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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Date: February 8 2006 Time: 0048A

The witness watched a huge object descend overhead, described as a thick large disk shaped craft with a large rotating dome on top and four equally spaced domes of a smaller sort underneath. It glowed an intense white glow that enveloped the whole ship. The witness put his sunglasses on and was able to see additional details. The craft had a diameter of 6 city buses. When he looked closely at the rotating dome he saw strange runes or glyphs encircling the top dome emitting a blue glow that outlined these odd symbols. It went the same for the smaller rotating domes underneath, yet they were colored separately purple, red, green and yellow. It circled around his house practically brushing the tree tops. After about 15minutes of circling it hovered directly over the house. Intrigued, he went outside to obtain a better view. The glyphs on the small domes then became brighter and the domes began to spin faster and faster. Then all of the sudden a dazzling blast of light focused on the witness. Terrified, he couldn’t move. Suddenly there was a horrible shrieking noise inside his head. It was deafening and incredibly painful and forced the witness to the ground clutching his throbbing head as though he was going to die. Then there was a brilliant blaze of light and the shrieking stopped. The ship then began a steady climb towards the stars. As it did, four orbs about the size of a car appeared to have risen out of the forest and began circling in bizarre patterns around the ship. The craft rose faster and faster into the night sky, until it was only a speck in the sky. Still feeling an intense pain in his head the witness went to sleep.

HC addendumSource: UFOs Northwest
This person should be regressed to remember what the runes looked like and be able to draw them off. No word is mentioned of missing time but this could be an abduction case.


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