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Friday, January 20, 2006


Location. Ay-Petri plateau, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: summer 1996 Time: evening

Three tourists, including 2 doctors and one worker at an area Dolphinarium (recreational pool for dolphins) were resting in the “Orlinyi Zalyet” tourist’s camp (Eagle’s Nest) near the hamlet of Sokolinoye. One evening while walking on the Ay-Petri mountainous plateau south of the village stumbled upon a strange humanoid entity, completely covered in grayish fur and about 2-2.5m in height. The hairy entity was bipedal, walking on two legs like humans and exuded an odor similar to a mixture of ammonia and iodine. Stunned, the tourists hid behind the bushes, wanting to run away but soon seized by curiosity decided to stay and contact the entity. When they tried to approach the entity, which was still hiding on the plateau, all three felt strong dizziness and nausea.

In 15-20minutes after the distance between them and the entity had decreased to only several dozen meters all three felt strong fear and in the next several minutes they all lost consciousness, just like falling into “a black hole” and remembering nothing of what happened next. When they returned back to their senses, to their outmost amazement they found themselves on the other side of Mt. Ay-Petri (1234m above sea level) in a completely different location. It appeared that their faces and parts of their upper extremities (the hands and palms) were covered with strange red itchy spots. When they went to the nearest town of Yalta, southeast of the plateau for medical help doctors found slight first degree burns on those areas.

After an investigation it was revealed that 24 hours before the humanoid encounter several at the tourist camp had felt a strange discomfort and giddiness which they could not explain and also their radios would not work as well as the telephone at the tourist base. Radio receivers were also not operational during the contact as a result of a strange interference.

Witnesses further described the entity as definitely a hairy female since they saw what appeared to be breasts. The grass on the place where the alien entity sat later became wilted and brown. Other local residents observed numerous anomalous phenomena in the area of the Ay-Petri plateau. One local resident remembered of a similar case and possible abduction which occurred to a group of tourists camped at the plateau in 1967.

HC addendumSource: Anton A. Anfalov personal investigation
Thank you Albert Rosales for this interesting report


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