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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My abductee story is so different from all of the ones I read on your blog, here goes.

Labor Day,1955, Day 2.

It was bedtime and I remember sitting up in my bed holding onto my pillow for dear life, scared witless. My head was still hurting from the night before. A little lump at the base of my skull right side, and a lump on the top of my head, hurting.

So my mother comes in to put my baby brother in his crib for the night, he was born the previous May 25. To my horror she opened the window and said goodnight, closed the door. I just sat up waiting for them to come back.

I wasn't taken aboard any ship. Little specks of light entered thru the window, I thought they were bumble bees or some kind of glow in the dark wasps or something. As they gathered around me they formed into light beings. All I could see were silhouettes.

This time they plugged something into me, down there, into my bippy. I am trying to find the words to describe this. It hurt and I showed it to my mother the next day she told me it was just a beauty mark and made light of it. It hurt and I was touching myself, too much in fact my mother told me if I didn't get my hands out of there I was going to be punished. I was only 4 years old and had no idea what this was all about.

Day 3.

Same scenario, being tucked into bed, having the window opened, me waiting for them to come. I knew they were coming. And so they did. In the middle of the night those little flecks of light, coming into form and gathering around me. They checked me out, made sure the implants were doing what they should and in some way I was allowed to remember all of this. I didn't know what to make of it.

Thru my childhood these beings would visit me quite often. All I could see were outlines of Beings in pastel shades of yellow pink, blue, green, pure white, no intense reds or violets. I came to love them. I thought they were angels coming to play with me. I would get out of bed and we would dance around. I can remember laughing and not being afraid.

As I grew up the visits came less often but something else happened. Whenever I said a word like glory, or glorious, glorified, anything with the root of glory in it, I would get an answer in my head. I thought, Oh lucky me I have a guardian angel. I called her Glory and she would answer me anytime. I could say, what shall we do today Glory and she would say, lets go make mudpies, or suggest we play with my dolls or something. I did quite well in school. Geez Glory what is the answer to number 4.....and she would help me.

My entire life the implant in the bippy would itch and burn. Now lets flash forward to 2004. I can't specifically date this other than to say it was around October or November and the darn thing in the bip was itching and burning and driving me crazy. So I ripped it out of my body myself. I felt around it really deep and it seemed to have a tail. I pinched, squeezed, pushed and pulled at it, to no avail. But the next day, it rose to the surface and I was able to get it out. It looked like a piece of plastic built on a slant, about the size of a child's Bandaid. It had three tails on the end of it. I cannot be specific about the order of those tails. I don't trust my memory of that because it will change positions in my mind as I try to remember. Large medium and small is the best I can do. There was stitching around the edges and a patch of something like clear plastic. I turned it over, the other side was completely different. It looked like sponge and the tails weren't on that side. There were no transparencies on that side as the other one had.

I went into my room and sat on the bed, very dim light in there, and as I checked out the first side, saw a cluster of small green pyramids about in the middle. One large one, three smaller ones surrounding it, more around that, and a row of 4 smaller ones in a straight line at the bottom base of the cluster.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me I said, oh how cute, and I heard THANK YOU, in my mind, loud and clear. I looked into the larger pyramids and could see the teeniest flecks of sparkly type things and it appeared to be faceted, like you would see on a gemstone. I was mesmerized and asked questions Like who are you, I was told they were beings from, I cant be specific here, it was beings from space but I don't remember exact words. I was told they had come to check out all of Gods creatures thru the universe. That they were here from the start of humanity. I got the impression we were plopped here on this planet by them, that they were even involved in building the pyramids, stonehenge and other strange things on this planet, even getting rid of the dinosaurs so we could survive.

They were worried that the implant was going to self destruct if I didn't put it back into my body until they could come for it. Apparently they were busy and couldnt get to me for two to two and a half days. I tried shoving the thing back in and couldn't, I didn't know what to do, so they told me to swallow it. I was looking around my room for a specimen bag or bottle to put it in and I heard, put it back in, you wouldn't want anything to happen to Cassandra would you? ( She is my grandaughter ) I wasn't thinking of going to the military with it, more along the lines of Bill Gates and the money. I knew they were laughing at me. This thing had power over me. And God help me. I swallowed it.

