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Sunday, September 17, 2006



Masterson indicated that as the light beam of one UFO would light another UFO, he was able to get a good view and make a detailed observation of the various UFOs through his rifle scope. His sketch of one of the UFOs is based on his description of a UFO he said was located about one half mile from his location. He stated that the top and lower portions were ribbed similar to the corrugations on metal pie plates or pie pans. He stated that the cylindrical middle section of the UFOs had alternating red and white panels which emitted flashing lights at the time the UFOs were preparing to depart. The bottom section of the UFOs contained a ring of landing lights which were on during the final approach of landing to illuminate the landing area. These were extinguished after touch down.

Masterson reported that one of the ships had a rotating light which was mounted flush with the surface of the ship. He said that this flush-mounted light emitted multicolored red, blue and green light which rotated in a clockwise direction. A section of each ship also contained the rectangular search light which has been described earlier. He could not remember the specific location of the search light, but on the sketch, he drew it on the upper portion of the UFO. Masterson reported that the approach and landing of the UFOs, as well as the departure was completely without sound. He stated that he observed no opening in any of the ships and observed no exit from or entrance into any of the ships. He said that he observed no landing gear, possibly because of his location which blocked his view of the lower portion of some of the ships. They were all apparently within two and a half miles of his location.

When investigator Reynolds questioned Masterson as to the size of the ships which he observed on the mesa, he could only reply that they were extremely large. In an attempt to determine their size, investigator Reynolds asked the approximate distance of the ship. Masterson stated that it was approximately one half mile away. The investigator and Masterson went into Masterson's backyard with his rifle scope and Masterson was asked to point out some land mark which was approximately the same distance from his home as the ship. He pointed to a large lighted store front, which was plainly visible because it was lighted with flood lights. Masterson was asked the size taken up by the ship and the field of view of his scope. He first stated that the field of view of his rifle scope when it was adjusted for seven power, covered approximately one-third of the diameter of the UFO. After he looked at the light of the store front, he revised his estimate and stated the entire diameter of the ship covered approximately seven eighths of the field of view of his scope. Masterson was requested to site on the light of the store front with his scope and point out an area of the store front which covered a view of approximately seven-eighths of the field of view of the scope. After he described the appropriate portion of the store front to investigator Reynolds, they proceeded to the store front and paced off the indicated portion of the store front. The indicated distance was forty paces which is estimated to be forty yards. Mr. Masterson stated that the height of the ship was approximately twenty to twenty-five percent of the diameter. He also stated that the horizontal band around the center of the ship appeared to be approximately the same height as the lettering on the store front. Masterson and the investigator observed this lettering at a close range and estimated it to be approximately forty yards in diameter, ten yards tall and to have a center section approximately two yards wide.


Masterson reported that during the time he was observing the eight UFOs on the ground, he happened to look straight up and saw a rectangular panel of multicolored flashing lights located directly above him. He stated that this rectangular panel was estimated to be approximately eighteen by twenty-four inches in diameter and was estimated to be located approximately forty feet directly above him. He said that it appeared to be composed of twinkling multicolored lights; red, blue and white. He said that the edges of the rectangular panel were indistinct. He talked to the panel and told it to leave him alone. He stated that he was very concerned for his personal safety and told the panel in no uncertain terms that he had no more ammunition and that he was not able to harm the panels or the UFOs he was observing. He said to them in his own vernacular that he observed that they were superior in technical advancements to the civilization that he himself lived in and that he was lost. He requested advice as to how to find a way back to his truck. He stated that he assumed the rectangular panels to be antennas, but did not know the true purpose of them. He stated that he observed the panels through his rifle scope. When he observed the panel through his rifle scope, the multicolored rectangular panel of flashing light disappeared and in its place was a red flaming "V" which appeared to be smilier to a flaming road flare. The flame was in the shape of a "V." When he took his rifle scope off the flaming '"V", it disappeared and the rectangular panel reappeared in its place. After the panel was above him for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, it faded out. He observed it at about 60 yards away a few minutes later. He said he saw six or eight panels that appeared and disappeared at various locations around him throughout the night. He indicated that he talked to them, but saw no indication of them perceiving or understanding his conversation.


Masterson stated that the ship near the center of the semicircular row was assumed by him to be the mother ship. He said at one time during the night this ship projected two different picture or images in the sky. Each of the images was on for about two minutes. The first image had a triangular outline that appeared to look like a face. He said that the images rolled in the sky just as if they had been painted on a sheet of newspaper which was rolled along its top edge and waved up and down in a vertical motion. He stated that a short time after the first image went off the second image came on and stayed on about two minutes. The second image had the appearance of the letter 'W' in a rectangular frame or box. These images made a crackling sound during the time they were projected into the sky.


Masterson reported that for the most part the entire phenomenon that he observed throughout the night, were silent. He stated that the images in the sky, which were discussed previously, had made a crackling sound. He also mentioned the rustling of the vegetation which was activated by the light beams of the search lights. He did specifically mention that the landing and take off of the UFOs was completely without sound. However, he did mention one brief period of time when two extremely loud sounds were heard. He stated that at one time during the night, suddenly, without warning, a loud warbling sound came on for about two and one half minutes and appeared to be coming from one of the UFOs. He said that shortly after this sound stopped it was answered by another ship. There was a similar two and one half minute blast, of a similar nature, from the other ship. He said these warbling sounds were like the modulated siren type of emergency vehicle sound and were about as loud as a fire truck or ambulance sound would appear to be if you were inside a car with the windows rolled up and an emergency vehicle directly passed you in the street. He said these warbling sounds occurred at about 1:30 a.m. and that there was no repetition.This sound was described as a woo-woo-woo type of sound.


