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Sunday, September 25, 2005


I've always been interested in UFOs and the things that are not so readily proven to the staunch white-collared scientific type. I've had several little supernatural events to occur in the sense of thought and some of them sight. The most real of these was about ten years ago in Arizona on the Hopi Reservation.

I had been teaching macrobiotics, the Yin-Yang interplay, the interaction of opposites. For twenty years in the study, I became far more practical in my thought, believing that we had to start with a diet of foods native to our own environment. The resident of a tropical region should, and will, eat more fruits and light foods. The person living in a temperate climate will eat more whole grains and vegetables and some animal foods. A person living in a much colder climate will eat far more animal foods than either of the other two. He will eat the food indigenous to his area. The diet is the first step a person can establish within to begin to create the harmony we all require to allow our world to reach that level of being above this level.
I had gone to the Reservation to talk with the Elders and see their way of life. Their diet is still grain-based and they live a fairly traditional American Indian lifestyle. There was a macrobiotic summer camp in Snowflake, Arizona, and I participated. An Elder, David Mnungee, told me of a prophecy -- a cataclysm: "A gourd of ashes will fall on the Earth." Of course, this is highly condensed. I was invited to his home to see the Hopi way, which I understand is a part of the Hopi way: to invite interested people to see for themselves. I ate whole-grained cornbread prepared by steaming on a stone, lined with watermelon seed.

I walked along the edge of the mesa seeing the corn and hearing the story of how it is cultivated and, looking out on the desert, I felt the stillness. Then, I was aware of a peculiar presence in the area. I knew that a UFO with aliens had visited there int he past. It's a feeling I can't change -- I'm sure you have felt something and could not make it fit the reality we have been trained to accept; but you can't change the strange thought.

I decided, just as strangely, as I thought, to send a telepathic thought out to these aliens and try to receive any return message. I decided, "I want to see a UFO." I put my all into it and was fairly exhausted after a few minutes. I thought that after a response wasn't quick to come, then I must be crazy to even think of such things. I walked back to David and Nora's house.

As the afternoon wore on, I realized that something was happening to me, like someone turning on a radio in my head. I heard this very clear voice, on this carrier wave, and it said, "You want to see a UFO." The voice told me to wait until after dinner and the transmission ended. It had been a male voice, and had been military in it's click-click quality. I really had some severe second thoughts now, but I was willing to wait until after dinner to see a UFO. Then, I could better see if I were off-center.

The encounter occurred. I may sound like some space-out New Ager in trying to explain, but I'm not. The feeling settled down all around me. It was the most powerful feeling of love anywhere I had ever thought of. My soul must have needed this. I felt like I had finally had a contact with people of a sort that my subconscious or my soul had forever been yearning to meet. It filled me with the feeling of brotherhood, and all the hopes and aspirations of perhaps our whole world all rolled up into one feeling for me. Instantaneously, a message was shot into my mind; and, for a long time, I worked at it to unroll it in a linear fashion.

It went something like this: "Greeting! We are your Brothers from space. We are here because your planet is in great danger! We don't think you should stay on the Hopi Reservation because you're not doing what you could there. You've gotten off the track. The Hopi are involved with an Earthly existence and you are involved in the relationship existing between opposites." They told me that the opposites in their relationships must be symbiotic and that the Hopi were wanting to develop a parasitic relationship with me as a speaker for their plight. They said I had to leave right away and they would help.

I was not aware, nor was I interested in the struggle between them and the Hopi government over some land.

I was hitchhiking around the country at the time to see as much real estate and as many peoples as I could, and they sent people by the places where I thumbed so I did not get further involved. I asked if I could contact them directly if they should land. They said no, because it wasn't part of my life plan. I couldn't understand at the time how that contact would have completely changed my direction. I really wanted to teach this idea of macrobiotics to show that it can help to turn the world around toward safety.

One way our vibrational level is influenced is by our diet. I really think we should get off the red meat intake and learn to eat what the environment produces. This meaty diet brings about an aggressiveness to our society, a shortsightedness, or a nearsightedness if you will. I think it is also bring about the evolution of degenerative diseases in cancer, and who knows what?
I believe that through our diet, as only one example, we have created a dissonance with our planet; and the more we fight, the more there is to fight, and the further we are from ever winning. It is not the planet. We are out of "sync" with the planet.

We have so force-fed our animals, and then ourselves, that we have become a race filled with chemicals. We are no longer the bacteria's and enzymes that homosapiens are supposed to be -- we are a conglomerate of the chemicals added at the feedlot to stimulate growth, and the preservatives added at the packaging plant to retard spoilage. We are focing the end. The stakes are rising...

They explained to me that they are sending telepathic impulses to our planet all the time now to inhibit the growth of the catastrophic events our level of vibration is generating within the reach of this planet's existence. The planet is known far into the galaxy, and we are known not to be in total harmony with the universe yet. They cannot help us to evade fate forever, but they can help us to learn to fight the right foe. Although it's not yet critical, we really should apply ourselves to the idea. We can learn what the environment wants.

The next morning, a couple came to the house, and I could just feel that they were sent. They were a part of this program to get me back on the track. They were going right to the place that I had come from before I visited the Hopi. I knew they were going to Los Angeles. I didn't really want to go back, because it was such a nightmare; or so I thought at the time. I asked, and found that they wre going to Los Angeles. We talked for a while and they invited me to go with them. I sensed the struggle that the Hopi were supporting to get me to stay. The couple somehow forgot me and took off. I sensed the UFO people still in there trying to help me get back on track.

This fellow finally came to the Reservation and he was blonde and mid-sized: I thought of Germanic ancestry, and a very strong character.

As I talked to the Elder, I was made aware that when you move into a traditional society, bonds develop, and if you attempt to tear those bonds, you are committing a sacrilege. I felt such an obligation to the Elder to stay there that I felt the only way to get away was through the interception of this strong energy this person brought into the circle to fee me. The person drew the soul of the Elder into himself and away from me and after we had talked for a few minutes, he turned to me and said, "It's okay, you can leave them now. We must go." He drove to the edge of the Reservation and put me out of the car. I almost immediately got a ride back to the place where I should go, and it was gears before I grasped the importance of what had happened in those few hours. A parting message from the UFOlks was, "If you're ever in trouble, we'll be there to help." Several times since, when I have sensed fear, I have been able to remove my consciousness from my body and to view the situation and then shed my apprehension, and return with a clear resolution of the problem.

In other instances, I have been lonely and have been sent to people who I knew were Contactees. I don't yet understand the significance of these people, but I am always happy to have them in my life, because they are sent by the UFOs who helped so long ago to keep my direction right. It seems to me that the UFOs are networking, and that once you are contacted you belong in their "files" or whatever.

I wanted to get back onto the Reservation because it is so peaceful there, but they told me I had to stay in the fray, in the battle. There is too much in the balance for any person to escape the good life just for the fun and peace-of-mind. They said, too, that if the situation got really bad, beyond my control, they would lift me and others like me off the planet. I don't know who any of these other people are, but I would like to know. I want to know what they have been led to study or endure, or what.

If you want to be involved, then by all means do it; but know that I have reached a burnout a few times; but that, after a rest, I am back in it again. I think I might be entering a new period of involvement again after one of those rests. They can't force you to stay, but you can cooperate to the point that you're not credible to the people around you. When you feel burnout approaching, don't feel guilty, and don't hesitate, but stop for as long as you need to, to feel profitable in your situation with the UFOs.

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