly, no hair and their eyes are not big but not human either. Some of them are tall.

I know there is a spiritual connection with many UFO abduction cases. I know this because of what I have experienced. I know this because that is one of the things they are trying to destroy, my spirit. We all have spirits, and the spirit is composed of this unknown energy. In some this energy is strong and they worry about those that do possess a strong spirit.

The method the Wakai used to enter his apartment was by elevating their frequencies and coming right through the wall. They are able to pass through solid objects such as walls, doors, etc. They do this by frequency. Their frequencies are higher than the frequency of the solid objects of which they wish to pass through. They always used the same area to come through. But then again, he has learned that they cannot pass through solid objects composed of a dense material. Lead is an example, and they have trouble trying to pass through aluminum. They also have the ability to lower their frequency in order to "materialize" wherever they want. Sometimes they come into the apartment while invisible to the human eye. This is because of the high frequency state they are in. When this occurs you will notice your lights flicker once for no explainable reason and you may also feel a presence.

One day he had a bar of steel that had been magnetized standing against the wall in the corner of the room. One of them wanted to look at it. When he touched it he screamed and disappeared. Slowly he regained his form. He said that is dangerous and you should get rid of it. Pepper was elated that he had found something that would stop them. So he put it across the part of the wall where they would come through. He heard one scream when he hit it.

Pepper took to wearing magnets all over his body 24 hours a day. What happened is that somehow the magnetic field co-mingled with my energy field and they exploited this. They used my energy which was contaminated with the magnetic field to somehow transfer (my contaminated energy field) to them in order to make themselves immune to what once was one of their vulnerabilities. How were they able to take me when I carried magnets on my person? They used "suits" for that is what they called them in order to break through the protective magnetic field. When I told you that they were using me to make themselves more powerful, that was one of the ways they used my energy to do just that. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth. They know what I am doing 24 hours a day. They know where I am and what I am doing right now.

He said that there is a relationship between them and magnetism, electromagnetism, and an unknown energy source that permeates all that exists. He also learned that two of the four forces of nature, as man knows it, is wrong (strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force).

A few years after being exposed to the "field" I started to feel a sort of strange electrical sensation first originating in my abdomen. I thought nothing of it at the time for it was weak and very seldom came on. Later I learned that something occurred during my exposure to their "field." It activated something that lay dormant in the energy of what my spirit is composed of. Over time this surge of energy (for it is the only way I can describe it) has reached a very strong level. Most of the time I can feel it surging throughout my very being. At times it seems so powerful. This is what they are afraid of. They have tried to destroy it. They have leached it from my body in a sort of energy vampirism. They have also forced me to transfer my energy composition which was incorporated into their own energy bodies. I say energy bodies because I do not believe they have what we have, which is a true spirit. They have used me to make them even more powerful by using and abusing the energy that is now part of me.

They have even tried to separate only what I can describe as my consciousness from my spirit in order to use what remains for what they described as an "energy source." This is what I meant when I told you that they are trying to destroy my spirit. If there was only some way I could retain consciousness and avoid being paralyzed then I know I could fight back, but as it is now, that is their greatest weapon, being able to control my energy through controlling me.

Soon they would not use the wall to come through but would just enter by the door. Most of the time he would only have snatches of memory from those visits. They would use the same method to immobilize him as they did the reporter. He was becoming so paranoid about them coming that he set his alarm to go off every hour in case he fell asleep. He would also leave the lights on all night. Nothing stopped them.

Leneesa suggested he go to a church and ask for sanctuary to be safe. He said he had already gone to the priest at the church he attended and told him the whole story. He listened very attentively, but unfortunately he gave the impression that what I was experiencing could not possibly be real. He told me to pray hard (which I do every day now) and that he would help me to become a good Catholic! Pepper also obtained a bottle of holy water blessed by the priest. He put it on his head, his chest and his sex organs. It did not phase them.

He said that he discovered they had an aversion to salt so he would make salt water and spray himself with it. When they touched him they would moan but they also overcame the salt.

She asked if he had reported this to the police? He said he had not contacted them because they would not believe me. He had no real proof of what had been happening. The only thing would be in some mutations in his DNA, and the scoop mark on his leg that was the result of a glowing rod that was inserted into it in 1997. And maybe damage to a neuroanatomical area located on the back of his brain. He had been in the process of obtaining the MRI report.

Pepper told his relatives about what had been happening but they were not as attentive as the priest was and outright dismissed the whole thing as some kind of crazy delusion. Leneesa told him that relatives are like that, she knows because of how she has been treated by her relatives. It is very sad that the persons closest to you do not offer a hand in your hour of need and instead totally reject you and do not try and find a way to understand and eradicate what is happening. You are totally alone.

