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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hello everyone. Finally got my house moved but still not settled as we are repainting the inside. Because of that boxes are still in the middle of the living room. We will get there slow but sure. I missed you all! Hope you missed the blog too.


Missing Time On A Country Highway In The Summer of 1957
Date: Sunday, July 18 @ 23:37:10 MSTTopic: Abduction Reports
Posted: July 18, 2004 Date: Summer of 1957 Time: 9:00 p.m.
Location: Outside of Julian, California (north of San Diego, California)

My late husband had been a retired USAF Lt. Colonel ---- however, the point being is that I had an experience years ago at the age of nineteen. I also had a witness to this startling event. The witness and I ....'(a friend)'...had seen a UFO off a country highway leading from Julian, California (north of San Diego, California)...and had seen the UFO hovering off the side of the country road. In fact, after the event we later realized we had lost "Three Hours Of Time".Also, the car would not start after we had stopped it -- after the UFO finally slowly tilted to a 45 degree angle...and sped off into the sky -- the car started again. This actually happened. I got a very close look at the UFO. If I'd had a camera, I could prove this event but regrettably I did not have a camera at the time.

Additional Information Below: The UFO sighting occurred in the summer of 1957. A young man and I had driven to Julian that weekend to see my parent's cabin. We saw the cabin and then drove to the small town of Julian afterwards to walk around and see the sights. Julian is located about sixty-five miles north of San Diego, California (where I am from originally). My friend and I were driving back towards San Diego, California. As we rounded a small mountain on the two-lane, country highway -- we saw a hovering UFO just off to the side. As I recall, the time was approximately 9:00 p.m. Distance-wise, the UFO was about 300 feet east of us -- off the country road. No other cars came by.

My friend was scared to death when he saw the strange craft. He wanted to continue driving as fast as he could to leave the area. I didn't. I wanted to see the strange craft since I didn't know what it was. Silly me, I thought it was something our government had created. In spite of my friend's protests, he stopped the car but wouldn't get out. I jumped out of the car and ran to the other side of the highway. My friend kept urging me not to go see the UFO, but I wanted to get a better look at it. I ran to the other side of the highway to observe the craft closer. This was a new experience and I didn't know what to do as I observed the craft hovering about forty feet off the ground. My friend remained frozen in the car clinging to the steering wheel. As I stood there by myself watching the strange craft, I saw what appeared to be an aluminum type metal that had been seamed.

The craft omitted a strange light at night. There was a dome on top and the craft was circular in appearance. It hovered over the ground. There appeared to be portholes in the upper dome of the craft. Via the portholes, I could see a pulsating red light. I was quite taken in seeing this unusual object. The UFO was hovering over what had been a barbed wire fenced in pasture. There were no houses in the area. I remained standing on the side of the highway for about fifteen minutes. I even waved to the craft. After an approximate fifteen minutes, the strange craft tilted to about a forty-five degree angle. The UFO then righted itself. It picked up more speed and sped off into the sky. I stood there watching this strange phenomena. After the UFO had sped off into the sky, I hurried back to the waiting car. My friend was terrified. I hurriedly ran around the back of the car and jumped into the passenger's seat. My friend was screaming, "The car won't start! The car won't start! This is all we needed." He frantically kept turning the ignition key. Finally, the car's engine started. We headed back towards Highway 395 leading into San Diego. I had to be home at a certain time and couldn't be late. It seems to me that this event took place within a time frame of about fifteen or twenty minutes. Just before my friend and I had left Julian earlier, we had checked my watch -- that's how I knew what time it had been when we surprisingly saw the UFO on down the country, two-lane highway -- having left Julian, California. After the UFO incident, my friend asked me to check the time before we approached Highway 395. I did as we drove along. Shockingly, that's when I discovered we had "Lost Three Hours Of Time".

Brian, the time just totally disappeared after the UFO incident. I have no idea whatsoever where the missing time went. Absolutely none! It was a real shock because my parents expected me home at a certain time and "Not To be Late"! The best description is the fact that we were both stunned that this event had even happened. My friend continued to be in a high anxiety state all the way back to San Diego City. The event scared him! I don't recall how I felt physically --- I felt like I was in the 'Twilight Zone' even though I had thought this had been a craft manufactured by our government. I was absolutely shocked when I realized what time it was -- horrified is more like it since I couldn't be late getting home! Whatever triggered the missing time still kind of scares me in a fashion. When time is missing, it's like there's no control. That's all we could talk about all the way back to my parent's home...meaning having seen the strange UFO earlier. We didn't know what to make of it and especially the three hours of missing time?

After we arrived at my parents home ...it was really late. My mother opened the door wondering where we had been? My father was up anxiously awaiting too -- My friend immediately told them what had happened earlier. My parents believed us -- we shared with my parents everything we had seen earlier. My mother told me not to report anything since she had feared there might be complications later. I followed her advice at the time.

As far as 'marks' on my body, I don't recall seeing strange marks at the time. Nothing came to light until the year 1987 when I had had surgery on my nose. During the minor surgery, my doctor had surprisingly discovered a former 'stitch' on the end of my nose. I told my doctor at the time, "I'd never had a stitch on my nose -- ever in fact." Later I had wondered if this had to do with the UFO episode in the summer of 1957. These are questions that still remain unanswered to this very day in fact. I've thought of hypnotic regression over the years. However, three hypnotists have tried to hypnotize me in the past -- they were not successful. Subconsciously, I apparently tend to resist hypnotic regression.

Over the years since, I have tried to locate my friend on several occasions. I would have liked him to have backed up our true story. He used to live in San Diego, California years ago but I have no idea where he has moved to now. The last time I saw him, I was driving by a drive-in restaurant -- I had observed him in a convertible with several kids in the car. The year had been 1966 maybe. Since then, I have no idea whatsoever where he has gone. I wished I could locate him. We did kind of go our separate ways after the UFO incident in 1957. That does seem odd to me now that I think about it years later. Again, it had been an incredibly strange night. My parents did not go through a similar situation. I am glad they believed my friend and I because the UFO event did actually happen. My parents knew I didn't lie. Nevertheless, it had been scary knowing I would arrive home much too late after the UFO incident. Brian, I hope this helps you in your research efforts!

I can't thank the person enough for allowing me to post her story, thank you very much. Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


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