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Thursday, February 09, 2006


On June 18, 2005, the Blog featured the first part of this investigation by Dr. Valery Uvarov of St. Petersburg, Russia. Today he has sent the second part. Thank you Valery!


"Then I asked, 'Will it be possible to see you once again?' They said, 'If you are in danger, we will find you within 15 seconds.'"

From the answer that Oleg Kirzhakov was given aboard the UFO on 2 November 1989 it is clear that extraterrestrials keep a permanent watch on the people to whom they have extended their "patronage." Moreover they can instantaneously make the transition to our dimension and be with their "protege" in no more than 15 seconds in a life-threatening situation.

These conclusions were the inspiration for a long-term experiment with the aim of making contact with the extraterrestrials to whom Oleg had been of invaluable help that night by the Emtsa station. The very position of the craft -- resting with one side against the trunks of birches and the other on two serviceable supports -- indicated that it had suffered some sort of breakdown. At that point something unprecedented happened; extraterrestrials turned to a human being for help. For that reason the inclusion of Oleg at certain stages in the discussion of details of an alien vessel with the aim of studying their technology might:

1. Bring out things hidden deep in Oleg's unconscious,
2. Provoke some sort of reaction from the "extraterrestrial" who keep Oleg under permanent observation.

Researchers, some of whom have themselves been through extraordinary experiences, know that interaction with cosmic visitors always leaves its mark. The contactee becomes the bearer of a special energy and information. Part of this is imprinted upon the person's bio-field; the other (main) part is imperceptibly "recorded" in the unconscious mind as he or she communicates with them.

By the autumn of 1996 the main circumstances of Oleg's encounter with the extraterrestrials (ETs) had become clear. The initial information came from Oleg himself, additional (key) information from the investigation of other cases. In the winter of that year we visited Moscow with the aim of reconstructing a full picture of what had happened through talking with Oleg Kirzhakov. Effectively we had prepared a sort of report on the research we had done, in the course of which we had, as a detective might say, got a strong lead and identified the motives.

We were looking forward to the coming "final act" with excited interest -- the participants in this experiment were hot on the trail of those who had always managed to remain in the shadows.

Studies of a whole number of contact situations showed that during an encounter with extraterrestrials things come to the conscious surface of the mind that in every day life never manifest themselves at all. When they are with the aliens people sense an unusual reaction within themselves that proceeds from another ego. A distinct sensation of duality arises. On the extraterrestrial side too, interest in certain people is chiefly evoked by a desire to obtain information precisely from this deep-down hidden ego, and not from the outer person that the contactee believes himself to be.

The first, amazing discovery that a person makes when he senses the will of another ego within him is that the interests and aims of the inner (hidden) and outer egos may not coincide. This prompts the idea that in reality some people do live double lives! One life is known to the person, the other is hidden and takes place on entirely different planes of existence, determining the extraterrestrials' degree of interest in studying the inner essence of particular individuals. Thus one of the questions we put to Oleg was aimed at finding out what he can recall feeling during his encounter with the Orion's. (Orion was identified as their place of origin through an analysis of the star chart shown to Oleg on the domed ceiling of the craft.)

What follows is one part of our conversation with Oleg Kirzhakov.

Valery Uvarov: Let's go back to your encounter with the Orion's in the early hours of 2 November 1989. Remember the sensations you felt when you were in the ship with the aliens. Did you experience a split personality?

Oleg: I sensed a split not at the moment of contact, but later. The encounter took place about 2 a.m. And towards morning, when I was behind the wheel of the car, I was in a state as if it was not me that it was all happening to. After the contact I didn't say anything for a very long time, although there were two of us in the car -- me and my relief, Nikolai Baranchikov. I was mulling over everything going on within me, as it were. It was a state into which I fell without noticing. I noticed far more when I sort of woke up. A feeling like fear came over me and the thought that perhaps I had dreamt the whole thing. Only after that did we begin talking. Until then it was as if I was retarded. Nikolai said that he tried to talk to me a few times, but I didn't react at all. By that time 5 or 6 hours had gone by since the contact.

Nikolai told me that when I came out of the craft there was a glow around me. He said I was shining like the Lord God. There was some sort of halo around my body and it was as if my body was transparent.

Valery Uvarov: That is the natural result of the influence f the ETs. As soon as you entered the craft's field and then, responding to the invitation, went on board, they scanned you with a form of energy you are not used to. Later you told us with amazement that, at the moment you took hold of the shat that appeared from the side of the craft by the door leading into the corridor, a screen that was in front of your eyes showed all the physiological parameters of your organism (body temperature, blood pressure, state of the microflora and much more). But the most intensive influence awaited you inside. Passing down the metal corridor, you went into the depths of the craft and met its occupants. You were amazed by their appearance -- they looked like bundles of energy with a human form in which you could detect neither a body nor individual features. The explanation for this strange appearance is that the ETs were in a higher energy state.

