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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Abduction reports from outside of North America show imagery very different from the developing stereotype. One of the earliest non-American semi-abduction reports is an obscure and now forgotten report from Kenya, which appeared in the Nairobi Daily Nation sometime in December 1965. Michael Mudachi was sitting in his home near Eastleigh Airport when he saw a point of light approaching from the horizon. As it neared he saw it was an elliptical object with transparent windows. It landed vertically and three humanoid figures emerged from it, wearing what looked like tall hats.

They had human appearance, seemingly a synthesis of all races. They spoke in an incomprehensible language but were able to make Mudachi understand that they were not hostile and wanted to take his photograph. To get him to agree they first photographed his brother and another witness, then they put him on a platform where there was an implement like a birdcage which emitted a white light, like sunlight. A powerful ray shot out from a red bulb at the center of the contraption which hit Mudachi on the chest leaving him spluttering and fighting for breath. Suddenly the beings left without him seeing how. After the incident he fell into an unusually deep, dreamless sleep. Later he suffered from hallucinations, depression, loss of appetite and general malaise.

The theme of cold aliens is continued in the story of a Filipino woman walking in the Vienna Woods following a sort of presentiment. Suddenly she was paralysed, unable even to move her eyes, as a strange object descended. It resembled two saucers edge-to-edge, with a domed top and a three-sphere 'landing gear.' Three 'thin but strong' men, 1.5 - 1.65 m tall descended via a ladder. They wore dark-brown one-piece suits and transparent helmets, through which humanoid faces could be seen. One held a small box which flashed a red beam at her when the figure pressed a button on it, which enabled the witness to hear them talking in english. They asked if she would like to visit their planet, then flashed another light and gave a warning about the wickedness of humanity.
This report is by Brent Raynes of Alternate Perceptions

In September 1992, Bob Pratt and Cynthia Newby Luce had been traveling through the Rio Grande do Norte region of Brazil, when they stopped in a small town known as Bom Jesus and checked at the police station there about a report they were interested in tracking down. Though it turned out that the witness they were hunting had moved away, the detective they talked with knew of another local case that they might wish to look into.

Maria Dos Dores Lopes, 47, turned out to be a small, mild-mannered woman who said that what happened to her had been the most frightening experience in her life. Though the event had occurred back in September 1983, her memories of it still seemed very vivid. She told Bob and Cynthia that she had stepped outside with her two daughters (Marileide, then 15, and Maria DaGuia, 13) to walk their large black mongrel dog. They had been out in the front yard, approx. 15 meters from the house, when they saw a light in the sky with rainbow like colors. Suddenly the youngest daughter began screaming that it was “coming down,” and indeed it was. Soon the mother could see a “big tub” shaped thing producing an intense white light, a light that lit up the area all around them. As it came quickly down from the sky, she said it resembled a tarrafa, which is a circular fishing net that fishermen in that area cast into shallow waters. In addition, a powerful and cold wind suddenly “captured” the mother, her daughter Marileide, and the dog, pulling them into the air where they hovered helplessly about a meter above the ground! The youngest daughter, Maria DaGuia, had been the closest to the house and managed to escape inside. Once inside she alerted her father Luis, who had been laying down on the sofa, about what was going on outside. He jumped up and rushed to the front door, by which time the UFO had left and his wife, other daughter, and the dog were crawling on the ground towards the house.

Maria Dos Dores Lopes stated that the wind around them had been going around in circles like a hurricane. At the time, she had been wearing a large skirt, which filled with air, blowing it up around her. She recalled how she was trying to run, but her feet weren’t touching the ground. She yelled to her daughter to run, but she was in the same predicament, crying helplessly. Then suddenly the light went straight up and the three dropped to the ground, in shock and trembling, unable to stand up and forced to crawl toward the house. The dog also crawled along side them with its belly dragging the ground, ears bent down, and it’s tail between its back legs.

When they got inside the house, it was about a half hour before either the mother or her daughter Marileide could speak. The mother recalled how she sat in a chair and her husband was asking her questions, and though she could clearly hear everything he said, she was unable to respond. Then she began crying for a long period of time, and then she began to talk. It took about five months before this woman got up enough courage to go outside again at night.
I mentioned this case in a recent email with Brazilian ufologist Alberto Francisco do Carmo who, though he had not been involved in this particular case, made some comments: “The correct name is Maria das Dores Lopes. ‘Dos’ is wrong. Some additional data should be provided as for the name of the place. ‘Bom Jesus’ means ‘Good Jesus’ and there are thousands of names of places, villages that usually mean ‘Good Jesus of (name of the place)’, Bom Jesus da Lapa, Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, and so on. It’s cultural to use the name of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or a saint before the name of a place: Santo Antonio do Monte, Sao Jose de Almeida, Nossa Senhora do Desterro (now Florianopolis).”

UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil­Where Next?, by Bob Pratt. 1996. Published by Horus House Press, Inc., P.O. Box 55185, Madison, Wisconsin 53705. ISBN: 1-881852-14-8.


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