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Thursday, September 21, 2006


From HBCCUFO and Brian Vike:

I was a regular 17 year old and it was a late winter morning in 1993. I woke up feeling very good and happy. At first everything seemed a little foggy as if I was sleeping very deeply and was not yet fully awake. But it was a comfy happy groggy feeling. As I lay in bed coming to full consciousness I remembered what I thought at first was a dream, only it was unlike anything I had ever dreamt as the memory was so real. I remember a golden being standing to my left, hairless like the Hollywood aliens on TV, but taller with very beautiful large brown eyes and golden glowing skin. I was lying naked (I do sleep this way) on a silver table in a room such as I have never seen before or again.

I'm not sure if the floor was the same as the walls as I could not see the floor from where I was laying. The walls were a deep shade of pink mixed with peach. The only thing I can relate the material to is some sort of flexible membranous tissue. There was slight movement from the walls as I watched how they seemed to bend and flex gently much like the rhythm of breath. The walls were very relaxing, to watch and were glowing as if completely alive or part of some larger structure. There was a little spot to the left but almost directly in front of me where the wall went over leaving a doorway into this strange room. I could see more of these same walls through the doorway that I would estimate to be at least five feet tall probably six. However well I can guestimate to this day I am not a scientist so I cannot be entirely sure. I know that I am 5'9 and this being appeared to be within a few inches either way of my own height.

I was aware then of the beings hands moving gently over the top half of my exposed body (my hips and lower were covered with a white sheet? that was draped over me). I sensed that I was being examined or scanned in some way and I shifted my focus to the Being. It is important to know that in no way was I at that time afraid or even the least concerned, looking back it is like I was tranquilized for I truly had no concern that I should find myself in such strange surroundings and with a Being who was very much unknown to me.

The Beings arms were long and slender. The hands were similar to ours in the way that there was what could be called a thumb, only it was longer than a human thumb would be. There were three fingers after the thumb and these were long and slender as well. I could not see any fingernails, hair or indication of. The fingers were over my right breast when I heard a distinct voice in my head say, "A lump, it's hard here. Cancer?" I immediately thought "No, I've been working out," and I mentally saw our family weight bench at home. I knew then by the voice and energy of this being that it was a male although I at no time saw any physical indication. Although he appeared to be clad in only his skin, his body was devoid of sex, even nipples. He looked then into my eyes and I saw that he was smiling. There was so much kindness and wisdom in his huge milk chocolate eyes. The entire eye was brown, there might have been a black pupil within but I did not see it for I was lost in the overwhelming emotion and deepness of the complete experience. There were no eyelashes but there was an upper lid for blinking. I felt very much in awe at that moment for this beautiful golden glowing Being and this peaceful place. It was like I had woken up there and then woke up again at home in my own bed feeling relaxed, rested and wonderful.

Slowly the nice feeling wore off as the memory replayed again and again. Physically I became shaky and my mind began to race. The Being, his eyes, the radiance of the strange place and the beautiful feeling I was left with all felt so real that I was left with little doubt it had it had not been a dream. I felt lost and sad for what was I to say.

To keep my own sanity (ha ha) I eventually got myself to believe it had been some amazingly real dream until just over a year later something similar happened only this time I was conscious through the entire event. The first experience was beautiful, but the succeeding experience I would have a year later would scare me for years. The next experience happened with a different species, a smaller type that has the strangest dark skin. Have you heard from people who have had an experience with the golden beings?

Later she wrote:

Yes, I have had some marks, well cuts, I came back with, that were impossible for me to achieve by myself asleep. I also have two scars, one on the right side of my chest and one on my thigh. It is a circle type scar with five circles inside. The weirdest thing is that my son has this same scar on the back of his neck, since birth.

The last time I remember being taken was when I was approximately 6 months pregnant. They seemed to have taken extra care to make sure I was all right because when I woke the first thing I saw was their ship over the neighbors and then tree shadows. I went to the window in time to see the three little Greys walking away. I have seen about eight different species so far and as much as I have experienced and seen leads me to think they are like us. Some are good and some have other plans. However I have only had a run in with the not so nice ones once.


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