I walked around in shock for the next 2 days. I went to sleep on a Thursday afternoon, didn't wake till Sunday afternoon. Both my son and husband were out of town during that time. When my son walked into the house that Sunday afternoon, I said hey what are you doing home in the middle of a what was supposed to be his time away from home with his girlfriend. He just looked at me strange and said, Mom, its Sunday. I don't know what I was thinking or feeling. I just went back to sleep.

Waking during the night, my left lower leg, right above the ankle called my attention. I saw a circle of scabs, within in it more scabs, in some sort of pattern, not concentric, about the size of a baseball. It was gone the next day. I couldn't function for so long after that.

I remember what happened to me. The first time they got me to their ship, I don't remember how I got there, the first thing I remember is being thrown into a decontamination chamber and my clothes were off. The guards that threw me into that place were nasty and black as black could be, laughing at me. Smoke filled the room, I could see a window thru which I was being observed, by them and others I cannot describe. Next thing I know I am up against a wall that comes up from the floor its a bed and I go thru the wall into the operating room. Everything that comes next was done robotically. Yep, I was probed thru every hole in my body and then some. Something was attached to my left leg. My blood was drained and filtered thru there.
I remember one alien, the surgeon, coming over to me and telling me, that they had new technology, that it wouldn't be so hard on my body this time. She was wearing red. She waved her hands across my eyes and said.....this wont hurt a bit. Next thing I know I am being wheeled out of recovery and into a small room, naked as the day I was born and put into a cage.

The surgeon, who I shall refer to as Joy was taking care of me. Taking pity on me, patting me on the head, trying to calm me down. Giving me some sort of liquid to drink. She gave me something like a hospital gown to put on, it was red. She appeared to me to have the shape of something like a praying mantis. I thought she was a bug. She wanted me to walk around a bit,said she had someone she wanted me to meet. I got up out of my cage and walked into the hallway.

Her office was white and very small, everything else was dark grey.I stood there, and she brought out my hybrid son. I knew he was mine, I felt love in my heart for him. I wanted to run into his arms but got the feeling she would have bitten my head off.

Next thing I remember is being led back to my cage but being shown around a bit first. I heard frogs and things like crickets. Joy showed me the atrium, with beautiful birds and creatures of all sorts, plants I will not describe for fear it would be conjecture on my part.

Next thing I remember is my earth son saying, hey MOM its Sunday. I walked around in shock, and diapers. Whatever they had done to me left me with no control over going to the bathroom. When I stood up whatever was in me just came pouring out.

I am shaking and starting to cry now. This still scares me.

The next time they came for me, it was a check up and a lot more friendly. Again, the same decontamination procedure and red gown. I was greeted by Joy, in red, and she had somebody she wanted me to meet. I am taken into a room and greeted lovingly by GLORY. Now she was some kind of an amphibian. And she was cute. She was wearing a little red skirt and hat and carrying a pocketbook. I am not sure if it was a basket or a purse so I will not describe that. I patted her tummy and she laughed. She was huge at least 8 foot tall. They were going to show me how they did a soul transference. I stepped into something like a bubble, she stepped into the one next to me. Buttons were pressed and I was her, and she was me.

I was treated cordially during this visit. I was shown around a bit. I remember hearing a clap of thunder every so often, as if something was rolling around the perimeter of the ship and propelling it thru space. I was led around a bit, taken to a room that was filled with all sorts of creatures, they were eating and having a good time it seemed. I peeked into this room. In the left hand corner I saw humanoids. They all had black hair. One of them stood up and he was being patted on the back and applauded, he was wearing the robe of king. My celestial son was there, he jumped over a table to get to me and brought me into the room. He could wiggle his ears and that made them all laugh. I know it sounds strange, and I cry as I write this, and there's so much more. I made friends with these beings. I stood up and said....(may God help me) I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of alien. They all laughed.

