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Thursday, October 13, 2005


The following article was sent in by Richard Heiden and appeared in the Missing Link.

Press-Gazette - Family Fare, Friday, June 26, 1959 Page 23
On the House

By Charles House

Somewhere along the shore of Lake Huron I found a story which I could not dateline without exposing my source to ridicule and perhaps contempt.

I had halted my little canoe and hiked overland to a filling station for gasoline. As usual, I was unkempt, bewhiskered and travel-stained. My appearance elicited from the filling station proprietor a little more than casual interest. He questioned me and I explained my mission. He then invited me to his nearby home for a cup of coffee and to meet his 12 year old son and his pretty wife.

After a general discussion of my expereinces, he asked me if I had seen any unidentified flying objects. I grinned.


"Well," he said, "it isn't really so funny. See that island out there?" and he indicated a small island a few hundred yards off the shore. "That," he said solemnly, "Is a frequent landing place for a flying saucer."

His mien was serious, his attitude and his speech sensible. I questioned him further.

I must admit at this point that I have my moments of skepticism, but that I feel it is part of my duty to try to believe if my judgment tells me a statement deserves some objectivity. My informant had every indication of being a man of good sense and sound judgment.


"Yes, I have gone out to the island to watch the flying saucers land and take off. I have seen them many times and so have my wife and my son," he said.

I glanced at them and got a nod of confirmation from each.

"Have you seen the creatures in the flying saucers?" I asked. Then he shocked me with an offhand statement. "I certainly have. I know one of them," he said calmly.

At my request he described the persons he said came so often in the UFO.


"They look like you or me. They can speak English and they do it perfectly although in a sort of sing-song manner. They are tall and quite strong and they live for hundreds of years. They are much advanced in technology and keep such equipment in their aircraft as would amaze a world scientist by its material and perfection. I am not permitted to reveal what the instruments are."

"Where do they come from?" I asked.

"These particular ones come from "Venus," he said. "They have friends on earth like me, and they visit with us. Those of us who can believe have been selected by a process only they know. Sceptics are avoided.


"What do they want here? I asked.

"They want to spread the peace--everlasting peace."

"Did you ever ask your friend why he did not make his objectives known to all of us who love peace and want peace?" I asked.

"Of course I have. But he told me that our people are not ready to accept them or their word. But they are vitally interested in our aims and attempts at interplanetary travel because anything which happens on the planet must surely affect all other planets.


"If, for example, we sent a party to the moon, the first thing they would do would be to plant a flag and declare the moon to be the property of the United States. Now, if somebody already owns the moon our action would be considered warlike and inconsiderate. It is just such a thing as that in which the Venus people are concerned."

"Does your friend have a name?" I asked.

"Yes, he has a name," replied my informant, "but I am not permitted to reveal it. And it is not proper to call him my friend; he is so superior to me and to all of the earth's people that one is inclined to look up to and revere him."


"How many of these Venus people are aboard the UFO?" I asked.

"About 25," he said, "but I have not been permitted to speak to them, although I have seen them many times. Only the one who has spoken to me is the one with whom I have closest contact. You may have trouble believing that I have talked many times to him but you could believe my wife an my son. Neither of them would ever tell a lie deliberately.

The wife and son both solemnly stated that they had seen him conversing with a person who came out of a brightly illuminated UFO which landed a number of times on the small island off the shore of Lake Huron.


Later, away from the personality of the father, I asked the boy if he had indeed seen these things. He is a bright, intelligent young fellow and I might have been inclined to believe whatever he told me.

"Yes, sir," he said firmly. "I have seen my father talk to the man from the flying saucer many times."

"What do they talk about?" I asked.

"I don't know," siad the boy. "Mother and I usually sit in our boat just offshore of the island. We have a good view and we can see these people in their shiny clothes and always the same one talks to dad.

"I have never heard what they say. I think they talk about peace."

Perhaps they do.

NOTE FROM RICHARD HEIDEN: Unfortunately, I didn't get this article until after Charles House had died (he died March 29, 1978). But I did call his widow, on June 2, 1984. She had no personal knowledge of the subject of this article. In response to my question if she thought UFOs were real, she didn't know one way or the other -- she said she couldn't speak for him. By the way, when House later wrote for the Milwaukee Journal, he was a human-interest writer or a humorist, rather than a serious reporter.


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