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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


UFOs and the Days to Come

The UFO sightings are going to increase exponentially and soon it will be undeniable. The media will have to address the issue along with those who have participated in the cover-up. Disclosure is coming from the skies, over 70-80% of the people believe UFOs are real and there is a government cover-up which leads us to the next question who does those who are participating in the cover-up serve and where is their integrity? To whom do they hold their allegiance? Certainly not to the American people, truth, honesty or professional journalism. UFO investigators are ridiculed, giggled at and held by mainstream scientists as unprofessional crackpots. Who is unprofessional?

Einstein said condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance and armchair investigation and research is based on pure ignorance. From what research or data do these professionals draw? Zip, nada, and there are no courses in the universities about UFOs or fueless energy for that matter. So what do they base their statements on, how can they make an educated statement on a subject for which they have no education or research? Why does society put these people in documentaries and give them headlines concerning the subject?

Wake up people, you had cars that ran on water decades ago not to mention all the fueless energy gained from crash retrievals and suppressed breakthroughs by a myriad of scientists. Everything you need to turn this planet around, provide all of your energy and transportation needs with clean Earth friendly energy has been on the planet for decades. The only thing missing is leadership with integrity. The enslaved through dependency came along with the pollution that comes with it has gone on for decades as well. Humanity has become so programmed most cannot even imagine a vehicle running on water, running on fueless energy devices, take it one step further and add anti and counter gravity and you would not even need tires. And yes the back engineered computer, microwave, fiber optics and soon biological computers all came from crash retrievals.

The greater family of man/woman throughout the cosmos are in many cases your ancestors. They are returning. They have blocked kill shots from the sun, massive solar flares and CMEs. They have diverted comets and meteors or blasted them into nothing before impact. They have intervened and lessoned the severity of many cataclysmic Earth changes. These spiritually and technologically advanced interstellar and interdimensional off world visitors have transcended disease, war, and all cultural and religious boundaries. They serve Creation yet we meet them with aggression and fear. When you attack a race in the interest of national security that has far superior technology there is a lack in logic. In the interest of National Security we should greet them with ambassadors, discern their intentions, learn from them and utilize their knowledge and technologies to end war, disease, and restore the environment. This is the logical, rational intelligent path to take. This is what is being offered by these off world visitors despite Hollywood and those who attempt to create a threat and assume in arrogance we can defeat them, steal their technology and use it for world domination. You are going to see them in your skies very, very soon. They are here now. Before the end of 2007 it will be undeniable due to the conditions of the consciousness and the environment.

For those who follow the Mayan calendar there is a 5 year discrepancy between the Gregorian calendar. 20012 is this December and November 11 will be the great shift with a lot of shifts leading up to it. Where will you be in consciousness and location for this event?

The off worlders work here to preserve a race bent on destroying itself and its environment will make it necessary to take a hands on approach. If less than twenty percent of the people prayed for divine intervention you would have it. Now is the time to rise in consciousness and deed. Ask for assistance in the days to come. If enough people drop the false belief in separation, release the past and ask for help you will see heaven on Earth. Health, longevity, peace, brother/sisterly love and a grand reunion with the greater family of man throughout the cosmos is our future if we have the courage to stand up for it.

Be well
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