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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Location. Near Flagstaff Arizona
Date: May 1994 Time: late night

A couple was camping in an isolated pine forest. During the very chilly night they built a campfire. But for some unknown reason the fire kept failing. The woman felt uneasy and scared for no apparent reason. As the temperature dropped they sat in the car. Shortly thereafter the woman saw a bright star like object above the tree line. The light moved from side to side and up and down.

After about 20 minutes they looked to the west and saw five more similar lights above the tree line. These appeared to be balls of light that danced around very quickly. As they watched the original light descended down behind the tree line. While observing the lights a multi-colored craft came out of the distant northwest sky, it flew at incredible speed and quickly out of sight.

Increasingly scared both prayed. Soon the lights from the sky were gone, but an oblong bright white light illuminated the forest floor.

Both then took a shotgun and a pistol and settled in the tent. Soon they heard what seemed to be persons walking outside. They sat and listened to what sounded like six to ten people walking around in every direction with an occasional tap or prod to the tent.

After an hour a sound came over the tent while simultaneously the ground under the tent floor moved like waves of energy. The wife then looked up through the screened roof and saw a bright ball of white blue light in the sky, just about the tree line. From this light came a large white colored beam of light shining into the tent.

The number of “persons” or creatures outside the tent increased, sounding like 30 to 40 of them. Occasionally they heard a sound like whipping wind, along with what sounded like a yipping barking noise that gave them the creeps. At one point a pulsating orange white blue light glowed right next to the tent on the forest floor. It grew larger in size then just disappeared.

At daybreak both left the tent and found strange footprints in the dirt and handprints on the dust of the car. The footprints “were toed cloven hoofs” and larger three toed feet. The four-fingered handprints had a skeletal, very long thin look. Frightened they left the area. Their families did not believe their story and they were told that they were “possessed”.

HC # addition 2802
Source: Roger Bollinger


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