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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A gentleman contacted me the other day to tell me about his recent contact. He did not know the race of the aliens who contacted him but he told me about a message he had been given by them. I will leave it up to you, the readers to decide whether or not to believe the warning and heed it, or not.

" We have come to this planet many times. During our first visit the people worshipped their God faithfully. At that time, they told us that this God was their creator. Now the earth people worship money and sex. They have become selfish, greedy, manipulative and dishonest. Some still worship the creator each Sunday and then go about their sinful lives thinking that the utterance of prayers will exonerate them from any deed. They are fools.

Your natural resources falter, your crime rate has risen to frightening proportions, your own people live in boxes on the streets begging for food. Yet, you are "proud to be an American". Your men and women cheat on one another, hurt one another and use one another for selfish pleasures. Children are murdered before birth or all but ignored (or worse) to become angry and confused adults. Animals, who have no voice, are used for fighting not unlike humans were in the days of the Roman Empire, or become scapegoats for your frustrations. I pity these innocent life forms.

In your world, the surest way to become famous is to take another human life. While those whose lives are taken quickly fade from memory.

You then look to us to save you. You could, yet refuse to, save yourselves. You ask us to accept you yet you do not accept one another. You ask not to be judged when you are quick to judge another.

We offered a young scientist the plans for a wonderful machine that would cure diseases and rejuvenate your bodies, all we asked is for you to contribute to the building of it; yet alas you have rejected that too. You want no part of it until it is made and then will all but kill each other to be able to use it. This offer shall never be made again.

On our planet there is no murder. Both genders are treated equally. There is no love of money and sex is a beautiful expression of love. We let no one go hungry and everyone has a home. Also, we do not feel the need to be seen by others in order to worship our creator. Most of all we do not abuse, exploit or neglect those with no voice.

If you haven't already guessed, the end times ARE here. Your Judgment Day is approaching this year. Even your own creator is sickened by the way His children treat one another. May your Creator have mercy upon your pitiful souls."


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