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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The following case was researched by Marge Christensen of Massachusetts, along with Linda Seal and David Webb. We have run into this type of case before but not with such extensive follow up.

by Marge Christensen

The witness, an artist and painter, age 50, contacted us after hearing us on the radio after the MUFON symposium.* She could recall only that several times she had seen two faceless, hooded three-foot entities standing over her just as she had retired for the evening.

They insisted that she had to go with them, and seemed to exert some sort of mind control over her. Within minutes she would hear a horrifying noise, and would experience the sensation of being sucked into a black vacuum, and the feeling of tumbling and tumbling.

Under regressive hypnosis the subject relived incidents with genuine emotions, terror and obvious fear. These included being taken on board a saucer-shaped craft where she was given a thorough medical examination; visiting a room on the craft in which there were bins of corklike chips, and there were literally hundreds of "unfinished little people all over the room."

She also visited a crystal-like pyramid city, which included a "university" with pyramid-shaped rooms. Another experience involved a visit to a "factory" in which a type of energy (from some sort of crystals) was being produced in a large machine. She was also taken to a shelter, from which vantage point she witnessed a bizarre ball lightning storm, and later she attended a meeting at an auditorium-type structure, during which people of all races from our earth were present and were being given a lecture telepathically by the entities. We asked her if she knew any of the humans there, and she indicated that she did; a young man from Anaheim, California and a woman from near Hull, Massachusetts. Attempts to locate these persons were without results.

Little did we realize that a few months later, almost purely by accident, a search in a different area of the country for another human who was allegedly at the same meeting in the "auditorium" would produce rather incredible results.

At the end of the final hypnosis session, we asked if there was anything else that she would like to tell us about? After a long pause, she replied, "Ingrid Swenson. All right. Did I tell you about her?"

Under hypnosis the following facts emerged: "She was an old lady at the meeting from Greenfield, SD approximately 60 or 70? She was pathetic looking, not unhappy and a nice lady. She was an artist and took care of people. When asked why she was pathetic looking the witness chuckles and says, "You should see what she's wearing. Well, she's got this long dress on; she's got shoes on with heels... you know, the fat heels? And she's got her stockings rolled down. She's just a nice lady." When asked how does she feel about being there the witness replied that "she loves it. Everybody there loves it. She's been there before too."

The next morning I called the Greenfield, SD City Hall and found an artist whom I could call and who would most likely know any artist from Greenfield about whom I was seeking information. I called and was astonished to find that there had indeed been an Ingrid Swensen who had recently passed away.

Ingrid had never married, and had no children, but she did have a surviving sister. Therefore, I then had to devise a means by which to obtain more extensive information about Ingrid and to determine whether or not the information furnished by our witness about Ingrid was, in fact, accurate. It was a delicate task to formulate questions for an elderly lady (now residing in a nursing home) concerning the possibility of her deceased sister having had a UFO abduction experience, as reported by a Massachusetts witness.

After carefully constructing a letter to the City Clerk in Greenfield about the case, within a week we received a reply confirming the age estimate given by our witness was pretty accurate, since Ingrid had died in 1980, at the age of 77, making her 60 years old at the time of the "auditorium" experience. A few days later, I received a lengthy letter from the attorney who handled the estate of Ingrid Swenson. He had gone to visit Miss Swenson's sister, Mrs. Groff.

Ingrid Swenson had been a registered nurse by profession, and an artist as a hobby. Our witness had told us that Ingrid took care of people, and this certainly applies to nurses.

"Mrs. Groff told me that Ingrid never mentioned anything about UFOs." The description of your abductee is quite accurate and also her age. At the time in question she would have been about 60 years old. I would say that she did appear as a pathetic looking person, although not unhappy. She also did wear longish dresses and wore the kind of shoes indicated. Ingrid Swenson and her sister were both nice ladies.

Photographs were sent and we arranged for the witness to meet with us to select the correct person from a group of eight ladies. The photos were taken 20 years ago. We simply placed the photo of the eight ladies in front of her and instructed her to identify Ingrid Swenson. "None of these really look like her. The coloring is just not right." Then suddenly she moved her finger and pointed straight at Ingrid Swenson. "She's a nurse. Did I tell you that?" At that point, we showed her another photo of Ingrid Swenson alone in her nurse's uniform. Our witness exclaimed, "Now, that's more like her! See, I told you the coloring was wrong in the other picture. See how much lighter she is here? See, her hair is lighter."

It appears that our witness is sincere and never saw an article on Ingrid Swenson. If this is so how then was she able to know so much about a person she never met? And how was she able to identify the correct person in the photograph which was taken 20 years ago?

* The year was 1981.

EDITOR'S NOTE; We are able to relate to this case because of one of our Contactee's in the Seattle area having had a similar event happen in his abduction. He met and talked with a girl from the Renton area while on board a UFO. Afterwards he saw the girl again on a Renton street. We did not try to find this girl because of the nature of the witness and the incident itself.


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