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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


By Wendelle Stevens

I feel a playback on the ET's viewing screens is more likely than a time shift, although I do not rule out any time shifts, because any time we move in space we also move in time, and vice versa, so it is only a matter of degree. I feel convinced that some of the things Meier was shown, that he thought was out in space, were very realistic screen images from the archives of the ETs, such as the Earth 70 million years ago.

I am writing up another case where the abductee has been "milked" of semen nearly every time he was taken aboard the ET ships. Sometimes an alien female used her body to complete the act, but used a receptacle inside her to collect the sample! This may have something to do with the ability of the sample, as this was a later method resorted to.

One time those ETs brought a group of about 25 children here with them, one of whom looked very much like the witness' son of about the same age, which puzzled him greatly at first. The boy recognized him and spoke with him. He had his "mother" with him, a small black alien female. She also spoke with the witness and the two became his primary contacts after a time.

The alien children were produced in artificial incubators. When a viable fertilization took place an alien "mother" was assigned to the developing fetus and cared for it in its incubator during the whole gestation period. When it was "born" the "mother" took charge of the new baby and lovingly cared for it throughout its infancy and childhood. The children imprinted on their "mothers" just like a birth child, and knew no other. In the boy's case he knew of, and was frequently shown, his father, the abductee, and so recognized him by sight.

The children were of all Earth races and ranged in age from about 6 to 15 years old. They all had studied and knew a great deal about our Earth and its society and peoples. The "mother" told the witness that Earth ovum and semen were used in creating the children, but that both had been "genetically purified" (?), whatever that means, before they were approved for growth.

The witness watched the ETs extract ovum from another Earth woman on an examining table one time when he was aboard. His wife had also been abducted by these ETs, and possibly contributed ovum, which may account for the one who looked so much like his son. The alien "mother" said that these children were a part of their "PROJECT REDEMPTION" and would be brought back to Earth to live at the right time! They were all let out of the ship to play on the ground of Earth for a while.

This project has been going on since 1958. I suppose we can only guess at the rest of the project. This group was on a familiarization and acclimatization trip, apparently one of many...

Wendelle says this is all just mind boggling but he has absolutely no reason to doubt the story as he has been given a number of proofs that would be difficult to dispute.

This article previously appeared in the Missing Link published by yours truly.


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