I have been treated for depression (no wonder!), and when he told the doctor what I was experiencing he diagnosed me as being psychotic. I am no longer able to hold a job.

Pepper said that he does have the ability to remember some of the events that transpire during his abductions. At first they didn't seem concerned about erasing my memory after an abduction, but later as he was gaining some knowledge about what they really are, and some of their techniques for abducting people, as well as some basic knowledge of their technology for it is frequency based, they became alarmed and hostile and considered me a security risk.

As far as the government is concerned; during one of the earlier abductions, I was taken to what appeared to be a building in Galveston. I must warn you, they are masters of illusion, lies, deception and manipulation. So the idea of being in a building could have been just that, an illusion.

I think the government has had trouble with them gaining access to certain sensitive installations. I think they (the government) have tried a variety of methods to stop these intrusions. I think they even have used Radio Frequency and Microwave frequency devices in order to prevent them from entering. And as far as security background checks for the staff stationed at these installations, these checks would reveal nothing unusual because many of them are incarnated into newborn babies. They have this ability. There is more to the UFO phenomena than most people suspect, and it deals with a spiritual nature. Only some of the "new arrivals" are given adult human bodies.

They can render their victims unconscious and do what they will. They can also force their victim to do almost whatever they want their victim to do. One time it was forcing me to have sex with one of their females. They have a way to speed up the pregnancy and deliver the child the very same night as the impregnation occurred. I have seen some of these babies and they appear human in all ways.

They punctured my skin in order to obtain blood samples. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with unexplained blood stains on my body, but recently I remember them doing the procedure.

Last night they came and told me that they are my masters. Also I can state with great certainty that their plans and intentions for this world and its inhabitants are not good. I feel that what they plan for this world (its ultimate destruction) they have done to many other worlds both in our dimension and other dimensions, for once they are through with this world they will move on to another. They are responsible for much of the trouble that humankind has been through in the past, and even now in the present.

They come to me in the guise of human form, but they are not human, although many of them live among us in human form. One of them I particularly dislike, punched me in the face and hurled insults at me. I could not do anything because they can hold one in a paralyzed state. I was then taken elsewhere where they are trying to control and destroy the energy of what my spirit is composed.

They kept asking me if I knew of a government organization known as 54-12. I was not intended to remember but Group 54-12 somehow I retained the memory. They have some kind of relationship with this organization because they were not very pleased when they realized I retained that memory. Also during more recent abductions I heard the organization (54-12) mentioned again. I also think there is a Russian counterpart of 54-12 in Russia.
Leneesa asked on the web if anyone knew what 54-12 could be. In a letter Pepper wrote to Karin in England (who is a hypnotist that works with abductees), I received a letter from Leneesa with information she found that said that 54-12 was some kind of executive order signed in the fifties by President Eisenhower which established a committee called MJ12. I know that 54-12 has nothing to do with an executive order.

There is a neuroscientist in Canada. His name is Michael Persinger. He has developed a device that emits electromagnetic waves that interact with certain areas of the brain which give some people the perception of leaving their bodies and of feeling the presence of invisible entities in the room the procedure takes place. Dr. Persinger has a very scientific explanation for the perceptions that his subjects are experiencing. He believes that the electromagnetic stimulation of certain regions of the brain (temporal lobe and I believe the limbic system) elicit these perceptions. I feel the good doctor has underestimated his discoveries. I think that his work could somehow be adapted to combat these beings which originate from another dimension. I feel that certain individuals who possess certain psychic abilities may be able to use this technology in a way that could give Humans at least a very small chance to detect the presence of these beings and also just maybe give them (the humans) the ability to muster up enough psychic energy to push them (the beings) away from the location which these beings are trying to invade while they are in the invisible state, before they materialize. This is all theory on my part, but I do know there is a relationship between them and magnetism, electromagnetism and the unknown energy that as I have once stated permeates everything that exists.

Leneesa asked Pepper if these beings could be considered fallen angels? The dark side.
Your idea about fallen angels is very close. I mean very close to the truth. I will not tell all I have learned about your suspicion regarding that because it deals with religion, and I have no desire to offend (for many people would be offended). I can say this with certainty. There is a God and He (if God can be called He) loves everyone, and he is the creator of the universe, and all the dimensions that reside within.

When asked how they had hurt him. I told you they have beat me, but they have the ability to heal wounds (if they want to) so that their victims will not have the proof of the injuries inflicted on them. I told you what they do to my spirit. They have been trying to separate my consciousness from the energy of which my spirit is composed for a very long time. As I have said they considered it an "energy source" for that is what they called it. There is a psychological toll it sometimes takes on me. They have tried many times to destroy my will to resist, and sometimes they have come close.

