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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Incident in Shropshire (UK) by Peter E. (Excerpted from the Flying Saucer Review)

I was on a lone walking and painting holiday in Shropshire in 1984 when I saw a cigar shape in the sky. I was puzzled as it had no wings. Yes, I know aircraft can look like that in very specific lighting, where background and wings are exactly the same in brightness and texture, but this invariably lasts only seconds; and aircraft are tapered. This was simply a cigarette, tubular rigid, bright white, a normal shaded object in the sky, persisting for minutes, moving. Not a wind sock being trailed by a plane either, it was rigid and solid.

I was puzzled but not particularly moved; being skeptical and sane I didn't assume that things I can't quite place are automatically spooky. Many odd sights soon resolve into the mundane. I thought little of it and it slowly drifted from site over rooftops. Whether it was seen by others I don't know but I reflect that anyway people don't see things. I have been walking and seen truly bizarre (but later explicable) sights that no one else seems bothered by. A vast pulsating black globe in the Yorkshire Dales for instance, vibrating like a water filled balloon. Incredible, but it actually turned out to be a perfect sphere of birds flocking together to protect themselves from a predatory bird. Explicable in the end, this remarkable spectacle excited no comment from walkers walking two abreast discussing their mortgage arrangements. This made me know; people don't notice things.

To return to my account, later in a wooded area, I got lost after following strange lights. It was, I think still morning so I can't explain the seeing of lights except that it was overcast and cloudy by then and in a wooded area it is bound to be darker. I got confused and unaccountably very tired, but I attempted to follow these moving lights through the woods, puzzled in retrospect at this action. Why would I want to follow? Granted they were curious, like birds or bats flitting through trees, but not something worth pursuing -- too fast for a start. Then something much more curious, I was astonished to see the tube once more, close, rather alarming now, grounded, sticking straight up in the air like a crashed airliner -- but still a pristine white tube, a cylinder. I was very tired, abnormally so, I sat down on a tree stump to gawk at the object, puzzled.

It was manifestly not a tree since it was an obvious artifact, it gleamed, looked fresh and new. No sense of it being an old stone column or some sort of misplaced lighthouse, uncommon in rural inland Shropshire and a bit bright and new. I said it was vertical. I can't swear to that and anyway my memory is for more of a slant like that of the Pisa tower. That is not the point though, I have a competing memory of it actually being horizontal and I really can't tell if this relates to my seeing it in the air earlier or evidence of second glimpse that I have blocked out. I certainly have no doubt it was the same object as the earlier airborne one.

I was tired. I clearly slept, odd in view of the situation. On waking I was refreshed somewhat a trifle hungry. I pride myself that on country walks I can walk all day without food as long as I have started with a good breakfast and I consume plenty of fluid. Actually I was surprised much later to find I had drunk much more of my water than I recalled. There was no sign of the tube and I carried on my walk. I eventually set out for home somewhat prematurely. I began tiring again and I wondered if I was coming down with something. That is I set out for the small guesthouse I'd booked in at. I lost a lot of time retracing my path, again. I pride myself n my good sense of direction so that I shun maps (much to the horror of stuffy walkers who insist going out fully armed). Getting lost is part of the charm; I used to tell people with a laugh. I was aware that I had lost some time because of my wanderings but equally felt I was early -- after all I'd turned round sooner than I'd intended. My watch made no sense but it had occasionally let me down by losing time. I can't recall if it had apparently lost or gained just that it was so wrong as to be ignored. Of course on this occasion it wasn't really wrong at all -- just too different for me to accept.

Back at my guest house I was the object of concern. Where had I been? What was the problem, I asked, I'd been out. Guests did that they knew I'd been intending to walk. Yes, but that was yesterday morning, they said. You've been away for a whole day; where did you spend the night? They might even have reported me missing but for the coincidental fact that I mentioned that I had friends in the area. I was startled even convinced that they were confused. I had manifestly not been away the whole day. I had set out in the morning, had a rest and come back. It was inconceivable that I had slept a day in the woods, damp and uncomfortable even in an English summer. Indeed my clothes showed no sign of the kind of scuffing that this might produce. Furthermore I had not been tremendously hungry, something a day without food might produce. I said this before realizing that actually I was a bit hungry. I had noted it after my sleep.

A dated newspaper proved that I had indeed lost a whole day. That was it initially but I sensed unease. Something had happened. I had the same feeling about that day that one gets with a tip-of-the-tongue experience, when something is eluded just out of reach. I had a clear sense even of having been inside the craft; rather having been taken in. It was only later when I submitted to therapy for certain problems did I realize that I had indeed had a very odd experience, clearly it was abduction. I leave this open with the excuse that abductions, particularly without proof are fascinating to those who believe, boring to those who (annoyingly) observe that it's just a story and it could just be made up. I had no trace of physical evidence, so I held the most unique details in reserve in case someone else has had the same kind of experience and I will know what they are telling me is authentic.

This was a meta-experience, not remembered directly, only recovered later in therapy. I was naked and comatose on a bed or slab. I was restrained while being examined. I had a kind of conversation, not a very informative one, very little in content but I do remember it being initially incomprehensible from the other side. Then it somehow morphed into understandable English. I recall asking where these people (people?) came from and getting a noncommittal answer. This is what I remembered with prodding. I remembered much more later although then it eluded me later on once more. The recall occurred because I sought therapy for the prolonged aftereffects of the strange events on my holiday. I initially felt unwell, I came out in an irritating rash in days, it covered my midriff and pubic area that lasted weeks. My pubic hair and body hair fell out and I suffered impotence. What made me more panic stricken was the apparent shrinkage of the tissues of my genital area. I was also numb and sore.

