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Sunday, August 07, 2005


By Mark Andrews

August 6, 2005


Bizarre Florida Gulf "Fish Parade" Is A Warning To Us All

My personal experience with the "darkness" in the Gulf of Mexico.

I recently spent four days in Florida. It was a very short, quicklypaced trip to visit family and friends on both coasts of the Sunshine State. Wednesday, July 20, was spent with a life long lady friend inNaples on the Gulf Coast. Fran and I were enjoying a beautiful day at the Turtle Club outdoor restaurant on the Naples beach. For a resident of Central Indiana such as I, the scene was one that would remain forever remembered. The nearly glassy sea, the bountiful palms, the warm sunlight, the stillness of the air, all combined to give me the closest experience of a tropical paradise that I have ever known. It was compelling but, to our surprise, also inexplicably foreboding.

Fran and I decided to take at least one dip in the Gulf waters, just to be able to say that we had. The water itself was warm and comforting. We went in only as far as our knees. We had no desire to go any further.

I have always been a "sensitive". This characteristic most often manifests in emotional and physical sensations, and through telepathic messages from non-physical entities, those who have crossed out of body, trans-dimensional beings, and as well as both human and non-humanvisitors from other star systems.

While in the water I was a bit overwhelmed by a pit of the stomach sense to "Get out!...Get out now!". It was as if I had been grabbed inthe solar plexus by an unseen presence that wished to remain undisturbed while it went about it's preparations for a calamitous undoing of this placid, tropical environment.

I was somewhat dizzy as well and felt no compulsion to challenge the force that was so insistent on our departing the waters. We returned to our shaded table in the sand after only a minute or so in the Gulf. The lingering aire following the contact was one of humility in the presence of a superior force, but also one of deep sadness and anxiety. I am quite familiar with the process of discerning wistful fantasy from psychic fact. I've had to learn the skill over the course of more than 50 years of living in the shadow of my Native American ancestry. I know what I know....I know when I know.

In the moments following my connection with the Gulf waters and the presence concealed therein, I just KNEW and sought to release the negative after effects of the experience. My lady friend (who had also been emotionally shaken by her time in the water) and I chose to take our minds away from the moment and remember some of the happier times from our past together in Indy.

Fran has been a resident of Naples, Florida for eleven years. But, oddly, she was as amazed as I when an 18 inch gecko lizard came prancing out from the bush behind us. In all of her time in Florida she had never actually seen a gecko. It came onto the sand to stare into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We were amused by the creature's quickness of motion and bobbing head. It was "cute" but appeared to be disturbed by something to which we were not attuned. It stood for more than 15 minutes in the same spot, looking due West into the Gulf, then to the waters to the Northwest - repeating this back and forth motion with driven determination. It was responding to an unfamiliar energy and perhaps as well to sounds inaudible to the human ear, trying (we assumed) to figure out what the sounds and energy were and whether to draw nearer or to flee. It finally chose to spin around on its tail and retreat hastily into the bushes from where it had come.

Attached to this message is link to a Tampa Bay area newspaper witha story of the very strange, miles long "fish parade" of species that moved for hours a couple days ago, hugging the Gulf Coast of Florida. Iwould have to say that all of the species taking part in this"evacuation" of the Gulf were responding to the presence of the same intelligence that my friend, I, and the gecko lizard experienced more than two weeks ago. And like the gecko, the participants in the fish parade have chosen to vacate the region. Perhaps we humans should follow their example.

Speaking as a Native American sensitive, I am compelled to share with all who will listen that the presence that touched in with me in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is frightfully empowered, is preparing to unleash unimaginable devastation, and is not one to be bargained with.

Mark Andrews


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