And the sex with the so-called women they force on me. That has a purpose of not only humiliating me, but also to obtain offspring that has a similar energy of what my spirit is composed. The sex is not only physical but there also occurs an energy transfer to the female that is impregnated. And I fear for the children that result from this. The children will either be taught to be like them, or the children will be abused as I am abused. They do many other things, but I stop here.

I set up a minicassette recorder on automatic voice recording. I got something, although I don't remember the events on the tape. There are human sounding voices, cursing at me and also asking me questions. There is also the sound of only what I can describe as some kind of electronic equipment. (Leneesa: I have one of the tapes.)

I am afraid they may come back to destroy the tape, because I think they may have made a mistake and didn't know they were being recorded. Please give me a suggestion of what to do with the tape. These are human voices. I told you that many of them are inhabiting human bodies. All of this happened in my bedroom early in this morning.

Leneesa suggested Pepper rent a little locker at the bus station to put the tape in or else to rent a safety deposit box at the bank. She felt this was a first and that he had to be able to keep it.
Pepper said I can't trust anyone or any institution such as a bank. I told you they have infiltrated all aspects of our society. They hold positions in the government, military, banking institutions, I mean everywhere! I just want the tape to get into the right hands so that it can be analyzed because I believe there may be more on the tape that can't be made out by just listening to it as it is, although there is much on it.

They ask me questions. I answer. They hurl profanities at me. There is even some sound of what I can only describe as some kind of electronic high pitched sounds and low pitched sounds and more. I didn't even remember any of what transpired on the tape.

The tape must be put in the correct hands, I don't believe that it should be stored away. For now I have some proof, I now won't let people get to me when they call me crazy. I know what has happened to me is the truth. I would submit to a lie detector test, genetic testing, even kirilian photography in order to determine if my energy field is different from the ordinary person.

What I do remember is that they are trying to tamper with my DNA in order to make it appear normal and that they are trying to change my energy field in order to make it appear normal. But as of yet they haven't succeeded.

Leneesa sent Pepper a case history of a lady in Australia that had a similar experience. He replied that he could relate to some of what I have read about the religious woman who had contact with demons. I believe that what has happened to me to be demonic in nature. I believe that what man thinks as demons are interdimensional beings that have been coming here for a very long time with evil intents ultimately to destroy our world. But again they use ships and other technology. Many of them are incarnated into human bodies and live among us. That is why some of them act so human. Evil is part of their makeup. They use Technology to control people and also they leach energy from people who have strong spiritual energy.

I am leaving Galveston. It may take me a few weeks, but I am leaving. Last night they took me as usual, but now as soon as I start to regain some consciousness I try to stop the process from occurring. Sometimes it works. For I really don't want to remember all the torment they put me through. They say they are my master and I am their slave, but I don't think so, for in the last couple of days I have gained some strength to go on, although I still know I must get away from here. I am running, but I will pick my time and place, and they know it. They know where I plan to go. They have already found a landing site there. Saturday night they took me there. I retained just enough memory to remember. Is there not no one you can trust that I can give the tape to?

At this point Leneesa suggested he take the tape to Wendelle Stevens in Tucson because he has ways to analyze tapes. She wrote to his daughter CeCe because Wendelle doesn't read his e-mail very often. CeCe said he had ways to analyze the tape and enhance it. Leneesa sent some of Pepper's letters to CeCe to give to Wendelle, which she did. Wendelle was very interested in Pepper's case.

Leneesa gave Pepper Wendelle's address and phone number plus CeCe's. He said I think tomorrow I will leave to Tucson and take it (the tape) to Mr. Stevens in person. I now know it is time to leave.

I regret leaving all my personal possessions behind but I know I must. From there I had made a plan to leave to the Northern Marianas Islands in the Northern Pacific Ocean. That is where they took me and scouted out a landing site. I don't know what else to do. The North American Continent is full of them. From there I may try to catch a boat to where, I don't know, but God willing I will find a way to elude them. Since the Northern Marianas are considered a United States territory or commonwealth they will have to let me in.

Leneesa was aghast that he would go to such a remote place, especially when they knew where he was going. He was not getting away from them, only changing scenery! She asked if they were really his masters? You are strong and you should resist.

The next day Pepper said he was leaving Galveston today at around 6:30 p.m. It was September 28, 2004. He said I can't remember much about last night. They are using some form of mind control on me.

I played the tape over and over yesterday trying to make sense out of it. So far the tape is still in my possession. I have it in a plastic container wrapped in aluminum foil.

Leneesa, they made me perform homosexual acts among other things. I feel so dirty, so ashamed. I am hurting. They have a way of getting into someone's head and controlling them. I know these are not humans although they act like them. They do a very good job at messing someone up.

There have been nights that I have barricaded the door and I live in a high rise apartment and they still get in. I have seen too much. It is only these last five months that the abuse has reached the point that it has.