I went to various doctors without telling them of the cause, why complicate things? Eventually due to medical indifference I told one specialist the full story. This man listened patiently, a fixed expression on his face indicating, perhaps his thoughts were "poor guy he blames his impotence on little green men." I could see a nurse grinning broadly as I recounted every little detail of how I got into this state. I wondered, as I attended several times if a different nurse begged to be allowed to listen in to the young man de-virilised by aliens, not that I had really put it in such a direct way. I was physically examined; I was given a penile plesythmograph, a glass apparatus for a volume measurement. It was noted that there was some diminution in my privates, but there was no evidence from before the incident for comparison.

Inevitably I was given a psychological explanation for my unknown syndrome, which included a Freudian description of the cylinder as a projection of my latent desire for impressive virility in the face of my inadequate sexual potency. I hesitate to write about this, not just out of sensitivity but because I believe this is an unknown post-abduction syndrome. Have other men reported this? I would be very interested to know.

FSR Comments: This exceptionally brave article should be taken in all seriousness by all ufologists who understand the gravity of the post-abduction syndrome. The witness appears to have suffered an allergic reaction or infection to whatever procedures were performed upon him while on the slab. If this is the case, then it was a procedure that was taken with undue care in the genital area by abductors who were less than caring or indeed incompetent with normal medical procedure. Similar reports of heavy post abduction bleeds and infection in women have been common since our common awareness of the possibility of mass abduction began 30 years ago. This is no laughing matter and harvesting of reproductive genetic materials has come to light again and again in our dealing with alien entities. These are undoubtedly a form of human mutilation.
Before continuing, Brian Vike sent out a report this morning that has a similar sighting to the one above.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Date: July 5, 2006
Time: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: Shape of objects: Gun metal grey metallic cylinder.

Full Description of event/sighting: I went on a smoke break on the rear alley entrance balcony, and my attention was immediately drawn to this "metal rod" floating in a very ominous manner, like a feather, or balloon blowing in the wind. I could only comprehend this thing as a balloon of some sort, until I noticed that it was very smooth and dark grey in color, and reflected the sunlight. I called for my employer to come witness this bizarre "floating rod". He watched it silently for about 2 minutes, and to my surprise, he was very startled. He then make a silly UFO joke and went back inside.

This object seemed to be over the down town area as I was looking west. I watched it for about 3 minutes as it travelled northwest, over North Vancouver. I found it quite freaky because it seemed quite fast for a balloon in the shape of a "metal rod" to move in that manner. It seemed to slow down, spiral upwards then it slowly turned and banked, in a very peculiar fashion. I got a very good long look at it, and seen no sign of any creases, letters or numbers, or anything at all on the exterior of this "metal rod". It was simply, a shiny, metal looking cylinder, the shape of a cigarette, and it was very stiff and rigid. The more I thought about it, I began to change my mind about it being a helium or gas filled device, because if it was a balloon, the strong winds at that height probably would have caused the cylinder to warp in shape, or noticeable strains in the exterior fabric. If this was a fabricated floating device, it was very well engineered.

I imagine that I would have seen the interior frame pressing against the fabric, but it was completely smooth. I would be relieved to find out if others had seen this "metal rod" that floated over the city yesterday afternoon. Please reply if you witnessed this "metal rod" or if have any photos or ideas of what this object is.


We retired to bed in our camper van on Friday, the 12 of August, the day before our return to the north of England. It seemed as though I were dreaming. In the dream, I was taken to a wooded copse area along with the vehicle to a place nearby, we had just visited a few hours before. Returning to the apparent dream, the camper was suddenly back at our camp site. I was aware of a buzzing noise which seemed to come from above. The buzzing quickly gained in volume and intensity, as though it were getting closer. In less than three seconds, the intensity of the sound grew so strong that it was as though I were standing within the very noise itself, and every atom of my body was being vibrated. I awoke immediately, it was 4:40 am and I admit to being somewhat afraid of this sound which had ceased the moment I awoke. I felt strongly that the sound had not emanated from any natural source for there was a mechanical component to it, like a turbine or motor. I am confident that I could not have dreamt of such an intense noise and that it was in fact a real event.

Drawing on my past experience I immediately made the assumption that they had paid me another visit. Never before had I heard or remembered that sound, and I felt sure that they had allowed me to hear it so that I would be certain of their presence. I quickly looked through the caravan window next to me, but saw nothing. Even if something had been hovering overhead, I would not have been able to see it, and in all honesty, I didn't look very hard. I fell asleep readily. As was my habit, I went for a shower before breakfast. As I washed, I quickly became aware of a stinging sensation under the foreskin of my penis. I soon discovered a red 3 pronged mark approximately one centimeter in length which I am certain was not there when I showered the previous morning. I am also certain that I had not damaged myself accidentally in the intervening period.

As I checked for other marks, I quickly found two red marks of around a half centimeter in diameter. They were positioned on my lower abdomen, and would have marked the position where the two ovaries reside in a woman. (A place called the anginal canal where the arteries to the genitals can be found). I also discovered that the area just to the arm pit side of my left nipple was tender, and on inspection I found a three centimeter long red mark on the skin above the sore area. I was now certain that I had been visited and over the next few days the area beneath the two red marks on my stomach became quite sore, as though I had undergone some minor surgery within. After one week, the soreness and the red marks were still there, and the memory of the event will always be with me.

I am not at all surprised by the visit, for other cases of strange marks came to my attention in the preceding few weeks. The middle of July 2005 seems to have been an extremely busy time in the UK for the visitors as they left puncture marks, solid triangular marks, and bloodied pillows from nose implants in their wake. I must admit to feeling somewhat apprehensive about future visits, and yet I am not really afraid. I have the strong conviction that if they meant me real harm, that it would have happened long ago. Perhaps all these events are a kind of condition for some future purpose which I am not privy to.


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