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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


From: http://www.hbccufo.org/
San Marcos, California An Unknown That Corkscrewed Through The Air
Date: N/ATime: N/A

Am hesitant to say too much about this event. Was on a day's holiday from work. I'm (work place deleted) for 30 yrs. I work opposite a military airfield and I am familiar with just about anything with fixed or rotary wings. Had excellent vantage from hilltop of approx: 1800 ft. I was observing a contrail from NW to SE at high altitude. Air in vicinity of event took on a brightness, I'll call milky glowing blue. I observed a trail that was moving opposite of contrails direction, of smoke? cloud? vapor? that corkscrewed through the air.

I began snapping shots with my disposable 35 mm camera. At same while, heard hissing and was aware of something directly approaching. I became fearful of some kind of assault on my person about to take place.Only seconds had passed from my initial sighting of contrail. I found myself muttering/babbling/disoriented. Thanks for your interest. Incidentally, Edwards AFB, Nellis, are nearby. 100mi and 300mi respectively.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Hi!I've been wanting to tell my story for many years,but because these kind of stories were far-out, most people look at us as if we're nuts(sometimes nuts would be a better alternative).

I was about 12 years old. My family and I(4 kids, my parents,and 4 neighbors)were outside in the summer night in Laytonville,California, working on our stock car, getting it ready for the weekend races. Around midnight, the crickets and other bugs were singing away in a noisy cacaphony. It was a fun and exciting time. Suddenly everything went absolutely dead silent, not a chirp or buzz anywhere. Then the power went out. That was creepy. Even more suddenly,the sky brightened brilliantly as (it was quite large)it appeared to be a low flying fireball flew over the top of our house. The way it was burning made it look like it was made of wax, turning first one shade, like orange, into red, then green, yellow, and so forth, while looking as if it was dripping as it burned across the sky. It wasn't flying that fast, the speed of a fast prop plane maybe. It made no sound. It was making an arc over the house, arched over the hill behind the house, then down out of sight. No sound of a crash, no flashes, nothing. No more light,either. No more noise at all the rest of the night from the bugs. Creepy.

Anyway, I went with my stepdad and a friend and walked up to the top of the hill with flashlights and rifles through the trees, following a trail that led us up a ridge. My stepdad told us to stop and listen, but I didn't hear anything. He said it was time for us to get back to the house, so we turned and went back. Everyone went home and locked the doors.

Being without power,we sat in the living room in front of thefireplace. Thank goodness. That fire was a welcome site. We had these bay windows that I would sit in and look at the night sky a lot back then.Tonight would be no different, my curiosity was so.

I remember sitting there, looking out at the night, when I noticed fog rolling down the side of the same hill we had been up. It spilled into the apple orchard beside the house, filling it and surrounding the house. I watched as it began to rise up the window, finally getting back up to join the others.

My mother and two sisters got up and all three went to the restroom together, situated on the orchard-side of the house.There were two doors separating us from them. Then they started screaming,and before we got to the first door, my mom came crashing through it, without bothering to open it, carrying my two sisters. She plain knocked that door down.

They were absolutely hysterical, and it took some time for my mom to catch her breath enough to tell what happened. She said that the fog began to glow. A soft blue light was coming down the side of the hill. It came through the orchard and towards the house. When it got close to the bathroom window, my mom says she saw three figures, one being tall, and they had light surrounding their heads that had some 'sparklies'(sparks) flying aound inside of it.That is when they screamed and ran for their lives(my mom and sisters that is).

Finally, us kids went to bed. Our rooms were an addition to the main house,and were more converted sun rooms for they were mostly glass windows for three walls. The rest of this is like a dream, and dreams are all I remember of the next three nights (a sister and I recently talked about this stuff for the first time since it had happened and she remembers the three nights). In these dreams, I see people laying on their backs, their bodies splayed open and all the bones, flesh,arteries, muscles, etc, moving, twitching, pulsing, and some of these people were awake, and in pain, for they were screaming.

I remember seeing people hanging by their limbs, some of them also splayed open, and bloody.There was lots of srceaming and moaning. I didn't see my sisters, but I did see my brother. The 'beings'were poking him in the base of the back with a long needle. I saw him once. Once,I was stuck in the back of the neck, at the base of the skull. I don't remember pain.

I remember being floated on some kind of 'flying bed' that these beings held as they transported us back and forth from our house and their ship. It was lit up in blue light too.

As I say, I only remember this stuff, the abductions, as dreams.Or dream-like,to be more precise.I was taken there several times,and I saw different parts of this ship.It was not big on the outside (the only thing I saw was more blue light, it didn't appear solid). It was huge on the inside. There were lots of things I had seen inside of it, but don't remember them all. It was big,though, and a virtual hell.

This is scary crap man. I've lived with this for 36 years now, and feel some relief telling it now. Maybe my brother or a sister will tell their experience. I'll have to contact them to find out more. Later. This is only one of several incidents of close encounters,though it is the only one where I was abducted.

More later!


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