From the explanations that you were given by the ETs themselves, their craft moves using the electromagnetic field that is created around it by an energy cocoon. That electromagnetic field with which they distort space and accomplish the shift to a different dimension is destructive to the organism. Therefore, to avoid the harmful effect on the physical body, the extraterrestrials transform it into energy. In that state they can remain in the electromagnetic cocoon without damage to the ecology of the body. In that state, the ETs possess a high energy level that caused your aura to glow.

It has to be acknowledged that the event in which you were involved was unique. The craft you visited had broken down. When the aliens exited the "time corridor" a problem arose with the device responsible for global (universal) positioning (kind of GPS) of an object in space when it is moved from one dimension to a strictly determined place in another.

Before the transition they converted themselves into energy, but the ship was unable to enter the appropriate state. There was a malfunction. The ship's systems proved unable to correct it and accomplish the transition. And so, without having accomplished it, the ship shot out of the "time corridor" at low altitude and made a fairly hard landing that left it standing on two supports instead of three. The extraterrestrials were lucky that they weren't very high up.

To fix the fault they needed to shirt their bodies back into the physical (material) state, but that would have required a lot of time. For a quick solution to the problem, they needed and external source of energy. Luckily for them, you were on hand! They invited you in and used an open flame. It must be said -- you were a great help to them.

That time, in 1989, everything turned out fine, but there are known cases when problems led to a crash. One of the most serious accidents is the Sasovo explosion of 12 April 1991.

Oleg: I was also amazed at the reason why I was brought there. They needed an open flame. At first I couldn't believe that it was a UFO and that they were really aliens. Only when I got inside the ship did I grasp where I was. From the outside, when I was looking at the ship, I was just interested. At that period I had a very interesting job that involved traveling to all the cosmodromes, artillery ranges and also closed military zones.
Valery Uvarov: I admit that not just me, but many of my fellow investigators too were struck by the precision and detail in which you described to construction of the UFO.

Oleg: I have clambered all over spaceships of the Buran type and others. And when I came across this object on my way I was fascinated. The first thing that came into my head was that it was some sort of antiaircraft antenna system or a space tracking system.

The next night a launch was due. We were driving directly from the launch site. When we were driving the other way, the object hadn't been there. We came back and there it was. I thought "the army boys have done a quick job."

I was prompted to get out of the car and go up to the object purely out of professional interest and curiosity. And then when I was inside already, I grasped where I was, looking at all those geometrical signs and figures on the buttons of the control panel. I was struck by what I saw on that ship, although previously I had not been interested in UFOs.

A year ago I gave up my job that had meant me practically living on the road, driving from one space center to another. I haven't seen the TV program about my encounter all the way through. Once in a hotel in Krasnoyarsk I just happened to see a part of the program when it was being broadcast on the Orbit channel. That was about three years back.

Valery Uvarov: Have you had anything strange happen to you since that contact?

Oleg: Later I regretted not having asked them for something as a souvenir. I don't know if they would have given me anything. When we parted I asked if I could see them again in the future. They said that if I was in danger, they would find me within 15 seconds. I have to say they kept their word.

Hunting has been a hobby of mine for twenty years or so. About three years ago, hunting in Orlov region in winter I was crossing the River Zusha on skis. I had my rifle with me. That day, as I set off, I did something that I never did - bound my skis to my felt boots.

Not knowing the locality, I decided to cross the river where it was a bit narrower - around 150 meters wide. And as I was crossing the river, I fell through the ice.

The very strong current started to drag me beneath the ice. At the moment when the ice began to crack and give way beneath me, I wanted to toss my rifle aside, but suddenly the clear thought came into my head that I shouldn't do that -- that it would come in handy. And the rifle really did help me!

I tried to get a purchase on the ice, by putting the rifle across the gap. The ice was thin and several times it gave way beneath me. I still kept hold of the rifle, but the current was strong and gradually dragged me further and further under the ice. I couldn't get rid of my skis as they were tied on. I thought that if I were to let go of the rifle or the ice broke once more, then I was done for. I was so scared that I couldn't even shout.
And at that moment I saw a little old woman running towards me from the bank, accompanied by a little black dog. I never told anyone about this. Standing on thin ice, that old woman easily pulled me out of the water, after which she dissolved without a trace literally before my eyes. The terrain was open and the nearest village about a mile away.

Later, when I had reached the village and was trying to get warm lying on top of a stove, everything drifted in my mind, as if in a fog. That old woman struck me as somehow having been strange, unreal. Yet I had spoken with her, thanked her for getting me out.

