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Monday, October 09, 2006


Compiled by Brent Raynes

As a youngster I remember seeing glowing lights on the wall of my upstairs bedroom. But at the time I was too young to understand the meaning of such lights. When I was a kid, I often played with imaginary playmates. But now they have grown up and appear as alien entities.

"I have always listened to a loving, but commanding voice within me. For the last forty years this Voice has guided and protected me. So that's why I think a fragment of an alien lives in me.

"Last February, I saw Whitley Streiber's Communion. Immediately I recognized the face on the book jacket. 'So you are real,' I thought to myself. I bought the book and read it slowly a few pages at a time because I would start to cry if I read too much of it at once. But I'm glad I read it because as a result I became a Communion Network 'participant' and have made many new friends. The Communion Network is composed of many people who have had close encounters with the 'visitors.'

"I've had a delightful correspondence with many of the members of the Communion Network. Much of the information contained in their letters is so astounding that I've had to change some of my ideas regarding the goals the aliens are pursuing on this planet.

"Earth is now part of the Reticulian Network, which is tied to a super brain. In short, an individual Reticulian functions as part of a group mind, or group consciousness. Incidentally, their emblem, the isosceles triangle, is the symbol for transcendental group consciousness.

"In Reticulian society all individual brains are linked together into a single super brain. This linkage has resulted in an exponential increase of paranormal powers, such as psychokinesis, telekinesis, materialization and dematerialization. As a result, the Reticulians have attained complete control over space-time and the three known physical dimensions.

"...Having compared my 'visitor' experiences with those other Communion 'participants,' I have discovered that my own close encounters with the aliens were neither unique nor uncommon. The 'visitor' experience I best remember happened during the night of November 14, 1984. That evening I felt a terrible nuclear catastrophe would soon overtake humankind. Before I went to sleep I asked, 'What could I do to stop such a tragedy from happening?' About 3 a.m. I awoke in a vivid dream and felt compelled to look out my bedroom window. In the dark I saw five glowing grayish-white 'little men' floating into my yard and gliding toward my window. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Three of them came up to my window and the tallest of the three, the leader, stared at me intently. I don't remember what happened next, but I'll never forget his huge, dark, slanted eyes.

"In the morning I woke up with the feeling that I had to write about the coming world events and the alien presence on Earth. So I'm writing a novel... which describes the end-time of human history and includes an 'official' UFO landing in 1998-1999. Also I'm writing a second novel... in which the aliens repeatedly contact a human family and change each family member in various ways.

"Since November 1984, I've had two floating dreams. In the first one, I remember floating over a barren, moon-like landscape. On May 16/17 of this year, I dreamed that I floated through a glistening white corridor and encountered three of the 'little people' standing in front of a closed, trapezoidal door. The tallest one said, 'The reason we are present on Earth lies beyond this door, but humankind is not yet ready to receive the answer. In time you'll know.' I think this doorway was the entrance to the realm of universal knowledge. On November 6, I had another dream in which three 'visitors' popped into my bedroom, and one of them probed my mind. I feel they were 'checking up' on me.

"I think that the aliens have been with us for a long time, possibly since the beginning of the human species. In fact, the humans may be the hybrids, and that's why the aliens are able to hybridize us further.

"Some human 'participants' have indicated that they have seen the tall blond 'Swede' type of alien working together with the more commonly described short, bald, slant-eyes Reticulians. The Nordic type of Reticulian is so human-like in appearance, that this alien can easily pass for a human. These tall, blond 'Swedes' are known as the 'Watchers' in UFO literature and are probably the alien progenitors of Cro-Magnon man, our first truly human ancestor.

"Somehow, the 'visitors' know the future of our planet, or at least the most probable future, and are trying to tell us about coming world events and warn us that our present path will lead to global catastrophes, such as nuclear war and the destruction of the atmosphere, and eventually human extinction. ....

"The UFO phenomenon is remarkably complex, and I have been overwhelmed with feelings of wonderment, inspiration, openness, and exploration in delving into this subject. Each of us has at least a few pieces of the UFO puzzle. If we put all our pieces together, we may gain a clearer picture of the phenomenon. And solving the UFO riddle may give us a much greater awareness of the Universe. Yes, there is much to learn about the Universe, and I think humankind is just beginning to understand the workings of the Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness, of which we are a part.
From a letter addressed to me at UFOCCI on November 28, 1987, Brent Raynes was an Associate Director in our organization.


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