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Thursday, October 12, 2006


CONTACT with Hollow Earth Beings.

The following was OKed to share,
by Jack Barakitis (on Oct. 2, 2006)
*He is the creator of the CD


In 1998-1999 my father was contacted by a race of intelligent beings, for a period of 6 months in Cartago, Costa Rica. I couldn’t believe my ears, it wasn’t like my father to speak of such things, but his details of his experiences were incredibly vivid.

What did they look like I asked? He replied, very similar to Humans with the exception some had only one nostril opening. He also mentioned four races of beings. Some that were pigmy like, others were tall etheric looking giants (7 feet or more). They all had their ancestral specialty, working symbiotically to support the whole community.

He also was told they resided in four specific regions in the Hollow Earth. Near the inner equator, he was shown that gravity was at its lowest. They could jump as high as 20 feet or more, floating gently back to the inner Earth. It could explain why we have dreams of flying. A scene from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon emulates such a place, floating from tree to tree, rooftop to rooftop….

He noted that none ate the flesh of animals, eating was a minimal occurrence. From my understanding they did not require the level of food sustenance as we do. Partly because of their efficiency of how they think. Hard to imagine but we Humans consume and waste a great deal of energy through mindless chatter, yes speaking and thinking repetitive thought patterns that we continue to manifest day after day. When a being lives in the NOW the resources of life sustaining energy are infinite. These advanced race(s) practice this method of being in the moment, in order to survive, yes SURVIVE!

I also was led to believe their INNER SUN also provides nutrients through the absorption through the retinas. Hollow Earth inhabitants have that spectrum of light available all the time. On the surface we must wait for the sunrise or the sunset to gaze and obtain nutrients. Which explains why over the millennia beings become etheric (transparent), their whole body absorbs raw full spectrum light energy, eating “food” is no longer necessary. Food is nothing more than a dense form of light at specific wavelengths. The Sun is full spectrum light.

I was very curious to find out how they traveled around, I asked my father if they would show him the technology. What they revealed to my father was propulsion utilizing what we call magnetism, with the exception they utilized it in a way that redefined Gravity as we know it. There were other forms of travel ranging in different spectrums of light. Light is far more complex than we could possibly understand at this time in our evolution of science. Our Sun communicates with the inner Sun and all the Suns in the Universe instantaneously in every moment.

Music is a rich part of their culture, my father described what looked like a guitar with strings, but it wasn’t plucked with a pic or finger, instead it was a shiny sphere when brought into close proximity to the strings, the sound was like that of a hundred crystal bowls playing in unison.

I could go on and on about our conversations, one thing that I have been trying to remember is they called the inner earth not by a name but of Symbols, I remember my father writing them down on a piece of a napkin, hieroglyphic in nature. Simple designs, yet each full of meaning.

In October of 2003 my father past away at the age of 64, 6 months after he moved from Costa Rica to the US. Numerous times I told him to document his experiences, but he was reluctant to do so.

My experiences took place in 1994 and in 2003. In 2003 I was facilitating a form of Reiki with the Native Indians in Santana. One elder asked for a healing session, I was honored to create that space. When the session was complete he looked up and smiled and said “Cuanto?” I nodded no and bowed my head. In that moment I received a mental image which I call the Costa Rica Gateway Key. It’s on the Hollow Earth CD and on my site on the About page, represented in a blue spectrum. I’ve just recently began to understand the nature of this symbol. It has had a profound impact on my life.
Thanks again for your support. Love and Laughter,
Jack Barakitis * Founder www.sciencesofspirituality.org


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