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Monday, February 27, 2006


Glenn Steckling head of G.A.F. International/AdamskiFoundation[gafintl@...]
P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A .
Answers some questions

Q: I would like to know when and how you got involved with the Adamski Foundation, was it before or after you had seen a flying saucer?

A: My parents - Born in Germany - witnessed both Saucer and Cigar shaped UFO's during the war years and my father already tracked such worldwide sightings on a large planetary map. In1960 we immigrated to the United and again witnessed several sightings during our travels.

One such dramatic sighting was in the spring of 1963 - a Bellshaped Saucer hovering clearly visible between one and two thousand feet directly overhead in Downtown Washington D.C. More than 30 other witness were present including a newspaper reporter who published the account the next day in the"Washington Daily News." [original article is in our archives]

Upon seeing this type of craft so close, my father researched and found the exact duplicate photographed by George Adamski.This lead to contact and eventual direct association with George until his death two years later in 1965.

During this time we had the honor of shared experiences and sightings while in his company.

Q: Have you ever seen a "Venusian Saucer" if so when and where? Were you alone?

A: Yes, several times, in several locations. Typically in the company of others but sometimes alone and occasionally while piloting aircraft as well.


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