About one half hour after the pair of loud sounds were heard Masterson reported that he saw two parallel vertical search light type beams emitted from the ship he assumed to be the mother ship. These lights extended vertically into the sky from the ship to another light that was located high in the sky. This light high in the sky looked like a stationary star, and was assumed to be several miles up. The pair of vertical style search light beams appeared to be as bright as search light beams are and lasted about five to ten minutes. He did not see the beams come on. Approximately five to ten minutes after he first observed them, he noticed that they were no longer there, but that the star-like bright light was there all night, and remained in a stationary position above the eight UFOs on the ground.


The time in which the first flashing light was observed at the beginning of the siting was estimated to be approximately 11:30 PM. Mr. Masterson reported that the last portion of the final approach and touchdown of the UFOs was at a slow speed not unlike the speeds used for a helicopter at a final approach and shutdown.

He reported that during a one and one half hour interval before sunrise he saw four of the UFOs take off; one at a time. The matter of take off was reported to be extremely unusual. Each UFO, while still on the ground, rotated from right to left into a vertical position and then lifted silently to an altitude of about 300 to 400 feet. The UFO then slowly changed from the vertical position back to the horizontal position. After this the center section became lighted. The light color changed slowly at the beginning from a soft white to a pastel blue to a pastel green back to white again. This color change increased in frequency and became extremely rapid. Next a white fog began to cover the center portion of the craft where the lights were located. This white fog began to spread from the center section of the ship toward the top and bottom. When the craft was completely covered it started moving slowly in a climbing turn. Each UFO moved slowly at the beginning but accelerated rapidly until after about 30 to 45 seconds it had turned about 180 degrees during departure. The departure angle was estimated to be 37 degrees horizontal initially and as the craft moved they left a trail of fog behind them. After about 30 to 45 seconds, each craft appeared to be a moving light in the sky similar to a shooting star and appeared to be on a course converging with the bright light which had remained suspended above in the air throughout the night. Masterson did not observe, however, if any of the crafts actually rendezvoused with the bright star-like light suspended overhead.

After the UFO which was assumed to be the mother ship had gone through the initial take off procedure and was suspended horizontally approximately 300 to 400 feet above the horizon. Masterson observed that it was located approximately one half mile to the east of him. He knew that the direction to the UFO was toward the east because he could see that the sun was about to come over the horizon. This ship remained hovering in the east for longer than the other ships. While he observed the hovering to the east of him, two of the rectangular lighted patterns again appeared in the sky. These two rectangular panels were about forty yards apart and each was located about forty yards from Masterson. As before he talked to them, and when he observed them with the scope, the rectangular panels disappeared to be replaced with the "V" shaped flares. He took the scope down and the panels again appeared. The point of the "V" in the flares were both pointed in the same direction away from Masterson and toward the southwest. He talked to the panels. He said that he was lost and he said he doesn't know who they are, but he reiterated in his own vernacular that he was positive that they were from a superior civilization than his and said to them, "You sure got your ___ together. You know where I am. Show me how to get the hell out of here!" He started walking in the direction pointed by the point of the "V", or i.e., of the two panels, which was also the direction of which would be indicated by an imaginary line that proceeded from Masterson's position to a point half way between the two panels. After he had walked in this direction for about ten steps, he stopped and looked up again. The two panels and the mother ship had completely disappeared during the time he had been walking those ten seconds.

He looked toward where the "mother ship" had been suspended in the air toward the east and observed the rising moon in this approximate location. He knew this direction was toward the east because the mother ship disappeared just as the sun was coming over the horizon. He knew that the mother ship was not the moon because of the elliptical shape of the mother ship and the alternating colored lights which he had seen about the center section of the ship. It was particularly obvious to him that the appearance of the mother ship was completely different in appearance from the moon, although when the mother ship disappeared, the moon was in the same approximately direction. He concluded that the mother ship during the time it was suspended in the air, had hidden his view of the rising moon. After he observed that the mother ship and the two rectangular panels had disappeared he continued to walk in the direction which had been indicated by the "V" shaped flares. After walking about four hours, he came out within fifty yards from his truck!

Masterson reported that he had observed a total of four UFOs departing. When asked about the four he did not observe depart, he indicated that after the mother ship and the two panels disappeared he continued to walk and did not search to determine whether any of the UFOs were still present.

Investigator Reynolds pointed out to Masterson that since he was apparently alone at the time of this siting that he is the only witness and that if this siting is published, there will probably be plenty of people who will come forth and criticize him, indicating that his story is untrue. He replied that he was sorry that he could offer no conclusive proof of his truthfulness, but he indicated he is willing to accept and undergo such criticism. He feels that he observed phenomenon which is completely beyond the capabilities of which he is a part, and that after considering this matter for over one month, he and his wife decided that there was a need for his story to be told.

This was one of my favorite UFO stories of all time. - Aileen


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