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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Mr. and Mrs. (John Doe) who live on the side of a mountain, say the object has landed within a few hundred yards of their home and aimed a powerful light beam through their windows 'in an apparent attempt to see what we look like.' (Their) young grandson told them he has talked to a man who apparently came from the craft. (Mrs. Doe didn't even tell her husband till it appeared one night when he was at home.)

(They describe it as) 'a top-shaped ship with a row of lights around the circumference.' (this is a fluorescent light which can fluctuate between dim and very bright) One evening as the Does were watching the ship, an airplane approached and the object's lights immediately turned out. As the airplane passed the lights went back on ... A strong beam of light projected from the ship late one night as Mrs. Doe and her daughter 'Emma' slept in the front part of the house. They both awakened to see the beam of light about three inches in diameter at their feet at the end of the bed. They both rose and the light followed them around the room... Mrs. Doe thinks the occupants of the craft were trying to see what human life looks like. (The full brightness of the light turns night into day.)

Before the April appearances of the object Mrs. Doe's place was constantly visited by wild game, including deer (and) bear... since that time no animals have been seen in the area ... each occurrence of the craft 'scared the dogs and spooked the horses'. The dogs rushed to get into the house and the horses stampeded to the far side of the property. Mr. and Mrs. Doe say the object makes no real sound but rather gives the impression of a noise. Mrs. Doe says: It's more like cessation of normal sound -- almost like it's making a very loud noise which blocks off all other sounds, but still doesn't seem to be making a sound itself.' In addition there is another indication of the presence of the object; each time (it) is in the area the oil furnace in the house lights itself. (Mrs. Doe checks the furnace to see if the object is near.)

'Mrs. Doe's three and a half year old son 'Richard' has told his mother and his grandparents of a man with whom he talks in the barn. He has told them the man's name, but Mrs. Doe says it is almost unpronounceable. Each time the boy has gone with the man the dogs have run into the house and the oil furnace has lighted. (The object goes away from time to time, these absences coinciding with reports in neighboring localities. Mrs. Doe is convinced that the object is 'not of this world,' 'probably friendly' and 'we have nothing to be frightened by.)

"Other odd situations accompany the presence of the object. Mrs. Doe and her neighbors reported TV transmissions (from a local transmitter) 'completely disrupted when the ship is near.

"Mrs. Doe also said various personal articles have strangely disappeared for a short time then, just as suddenly reappeared. Mrs. Doe's sunglasses and several personal items of clothing 'have just vanished' then shown up again in a different place."
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