Exhausted and panting for breath, I had asked, "Grandma, where did you come from? You're really great to have saved me. I could have drowned. How come you are so strong?"

She stood there, nodding. "That's all right, son," she said. "All right. Get up now, don't lie on the ground." But I didn't notice how she disappeared. I remember her dragging me to the bank, and when I got over the shock, stood up and took off my wet sheepskin, I turned around and the old woman was no longer there.

Later on, in the village, I asked about the old woman that had pulled me out. I can still see her now wearing a cherry-coloured winter coat, a short one, like a child's. She was short, around a metre fifty. I described her, but was told there was no old woman like that in those parts.

Valery Uvarov: Help did not arrive on a space ship, as you might have expected. That turn of events is amazing. They not only transform themselves into energy when necessary, but also change their appearance, trying to avoid having a serious impact on people's psyches and earthly affairs.

What about unusual dreams? Have you had anything odd happen at night?

Oleg: Yes, I have, but I only remember vaguely. Some alien worlds. Some snippets connected with space.
Valery Uvarov: And do you sense a link with them (the aliens)?

Oleg: I have the feeling that they are communicating with me, and I with them, only I can't understand how it's happening.

I'll describe one episode that happened to me. I can't remember the exact date now. That day one of the latest UFO programs with the title Extra NLO had been on.

I spent the day at the dacha and arrived home late. The program began around half past one in the morning. When I switched on the TV, the program was already finishing. Nothing of importance was said in it. Just one phrase stuck in my memory. One of the participants said "I wonder just how many orders of development higher than us these beings are."

After the program ended I went into the kitchen and sat by the window, which was uncurtained. The sky beyond the window was full of stars. Around two o'clock my thoughts began to drift and I gradually slipped into recollections of what had happened to me. I remembered what I saw and the beings that I met on the flying saucer. Gradually, imperceptibly, I switched off from everything, entering a sort of half-conscious state. I don't remember how I entered it. I recall that when I started to come out of that state, I had the feeling of losing something. The state in which I had been was much more pleasant than the one I was returning to. I had a physical sensation of that exit.

Next to me was a pen and a paper napkin on which I had jotted something while in that other state. When I picked up the napkin I couldn't understand what I had written. Turning the napkin over, I wanted to make a note saying what the jotting was about, tried to make sense of what was written, but couldn't. All I managed to write was "Smoked, couldn't sleep" and the time 2:20 - 2:35. In other words there was 15 minutes between me writing those lines - how I don't remember - and coming out of that state. After I came to, I immediately went to bed.

Next morning I remembered nothing except watching the program and going to bed. That was all.
When I picked up the napkin with writing on it I hadn't a clue what it was about. Reading the note, I sort of returned to that other state. Or rather, I suddenly recalled the difference between the state I was in and what I had come back to. What was written on the napkin was about how many orders of being They are above us.

"We are ten orders below them. We (humans) are a hundred orders above the microbes."
14.03.96 02:20 min

I know that they exist and I have no intention of trying to prove it to anyone. At any rate, we can at least in some way compare our levels of development.

That's one of the strange things that have happened to me. All that is clear is that the communication took place in a state of which I have no recollection. To all appearances an awful lot of people communicate with them, only we don't remember.

Our talk with Oleg went on much longer. Despite his outward reticence, Oleg was becoming more and more fascinated with the investigation of the hidden sides of this detective story. At the end of the meeting he promised to let us know if anything odd happened to him in the future.

Meetings and contacts with ETs like the one Oleg Kirzhakov are extremely rare occurrences. It is precisely encounters of this sort that provide the most valuable information about aliens, the level of their technology and their interests.

If it were not for such encounters, we can only guess how long humanity would remain in the grip of its own fantasies regarding ETs. Few of us, meanwhile, reflect on the fact that the ideas and expectations expressed in the plots of films and in Hollywood's depiction's of aliens mirror our own aggressiveness and low moral and ethical standards, which practically excludes any possibility of our terrestrial civilization being incorporate into the system of interstellar relations.

Valery Uvarov

PS. Our expectations following the meeting with Oleg Kirzhakov were fulfilled a year later, in 1995 - before and during expeditions to the Urals and to the "Valley of Death" in Yakutia. At that moment when we researchers were on the point of solving the mystery of the Tunguska explosion and realized what had been concealed from earthlings for thousands of years, we distinctly sensed the presence of those who had taken Oleg Kirzhakov "under their wing." All the events that subsequently happened to members of the investigative group fell outside the bounds of "chance." We grasped and almost physically sensed that we were under constant observation, because we had entered the sphere of "extraterrestrial interests."


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