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Friday, September 08, 2006



The series commenced very rapidly on the heels of the public release of the ABV story when the New York Chronicle (21 November 1966) reported a shocking story from back in August in which an Australian, Marlene Travers, claimed that while out for an evening stroll in the country near Melbourne she had seen a silvery, glowing disc land. It was 50 ft by 10ft, and a tall handsome man with luminous eyes dressed in a loose fitting metallic tunic emerged from an opening in the side.

Though his speech was just a high-pitched whine, she understood by telepathy that he wished her to be the mother of his extraterrestrial child. He led her into a room, which seemed to go out of focus, and proceeded to have sex with her. When they had finished he led her out, but she tripped and burnt her ankle. Her friends found her with burnt legs, and there was an indentation on the ground where the incident allegedly happened. She had been missing for seven hours, and was later found to be pregnant.

Not to be outdone, the National Tattler (2 April 1967) reported how one Jean Sheldon, out driving in Michigan, stopped "for a breath of air," when she saw a 50ft. disc surmounted by a glowing red dome. It descended, and an opening appeared in the underside, through which she was levitated on board. Here she encountered three naked male humanoids with green eyes. They too told her they wanted to mate and she had "very exciting" sex with them for over an hour. Although this was supposed to indicate they were biologically compatible, unlike Marlene, Jean did not become pregnant.

Codelia Donovan of California met a man dressed in a long white robe, who kidnapped her in a black Cadillac and gassed her. She awoke on board a flying saucer where she was raped.

Another Californian, Claudette Cranshaw, was said to have been walking along the beach near Blanca when a luminous globe landed and six semi-humanoids pursued and raped her, as a result of which she gave birth to a stillborn blue baby.

It wasn't just women however, who had erotic adventures with ufonauts. Eugene Browne, of Antrim, Northern Ireland, had a surprising adventure to relate. In the autumn of 1967 he wrote to Flying Saucer Review claiming that the previous 17th July he was walking in a wood near his house when he saw a dull blue-grey dish-like object with a rough and pitted outer surface, hovering just above the ground. From an opening in the center two human shaped beings, dressed in silver suits, floated to the ground and walked into the woods. Shortly afterwards they returned and floated back up again.

The following summer Browne wrote to Contact UKs Awareness magazine to report his abduction. On the night of 6 October 1967 he was walking home from a jazz club in Belfast, when he saw a craft in the sky. A yellow light came from it, which danced round him making him feel dizzy and lose consciousness. He awoke on a table in a windowless, oblong room, lit by a blue light from the floor. He was strapped down by metal bands attached to an apparatus at the side.

Four men and a woman surrounded him, they had a bluish aura. The tallest, dressed in a dark one-piece suit, said "at last, someone who will do," and released him. The woman had long blonde hair, high cheekbones and was very fair with freckled complexion. He had sex with her and she told him they were "from another galaxy" and were experimenting to get human seed. Afterwards he was tied up and told it would not be long before he was returned. He blacked out, recovering in a field about a mile from the original location. He saw an object which took off with a whistle as its tripod gear retracted.


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