Next thing I remember is getting into a tiny space pod with my celestial son, I named him Mickey, it was the ear thing. He was taking me home. As I got off the ship, I live next to a wooded area, we landed there, he walked me off the steps and said Bye Mom, my body then broke up into those small specks of light I had seen as a child and the next thing I knew I was home in my own bed.

At some time in that night I woke up and found a series of blisters on the right side of my body, the size of a quarter. The first thing that ran thru my mind is that they were inoculations of some sort, that I wouldn't get them sick and vice versa. I picked one open, on my right breast and saw there was a little slice cut into my body. The one next to it leading down to the others on my body had three brown freckle like tiny dot, play connect the dots and it was a triangle. ( I have has strange markings appear and disappear on my body my entire life) I fell back into a deep sleep.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. Let me tell you about my earth son Joseph. Born Sept.9,1972, right around labor day. When he was an infant he would talk in his sleep. He was only 3-4 months old and I would hear him talking in the night and laughing in a language I had never heard. I did try to tape it and all I got back was garbled gibberish and right after that the talking in the night stopped. Leneesa, I have been trying to get this story out and you have helped me so much and you said. ___ I think they gave you one of theirs to love. Turns out you are right. My son Joseph is somebody special to them. He has been in contact with them recently.

And I have another live in companion. How do I know this, well, telepathically whoever it is can react to a situation before my mind can wrap itself around that situation. My first example, go ahead and laugh. I am in my house and I am smelling something stinky, before that thought was fully formed, my companion said hey this really stinks, and this communication is just starting.

My new implant is in my back, left side and when it itches and burns, I know something is going on. I blow things up, turn on a light and the bulb burns out, can't get the phone to work, appliances blow up on me, blew up a computer screen, the computer will go nuts on a day like that.

They will be back for me. I am coming to terms with all this just recently, but I tell you it still shakes me up and I cant give you anymore details cause I am shaking and crying and I don't know if I am even human.
Thank you for listening to me angel, I will be all right. I have many other details I just cant go on, gonna throw up and take to my bed. God bless you darling, you were sent here to help poor schmucks like me and there is a special place in heaven for you. bye for now


I don't want to interject any fabrication of what the ship looked like or anything because of all I have seen either on t.v. or read about on your blog. I don't do any research or reading on the matter. I do know why they block it from the human mind, not only would it drive a person crazy, they would be thrown in a mental institution and treated like a schizophrenic, as you printed in a recent story. And their research would be finished.

Roswell happened, the big conspiracy there is not to keep it from us, to keep it from the world. The USA wants to claim they invented the computer chip or fiber optics or whatever they got off that ship, which was a mission of peace by the way.

I was allowed to remember, they are my friends, why else would they come around and dance with me as a child and let me remember so much. There is so much more coming.

The bippy......I got the term bippy from an old show called Laugh in, in the 60'S so feel free to clarify that in any way you feel necessary. I was trying to be polite. That was put there to study our sexual habits and even to control me, the birth of my sons, the one up there, the one here with me now. The implant in my head is another thing altogether, to study how we think, and perhaps even to evolve us in some way, to allow them to communicate with me....I wish I had the words.

Not only was I in diapers for a year. I also wore an eye patch over my left eye. It felt like I had a grain of sand in it or something. I couldn't keep it open. I do believe it is a camera. I am coming clean with all this so, I may as well go on. The implant in my bippy controlled my reproductive system. I have a set of rare twins. When they were born they were the third recorded case in history. Jessica and Jennifer. They had 2 placentas as in fraternal twins, but they had the same number of membranes surrounding the fetuses as in a set of identical twins. I have a rare blood type that didn't appear till 1950. I was born in 1951, one of the first with AB negative.

It is all related, geez Leneesa. I am just coming to. No more eye patch or diapers. I don't know what the implant in my back is for. Gosh I am loaded huh? I agreed to it all. Thank you for listening to me.
I thank this brave experiencer for sharing what has happened to herself with all of us.


  • At 8:46 AM, Blogger Annie said…

    Thank you, you are most brave.

    May I ask if you have ever seen in a person a black fluild run across their eye like a worm moving over the eyeball quiclky?


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