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Monday, January 30, 2006


Location. Botafuegos, Garganta Del Capitan,
City Algeciras City, Country-Spain
Date: May 1981 Time: 0100A

Obeying some kind of inner urge Manuel Rodriguez Ramirez, his wife and two young sons drove to an isolated road where mysterious phenomena had been reported before. As they drove along, their car, a Seat suddenly stopped without any apparent cause. The car would not start so all the occupants exited the vehicle; before they did they applied the emergency brakes to it. They also placed two large rocks behind the rear tires since the car was in a kind of incline.

Suddenly while they discussed the situation among themselves a strange figure appeared to their left on the middle of the road. The figure was totally dressed in black, and moved slowly towards the witnesses at the same time asking them “Where are you going? Terrified the witnesses could only stammer that they were headed to the nearby mountain. The figure was easily over 2 meters in height, gigantic in proportions. He remained quiet and standing still, staring at the witnesses. When he spoke he did so in clear Spanish. At this point all the witnesses began experiencing an uncommon sense of fear, as their minds appeared being probed.
The family began walking away and passed very near the huge humanoid, seconds later as they looked back the bizarre figure had already vanished. Still afraid they then walked back to their vehicle and this time they were able to start it without any problems. While sitting in the vehicle they all noticed a very bright light descend from the nearby mountain and apparently land in a field. They again exited the vehicle and began looking at the landed light. As they looked the light suddenly turned off. A few minutes later as they stood there they saw their vehicle suddenly come rolling towards them. Apparently the vehicle was moving on its own accord, but in a very strange way, as if floating just above the ground. Stunned they watched the vehicle suddenly stop on its tracks. The family then hesitantly entered their vehicle again. As they drove away they encountered a local friend, Juan Pino, who had also been in the area and had seen a suspicious very bright light hovering over the area.

HC addendumSource: Andres Gomez Serrano,
Ovnis 50 Años de InvestigacionEn el Campo de Gibraltar
Translated by Albert S Rosales

OCT. 22, 1973
Hartford City, IN

The first of a series of three independent observations of two silver-suited, 4 foot humanoids in this area. While driving home, Mrs. Debbie Carne saw them slowly cross the road in front of her. As she drove past them on the roadside, they made a loud noise and raised their arms as if to scare her.

Oct. 22
Hartford City, IN

About 15 minutes after the above encounter, the Donathans saw the same or a similar pair of beings on the road. They were described as bright silver, straight in form with no features noticed except for box-like feet. The pair moved in a clumsy, flopping manner as they tried to get off the road ahead of the approaching car. Mr. Donathan described this as a dancing effect. The next day imprints were found in the field where the beings had been last seen. First hand investigation.

Oct. 23
Hartford City, IN

Gary Flatter got the best view of the creatures. About two hours after investigating the Donathan story, he was searching for the beings when he came across a line of small mammals crossing the road. Then he noticed a "high frequency" sound and spotted apparently the same pair of beings in a plowed field 75 feet away. After a while he turned his truck's spotlight on them; they turned their whole bodies toward him forcing him to turn off his light because the glare from their suits was so great. They had eggshaped heads, with what looked like gas masks with hoses running down to their chests. Their feet were square with a heel and seemed to provide motive power for slow jumping actions. On the final jump, they flew off "like a helicopter in feet down position." First hand investigation.


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