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Sunday, August 13, 2006


From the Aztec Oral History Project

Dulce Interviews 6/20/01Brian

Brian: The incident occurred when I was on radio disk jockey training in Albuquerque, TVI. We went down twice a week for the training. One evening we came back late after supper, maybe around 10 o’clock. There was thunder and lightening, and the clouds were hanging real low. My boss and another guy were with me. We were coming around a bend and all of a sudden we see these lights from the west. There is a tower by Wells Lookout. We see red and green lights coming out from the clouds, small little balls going up and down right underneath the clouds. We all looked at each other, then we pulled off the side of the road and watched them for about five minutes. We could see these little balls coming out of and shooting back up into the clouds. We all looked at each other like, are we seeing things? Every once in a while the lightening would light up the surroundings. We all looked at each other saying, Wow, this is strange. Are you seeing what I am seeing? That is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this.

Question: What year was that?

Brian: The radio station was established in 1985 so it might have been 1986 when this happened. It was a strange phenomenon.
* * * * *
Brian: On Archuleta Mesa, I was working for the B.I. Forestry as a technician doing survey. I was by my self at the time doing logging survey. I had a loggers tape hooked up to a tree in a very deep canyon. When I retracted the tape from the tree I heard something crashing like I had spooked it. I started running. When I passed where that noise started crashing I smelled something like a wet dog. I did not know what it could have been. The thing was moving around the bend so I took a short cut over the point which I knew so I could beat it. While I was running to the top I was in contact with dispatch in Dulce. I told them there was something strange going on. It was a steep little canyon, pretty thick with vegetation and it was almost dark. I rushed to the point where I figured I might catch up to it and sure enough, I did. It was running over the point. I just saw the shoulders and back of it. It was black but I couldn’t tell if it was hairy. It was at a distance.

I went back to where I first heard the noise. It looked like whatever it was had been lying down. I know it wasn’t an elk because I know the smell from an elk and a bear. Whatever it was had been lying in the shade. It was bedded down. I couldn’t find any tracks or traces of it. All that time I was in contact with headquarters.

Question: Did it look like any kind of animal you had ever seen?

Brian: It couldn’t have been a bear. A bear would stay down on all four paws

Question: Did you ever notice whether you ever lost any time? Like, if you thought you were watching somebody for five minutes and you look at your watch and it had been an hour or two hours?

Brian: Not really.
* * * * *

Brian: I was taking a joy ride, a country ride, me and my wife and a couple of my friends. We were down at the Navajo River. It was in the summer. We were sitting in the back enjoying ourselves. All of a sudden out of the north sky we saw something coming from Archuleta (Mesa). It was moving very slow. We figured it might have been a plane but there wasn’t any noise, it was just cruising. It was moving extra slow, just gliding through the air. We didn’t know what it was. The four of us stopped and watched it. If it were a plane it would have been gone out of our sight very quickly.

Question: What time of day was that?

Brian: It was mid-afternoon. It was traveling from east to west. This was not a weather balloon.

Question: You’ve seen weather balloons?

Brian: Yah. I think it was last year (2000) a weather balloon was spotted just north of Archuleta. Everybody was surprised to see it and asked, what is that? It stayed stationary. You couldn’t tell what it was. We looked at it with binoculars and it was a weather balloon. But what we saw that day on the joy trip surprised all of us.

Question: Was that within the last five years?

Brian: Even less than that.

Question: Were there any lights flashing that you noticed from this thing?

Brian: No. It was just one solid color, grayish. It was not lit up like a reflection. What surprised me was the speed. You can imagine a jet going at the normal speed. But this one was going extra, extra slow.

Question: Was there any noise?

Brian: No, nothing at all. We watched it until it eventually disappeared over the hill. I don’t know what altitude it had been flying at but it definitely was coming from Archuleta (Mesa).

Question: Do you have any idea of what size it was? Do you have any reference points? If you held you hand out in front of you with your fist closed, would that have covered it? Or if you hand had been open, would it have covered it?

Brian: No. It was like a real small dot at the time. Archuleta sits at 9,000 feet so it was fairly high up in the air. To this day when I mention these incidents to my friends they look at me like, Yah, right. They don’t believe me, except for those four. To this day I believe in UFO’s.
* * * * *

Brian: This happened to my stepsister and a friend of hers within the last ten years. They were living out in the country near Burns Hill. One night, in the middle of the night, they thought somebody was driving up. Then a light, the size of a basketball, like a crystal ball, came up. They could see it moving around the house. It lit up inside the house wherever it moved outside the house. The women got scared. They didn’t have any weapons like a rifle or anything. They held each other. They froze for a while to see where the light would go. After a while they looked out the window and the crystal ball like object was cruising through the underbrush. They didn’t know what it was looking for. Wherever it was it lit up the area, lit up the underbrush. It shook them up. The next day they moved back into town.
* * * * *

Brian: This is a Bigfoot incident. It was told to me by my boss though I don’t recall how long ago this was. He and a worker were out cutting firewood for our shop. He described it as being about 9:00 a.m. He said they had just unloaded their equipment and were starting to cut wood. His worker went back to the truck to get something and the boss followed him. The next thing he knew a big chunk of log, maybe 14 inches in diameter and 6-8 feet long came flying overhead. The men looked at each other like, what’s going on? Who’s doing that? They could hear a grunting noise like somebody was frustrated. They saw the log whipping out of the sky and slamming to the ground. Then there was a second one, a little smaller. The men looked up into the hills looking for what was throwing the logs. They kept hearing the grunting noise like a bear or something. When the second log came flying out they both got scared and were in shock. What kind of animal could throw something that big? So they loaded up their equipment and left in a hurry. They never returned to that location.


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