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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Location. Tappen, North Dakota
Date: September 12 2006 Time: late night

A young man, Evan Briese, woke up to get a glass of water. Looking out a window the boy saw something moving in the corral that is home to several large hogs that are basically family pets. Thinking it might be a coyote; he grabbed a gun and walked into the corral. There, he encountered two creatures standing 8 to 9 feet tall that were doing something to one of the hogs. The boy fired his .22 caliber rifle at one of the creatures and was pretty sure he hit it, judging by the unearthly scream it emitted. Another creature then grabbed the boy and threw him to the ground, causing him to black out.

When Evan Briese awoke he found that Ruthy, a 450 pound sow that had been ready to give birth, was gone. The boy ran to the home of his older sister, Trista, a short distance from the house he shares with his parents. Trista Briese made a frantic phone call to her parents and it wasn't long before they, and later the Kidder County sheriff, were on the scene. Evan Briese, whose shirt was in tatters told his story.

The sheriff, Doug Howard, then left but came back the next day. He ultimately came to no conclusions about what happened to the hog.

Several days later with the help of a hypnotist, Evan Briese remembered more details. Five entities had been in the corral. Two were in the process of dragging what appeared to be a dead hog when the boy interrupted the creatures that apparently left with the pig. The sheriff claims he could not find any evidence.

Other family members have reported encountering UFOs previously.

HC addendum
Source: KXMC-TV Bismarck North Dakota
Comments: Unfortunately there is no additional description of the creatures.

Location. Nittedal, Oslo, Norway
Date: May 2006 Time: daytime

The 17-year old witness was on his way to a local cinema named ‘El Dorado’ located in central Oslo with two of his friends. He was feeling kind of tired from not sleeping but otherwise felt fine. At about 500 meters away from the cinema the streets suddenly went quiet, and it was a very busy Saturday. He looked around him and did not see a single person around him even his friends were gone.

When he turned around he saw a 2 meter tall “person” dressed in blood red in front of him, it had no face or hair. The only thing on its head was a round shaped metal object on what would have been its forehead, except from this the figure looked like a middle age male. The suit was seamless and the texture looked like wool. It started to walk towards the witness and then suddenly all the people in the street returned and red dressed entity was gone.

Shocked the witness again saw his friends and asked them what had happened, they thought he was crazy since at no time had they noticed anything strange.

A few days later the witness was awakened by his cell phone ringing, he answered the phone and got no reply. He said hello once more and heard strange unexplainable noises. It was a sound he had never heard before that he is unable to describe in detail, when the mysterious sounds ceased he turned off his phone and dozed off again. When he woke up that morning he noticed that his cellphone was still on. He checked the incoming and outgoing calls and saw nothing.

Two weeks later he had almost forgotten the incidents and he was now on the subway (T-Bane) on his way to see a friend. Suddenly the eerie quiet returned, and the same strange entity was now sitting in the opposite seat from him, a half meter from him. It was wearing the same red suit, he still could not see a face, and he could see the metallic disc on its forehead, he then heard the sounds he had heard on the cellphone previously, they had no distinct direction or origin so he assumed they were telepathic, then the disc opened and revealed an eye, a human eye, but in a shade of red and violet. This scared the witness and he cried and screamed. The being seemed to ignore the witness’s terrified state, until it took his hand with an incredibly strong grip, but soft. The witness tried to pull out of his grip but to his surprise he touched his hand with his other hand in an attempt to calm the witness, who stopped crying but was still terrified. Suddenly the entity uttered in Norwegian “Rod er morgenen” which directly translates to “Red is the morning” or “The morning is red”. His voice sounded kind of neutral, not masculine or feminine. Then in a flash everything went back to normal, the witness looked around him, too afraid to do anything. He decided not to tell his friend about the encounter. He has not encountered the strange entity again.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings
Comments: Definitely the “Oz” factor at work here where the witness was somehow transported into some other type of reality without affecting the normal time continuum.


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