I will reconsider what to do when I reach Wendelle, and maybe just maybe, get a little peace, then I may be able to make a rational decision.

Leneesa was happy that Wendelle had agreed to help Pepper. He recommended a man from MUFON to come with him, as well as June Scherer to meet Pepper when he got there. It may, as you say, turn out to be very interesting, and I do not want to get anybody hung out away from his home, but really, we have nobody here to put anybody up, and I cannot do a whole lot about that. I am sorry CeCe led anybody to think we have a place to stay. She knows we have no guest space in our whole house.

Leneesa replied that she thought the main thing was Pepper wanted someone to analyze the tape and the only way to make sure you get it is to bring it to you. CeCe said that you have someone that can do that. I don't think he was planning on "staying" with you, only that he needed someone in this field that will listen and hear what is happening to him.

On September 29, Wendelle wrote to Leneesa.
I picked Mr. Pepper Rogers up at about 7:30 and took him to a local Motel 8 for the night.
I listened to his tape and I didn't hear anything important. It was mostly him turning over in an old creaky bed and getting up to turn off an alarm he had set to keep him from going to sleep. I did hear a woman's voice that spoke only a couple of words, very indistinctly at some point and he said there was nobody in his locked room with the door barred. He thought he had the smoking gun, somebody else in his locked room, and there was an indistinct curse expression of some kind that he said was not his voice. I don't know that anything at all could be learned from his tape, and I have no idea where to take it for any kind of analysis.

After listening to his story, I am convinced that his visitors are at least extradimensionals and possibly even extradimensional extraterrestrials as he was taken to a disc shaped craft in a hangar once. I don't see how I can do any more for him. His case is nothing that I have had any experience with, and have no time to try to understand.

Leneesa was feeling defeated. That night she woke up at 3:00 a.m. wide awake. She considered all angles of who and how to help him. All of a sudden she thought of Ted Loman who used to live in Tucson and would know persons in that area that possibly could help Pepper. She wrote to Ted at 3:30 a.m. and later that morning he sent two names to contact. One was Peggy Wyatt and the other Jim Rogers.

Leneesa talked to both of them. Peggy was very willing to talk to Pepper and try to get his tape enhanced and analyzed as she had a computer program that would do it. Leneesa was wishing she had contacted her to start with but she wasn't aware of what she could do for Pepper.

On October 1 Pepper called Leneesa. He had just purchased his ticket to the Northern Mariana's because he had no hope left. He was not aware of Peggy trying to contact him because he was out of his room calling Leneesa! Leneesa was devastated that he had purchased the ticket already. She asked him what he would do there and he said he would take it one day at a time. He only had enough money to purchase a one way ticket! She felt he had played right into their hands. She knew that would be the end of him. He had said "it has to end" and so this was his way of ending it.

Pepper said that while he was purchasing his ticket at the travel agency the lady's computer had shut down to black. The one she was conversing with on the other end had hers shut down to black also. The day before Leneesa had been talking to Pepper about writing a book about what had happened. She was on the phone and not on the computer. All of a sudden her computer shut down too. The only time it has done that, by the way!

Pepper said they had come the previous night again. That means every night that he was in Tucson they had come. One time they took him to the Islands again and this time they had some of their people from over there which were oriental in appearance come to meet him. They said oh we can't wait to kill him. The Wakai he was in touch with told them not to do that.
From what he understood is that the Wakai are fractionalized, like we have states, they have different areas that belong to them. Another reason they told the ones on the Marianas to leave him alone.

He said they are in levels. At first the person he knew in Galveston named Kyle was a "Mid Level." He tried to help Pepper and be a friend. Later he was reprogrammed. The ones dealing with Pepper were the low level ones and his handler was called Strobus. On their home world they have levels like a caste system. They even try to take energy from souls in the ones above them in the mid levels. Pepper said that angels, spirits, UFOs, and aliens are all part of the same thing only in different levels. People who have done bad things in their lives are the ones the low levels go after. It pays to be kind and loving because they will be close to higher level beings.

One thing Pepper told Leneesa was that there were 3 persons like himself that he was aware of. One girl is oriental and lives in San Diego; one girl is Caucasian like himself and lives in Idaho. He believed her name was Suzy Southerland. One time they brought them all together in an airport.

Pepper was open to a book being written. He has two years of notes that he has kept on what happened to him every day. Leneesa was amazed he still had them! Anyway, he said when he got them sorted out he would make a copy and send it to Leneesa as he would only trust her to write the book. He hadn't met Peggy at this time. She might be the one. Either way the information needs to be given to the public.

There is more to Pepper's story. I will send it another day. As you can tell by his story, this is one type of aliens that are not good. There are many coming here. Some of the other aliens or E.T.s are not like these and from what I can tell are good.


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  • At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Pepper Rogers said…

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