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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


November 9-10 2000 Time: 0200A

The witness, Aleksey Tikhonovich suddenly woke up in the middle of the night feeling an urge to inspect the house, he finds everyone asleep and the house dark. Suddenly he sees a very tall figure standing by his bedroom door. He ran into his bedroom and grabbed a stick he kept next to his headboard; at the same time asking the intruder how did he get in the house. The intruder however remained calm and told him not to be angry that he believed in the same God, he then applied his right hand on the left side of his breast and said, “I have come in peace”.

Aleksey could now see the intruder clearly and he described him as well built human like figure 2 meters in height. He was dressed in a tight-fitting one-piece gray suit that covered him all the way to his hands and neck. He had short hair of a shade difficult to describe, with an expressive face resembling that of a well-known Russian actor (!).

The stranger seemed benevolent and curious. Immediately Aleksey relaxed and put the stick down. He then asked the stranger, “Where did you fly from”? “From a distance” was the evasive answer. He then added, “We not only come here, but we go to all the different parts of the earth” “We have been studying humans for a long time” “We see how you have polluted your planet”. A little offended the witness asked the alien if his planet was “cleaner” than the earth. His answer was a resounding yes, since they did not have such “terrible technologies” as the humans did.

Growing bolder in his demeanor Aleksey continued to ask questions to the visitor. The visitor told him that on his planet the average lifespan was over a hundred years. He seemed interested in Aleksey everyday life and his method of making ends meet. When Aleksey mentioned that he had served in the Army for 20 years and was receiving a pension the visitor said that they did not have an Army in his planet. Astonished, the witness asked the visitor how did they deal with any criminal element. He received a curious answer, “We exiled them to other planets, there they learn to survive” “We teach our children well from a young age, we do not have homeless children like they have here on earth”. Aleksey was also told that a large council comprised of a group of “specialists” governed them.

Aleksey asked the alien how did he learn to speak Russian so well, but received no answer only a curt smile. He then told Aleksey that their main means of communication was through telepathy. At this point Aleksey realized that the stranger had not been moving his lips that he had heard all the conversation in his mind.

After 15 minutes the witness asked what type of technology they used to fly their ships, the stranger only said that they used different “measurements” in their technologies. The stranger then walked towards the window and semi-squatted on the floor, Aleksey was briefly distracted and had glanced away, when he looked back the stranger had disappeared. He only saw a fading light outside the window that quickly vanished. He approached the window and looked outside but everything was dark.

After the stranger left Aleksey thoroughly inspected the apartment to make sure that his family was sleeping soundly. The next morning he realized that a small “welding torch” had mysteriously disappeared perhaps taken by the stranger. Only then did he tell his family of his strange encounter. For the most part their reaction was restrained.

After the encounter Aleksey was ill for five days and remembers the alien telling him that it was going to be so since they had different “bio-fields” that were sometimes harmful to humans. He added that the chemistry of humans “suffocates”.

HC addendum
Source: Gennadi Belimov, X-UFO Russia


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