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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



I am going to tell you about an 18 year old boy named Carlos Henriane Guedes Machado. His father is Antonio Xavier Machado. He lives in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Natal is the state capital of Rio Grande Do Norte state. He does not speak English, only Portuguese, as his family also does. Carlos is a student.

Carlos gets telepathic messages from ETs. "Blue Galaxy" is their place. "Blue Galaxy" is not yet known to Earth's astronomers.

It all started after Carlos saw a television program explaining things about extraterrestrial communication. He becomes like a robot when he gets the messages. Sometimes communications can also occur at school or even in the streets. That is why his parents are afraid to let him go alone to the beach or some other place. He mostly gets messages at night, when he is at home.

Usually he gets up and goes to a room, or the small yard, to receive the messages. He speaks with a different voice tone and has a different look in the eyes while getting the messages. Many times he almost falls back to the floor when the messages end. The ETs punish him if he doesn't follow their requests. He has already fallen back to the floor, or stayed without voice for some time, as a punishment. But they really do not cause him any physical harm.

His mother and one of his sisters are afraid of the ETs. His father understands and accepts the case a little bit more than the others in his family. His parents are worried and want all this to end but it doesn't.

His father sent him to spiritualistic sessions, but nothing connected to it was detected. They have even taken him to doctors who gave him some medicines for him to get stronger. He is a thin boy.

The ETs have told, through him on March 23, 1983 "for him to move out of Natal City before 3 years from that time. There will be a high sea wave caused... (exactly here the lamp above me went off alone without me doing anything! I think it was caused by the ETs. The lamp went off by itself, it turned off alone while I was writing this sentence exactly in the word "caused." Sometimes before this the lamp in my living room, and where I am writing this letter now, has done this ((on another day)). But why did it do this now? Were the Beings who did this invisible? I think so. I had my hair stand up all over my body. Now it is OK again. I have turned on the other lamp too, and I'm going to keep on writing the sentence. I hope it won't happen again. I just hop so... ) ...by the moon. Haley's Comet will also cause destruction in the Northeastern Drought Region."

Some of the Being's names are "Ponto 8" - Point 8, "Ponto 0" - Point 0, "Kimbernents" and "Oxim." The ETs ask about water, gold, atom power, computers, etc. They say the word day is "Sun," not day. "We'll have to capture terrestrial being (Carlos) for 30 "suns" (or days)." "What's the biggest power on Earth?" -- "Atom Power," I said, answering them through Carlos.

For them -- "1 time" = 1 minute -- satellite "wink" is the moon and "to be" = is, are. ETs are against smoking and cigarettes. Once they said I was one of them on Earth (an ET living here). They also asked Carlos, or anybody else, to let the radio station know about their messages. "Our spaceship has just been seen by some earthlings, not you." (The people who were there in the yard.) "Tell urgently to Radio station."

Terrestrial Being (Carlos) will be punished. "I'll go." His eyes have a different brightness while he's getting the messages. He gets power from power sockets and switches in his house rooms, pointing straight fingers close to power sockets and switches.

Once we had gone to a beach close to Natal to try to get in touch with Extraterrestrial Beings with his father, Carlos, and two other people besides myself, but we could not see any UFO or Extraterrestrial Beings.

I believe his case is a truthful one, although I cannot prove it to you.

When it was nearing the time to come back to Sao Paulo from the Northeast of Brasil, they had stopped sending messages to him.

I didn't get any letter yet, since I have gotten back to Sao Paulo after that 3 month trip to the Northeast of Brasil.

Before meeting Carlos I was visitng another person and met an unknown girl in Natal close to his street. I asked that girl to take a photo of myself and some other people. She also appeared in my photo and her sister took the photo of us all. When I got to the street corner I asked the girl to give her address or phone number and I have given her mine too (in Natal). I also visited a woman who deals with UFOs in Natal who gave me Carlos's address in Natal and his phone number too. Then I decided to call the girl one day. To my big surprise, she told me she was Carlos's sister. Then I checked the telephone number and it was the same as Carlos's.

I then found out that the ETs from the "Blue Galaxy" wanted me to meet Carlos anyhow. Perhaps that was the most important meeting and thing that I did during all the 3 month trip to the Northeast of Brazil.
This letter was written to me some time ago, therefore some of the incidents talked about happened long ago. - Aileen


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