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Friday, January 27, 2006


Location. Pacific Ocean near Tonga
Date: June 5 1994 Time: evening

The catamaran Heart Light was one of half dozen yachts sunk or abandoned during a terrific storm. The owners of the Heart Light, Diviana and Darryl Wheeler, were on board with their son and daughter in-law. Wheeler reported how the Heart Light teetered at a 90% angel on one hull as it “careened down a 100-foot wave out of control.”

Suddenly the Heart Light was caught in a powerful “tractor” beam from a “spacecraft” hovering above them in the tempest. Wheeler’s mind became inseparably linked with the occupants of the hovering craft. He was somewhat confused with their telepathic intelligence.

The craft was crystalline in nature, lens shaped and surrounded by an etheric green glow. Wheeler was certain the spaceship pilots saved their lives. (He called them “Etherians”). Around the same time there were reports of lights being seen and other odd occurrences.

Paul Everett onboard the yacht Irresistible heard foreign sounding voices and saw the figures of a man and a woman on his boat. People on other yachts and the navy ship Monowai also heard strange voices and saw odd lights in the sky.

HC addendum
Source: Peter Hassall, The NZ Files


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