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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Good Morning Everyone on my List:

I wanted to let you know what is happening to me and why you won't be getting the blog for a few days. I hope you miss it!!

As so many people are experiencing across this country, I have been evicted! Isn't that a tragic word? I live in a mobile home village in Covington, Washington, USA. There have been 20 parks in the western side of Washington that big corporations have just purchased and left the citizens in dire straits. In September the man who previously owned this park promised a new tenant, a disabled woman who had come here to finish out her life, that she would be able to do that. On October 1 a builder had bought the park for $7 million. In one week he evicted 110 families who live in modular homes. Now we are all in the process of moving these double wide homes. The process entails moving everything out of your home to storage of some type and then the mover comes and breaks your house into 2 sections and pulls it to the new location. At that time he puts it all together again. Then you have to move back into your own home! So for the last several weeks I have been packing everything. On Saturday morning a group will be coming to move my belongings into a "pod." At that time I will go stay at my daughters until they move the house and put it back together again.

I have talked to a person in Florida that said it is happening there too. People are being uprooted for builders to put in condos and houses which bring in much more money. In Missouri where my friend lives there is a park of over 300 houses. All the people there have jobs and a steady income but they too have been evicted - for big business! No thought or care for what happens to the people. A sad state it has become for persons on Social Security, disabled, children in schools, etc.

So now you know the sad story. I hope it doesn't happen to any of you. Oh, it costs almost $10K to move my house. Some are even more than that.

Today I am adding what "Anonymous" has written to Victor Martinez and a little update.


VICTOR: Yes, I did listen to the entire show. Never heard this guy George Noory before, but he seemed to be a very open-minded narrator and for that, me and my DIA colleagues were very pleased. The show caused alot of buzzing in the halls of the DIA! Bill [Ryan] and Rick [Doty] both did an EXCELLENT job. I was hoping you[Victor Martinez] might just show up and add your own comments since youknow more about me than anyone else as well as the program, but I guess that wasn't possible.

I called Mr. XXXXX this morning. [ EX U.S.G OFFICIAL WHO IS MANAGING THE CONTROLLED RELEASE OF "Project SERPO" FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION] I found some discrepancies about the animals mentioned on the show.– The Armadillo-like creature was NOT aggressive, it just scared theTeam Members. The Eben guide directed some type of sound (very highpitch) at the Armadillo creature and that scared it away. These creatures were seen at several locations around the planet. Some were larger than others, but they were NOT aggressive. – Only the snake-like creature was aggressive, which forced the Team to kill one. The snake-like creatures were located in just one (1)location and the Team never saw another one. – As for birds, there were two (2) types of flying creatures. One resembled a hawk and the other looked like a large flying squirrel. Neither were aggressive and the Team could never catch one for examination. – As for insects, they had small bugs, similar to cockroaches, but smaller. They were harmless, but did get into the Team's equipment. They had a hardened shell, with a soft interior body. The Team never observed any flying insects, such as flies, wasps, etc. Several other small bugs were found and identified.

I was hoping Rick [Doty] would expand his knowledge of the subject matter as he knows much more than what I heard him say. But maybe the show was scripted and he had to follow some script or was prevented from saying what he wanted to say by some director or producer.

[NO! The show was NOT scripted; ONLY time constraints prevented EX-AFOSISA Doty from saying more on the air; ANONYMOUS was corrected by me. Allparticipants were called in at the last moment to fill in for a last-minute cancellation of another guest.]

Bill did a great job promoting the Web site, SERPO.org and the information contained therein. I have no problem with your plan,... [MATERIAL PURPOSELY DELETED]You do what you wish to... You're the PR guy and that's why we brought you in among many other reasons.

My next posting of information will be the actual journal entries of one(1) Team Member. Each Team Member was required to keep a journal. I will provide a partial journal entry (since the journals are attachments to the original report, they contain hundreds of pages of written entries). I will provide a few days or possibly a week's worth of entries from one(1) Team Member.

Also, we are working on obtaining four (4) photographs taken by our Team Members of SERPO. I will scan them into my computer and then e-mail them to you. You can send them to Bill Ryan for inclusion into the SERPO Web site. DON'T distribute the photographs through your huge UFO thread list. Just leave it on the Serpo.org Web site for Web site Administrator Bill Ryan to post. We are in the process of scanning photographs from SERPO. I'm not sure how well they will turn out, but once I get them finalized, I will e-mail them to you and you can provide them to Bill for the SERPO Website. I just hope they turn out alright.

Once the public sees these photographs, even our skeptics, die-hard debunkers and those who claim that this is all a "non-event disclosure,"will scratch their heads in total amazement! [They're NOT from aHollywood movie set!] – One photograph shows the entire Team standing next to an Eben home,with several Ebens standing in the background; – another photograph shows the Team's new home in the north; – another photograph shows an Eben village in the north; – another photograph shows a group of Eben's playing their "soccer"game. You'll love them! One group member has a fool-proof way of sending them. I'm not sure of the exact method, but I'll let you know just prior to his sending them.Either they'll be sent to you (or Bill directly) in encrypted form or a special military courier will bring them to you from a special unit within the DIA. We'll let you know.

LISTENER: One niggly question on the EBEN's non-use of clocks and the use of a tower to tell the position of the sun. Much of our avionics, electronics, and machinery involves timing pulses. How do the EBEs even fly a spaceship or helicopter-type craft without the use of some sort of clock?

VICTOR: What idiot wrote this?! One must think in different terms ofscience, not Earth-based but SERPO-based science. Ebens were thousands and thousands of years more advanced than us. They had different forms of navigation systems, which I will discuss in great detail later, probably 2006. Enough for now; I must go back to bed.


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